True Martial World Chapter 1299

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The usual tradition in martial sects was that the Grand Elder and the sect's patriarch were the people that held absolute authority. As for the sect master, he was only an executive.

This was a result of warriors having extremely long lifespans. Some sects had patriarchs that lived for years and when they entered their advanced years, they would relinquish their position as sect master and hand it down to their disciples.

Many a time, the chosen disciple would become sect master. The other disciples would become Elders. There was a difference in their statuses, but it wasn’t that great in the grand scheme of things. Few sect masters could make his fellow Elders fear him. That authority was typically reserved for the sect's patriarch.

"This Myriad God Ridge isn't much but its sect master sure puts on airs," Jing Yuesha said disdainfully through a curled mouth when she saw how the group of Elders and personal disciples waited from afar. From her point of view, the only reason why the Myriad God Ridge could be ranked as Clear Lunar Island's equal was because of its massive numbers.

Jing Yueping helplessly shook her head when she heard Jing Yuesha's words. She knew Jing Yuesha had very high standards and was filled with confidence when it came to the Clear Lunar Island's future. This made her think lowly of the Myriad God Ridge that was only going from bad to worse.

Jing Yueping said, "Do not underestimate the Myriad God Ridge's heritage. This Myriad God Sect Master has an unusual authority in the Myriad God Ridge, so he naturally must be somewhat special."

As they spoke, they went through a large door which opened automatically. They were greeted by a magnificent grand hall.

The hall was simply decorated but majestic. In the middle, there was a rectangular table made of Mystic Numinous White Jade. A person was sitting on a seat of honor on the other end of the table.

He was actually a youth.

A youth?

Jing Yuesha was momentarily taken aback. She could sense that the youth was not one of those old freaks that only had the appearance of a youth. He was definitely not old for she could sense endless and vigorous flames of vitality within him. It was as though his body contained unlimited vital potential.

Furthermore, his cultivation level was only at the Dao Palace realm. This was indication that he could not be that old.

Who was this youth who dared to sit alone in the hall? Where was the Myriad God Sect Master?

Yi Yun pointed calmly at the seats across him when he saw Jing Yuesha and Jing Yueping arrive. He said lightly, "The both of you came from quite a ways away. Please have a seat."

Jing Yuesha felt like Yi Yun was acting as if he was the host, based on his casual attitude. He did not even stand up to welcome them or bow to greet them. This made her knit her brows slightly. Did this punk not understand that he was a junior? Who the hell did he think he was?

When Yi Yun noticed that Jing Yuesha and Jing Yueping had no reaction except to look at him, Yi Yun pricked his brows. "Ladies, is there something wrong?"

"Who are you?" Jing Yuesha asked. She was arrogant by nature and the tone she asked with sounded somewhat aloof.

Yi Yun naturally noticed the displeasure in Jing Yuesha's tone. He changed his posture slightly and leaned back onto the chair. He still did not stand up as he looked at Jing Yuesha nonchalantly.

Yi Yun did not conceal his gaze. It was one that displeased Jing Yuesha greatly. Having been the successor of Clear Lunar Island all these years, she had always been placed on a pedestal. She was used to having people fawn over her, especially members of the opposite s.e.x. Most of them would be ashamed of their ungainly appearances. Many men clearly admired her, but none of them dared to look into her eyes because she was too dazzling.

As for Yi Yun, not only did he size her up brazenly, his look was a scrutinizing one. This made Jing Yuesha's expression turn cold. "We are here to meet the Myriad God Sect Master. How can a junior like you think he can boss others around? Do the Myriad God Ridge disciples not abide by rules?"

Jing Yuesha lost her patience and no longer spoke courteously.

"What do you mean by not abiding by the rules?" Yi Yun countered with a question. Although the girl's words were offensive, he was not angered. He knew the situation with the Clear Lunar Island's successor. As an arrogant swan, it was normal for her to have such a reaction.

"The one who came with me is my Clear Lunar Island's Deputy Island Lord, Perfected Rain Ping. As a Myriad God Ridge disciple, you should stand up to greet her. You should come to a halt more than ten feet away and bow, addressing her as Martial Aunt. Yet you sit there in such a wide, open stance. What sort of etiquette is that?"

Jing Yuesha was disgusted by these Myriad God Ridge disciples. They recruited disciples every three days, so it could be ignored if they recruited those of mediocre breed, not to mention low strength. But the disciples they recruited lacked even the most basic etiquette.

As for the Myriad God Sect Master, he sure was one to put on great airs. He had sent a rash youth with his nose in the air to receive them. Where was he?

Upon hearing Jing Yuesha's words, Yi Yun nodded and said, "You are right. When disciples of large sects meet the elders of other large sects, they should bow… You are currently about ten feet away from me. It's time for you to bow. My surname is Yi. Just call me Martial Uncle Yi."

When Yi Yun said the first half of his sentence, Jing Yuesha's cold expression warmed up a little. She believed that Yi Yun would stand up and bow at her martial aunt. By standing beside her, it would be as if this punk was bowing his head at her. But when she heard the second half of Yi Yun's sentence, her beautiful eyes widened in anger.

She nearly thought she heard wrong!

This punk had not only requested that she bow, he actually wanted her to address him as Martial Uncle?

"Punk, are you still sleeping!?" At that moment, Jing Yuesha truly had the intention to attack him. She wanted to beat Yi Yun up, to make him search for his teeth that would be spewed onto the ground. In a way, she would be helping the Myriad God Ridge teach a disciple who did not understand the rules.

As for the Myriad God Sect Master, she couldn't be bothered anymore. Since he did not treat their Clear Lunar Island with respect, why should she give him respect?

Jing Yuesha almost went forward but Jing Yueping held her shoulder. She was older after all, and although she was incensed by of Yi Yun's lack of propriety, she suddenly realized an impossible possibility after analyzing the meaning behind Yi Yun's words.

"Young lad, what do you mean? You told Yuesha to address you as martial uncle… Don't tell me you are Myriad God Ridge's sect master!?"

Jing Yuesha was taken aback when Jing Yueping said that. Only then did she understand what she could not comprehend previously.

The hall only had Yi Yun alone. Previously, Elder Sun had respectfully invited them to enter to meet the Myriad God Sect Master; yet, they did not meet the sect master, only this youth. The only possibility was that this youth was the Myriad God Sect Master!

Upon realizing this point, Jing Yuesha looked at Yi Yun in disbelief. Her tiny mouth gaped and did not close for a long period of time.

How could this be possible!?

The Myriad God Ridge was a large sect that was ranked alongside the Clear Lunar Island and the Heavenly Pivot Chapter. The position of Myriad God Sect Master was prestigious and he held immense power. He controlled the lives of those that were within a radius of several million kilometers. But he was actually such a young youth?

Jing Yuesha had outstanding talent and none of her peers could match her. She enjoyed an esteemed position in the Clear Lunar Island and wherever she went, she was the highlight. But even so, she was only the Clear Lunar Island's successor. She was at least ten thousand years away from inheriting the position of Island Lord.

But the youth in front of her was… already the Myriad God Sect Master!?

True Martial World Chapter 1299

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