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Being a judge sounds fun?

Fairy Ping was left speechless the moment she heard Yi Yun's words. Had she minced words so well that he could not understand her subtext? It was important for people to know their own limitations!

Jing Yuesha also rolled her eyes in secret. She could not help but blink as an undetectable smirk crept onto the corner of her mouth. "Sect Master Yi, it wouldn't be troublesome if you would like to go to the Heavenly South Peaks Meet. I have traveled the Heavenly South Great World before. I know a few people from the big sects that are organizing the Heavenly South Peaks Meet. Although the name list has long been decided, I can inquire on your behalf and see if it's possible to get you qualified as a disciple in the contest."

It would be a joke to allow Yi Yun be a judge. However, as a contesting disciple…

Jing Yuesha did not think Yi Yun was even qualified for that, to be honest.

The Heavenly South Peaks Meet hosted numerous experts, and the competition could only be described as intense!

Even the proud Jing Yuesha lacked confidence in her own abilities there.

However, with the punk being so arrogant, and having bullied her, Jing Yuesha was eager to see him suffer at the meet. She wanted to open his eyes to the experts of the Heavenly South Great World. Perhaps the experience would be so mind-blowing that his head would explode.

Fairy Ping listened on the side as she gave Jing Yuesha a reproachful look.

"This lass still has the mind of a child. She wants to make a fool of this Yi Yun with her eccentric ideas."

"But since Yi Yun is ridiculous himself, he could use a lesson. It would aid his growth and prevent him from being so insolent while he remains a frog in a well."

Therefore, Fairy Ping said, "Alright then. If Sect Master Yi insists on participating, I support Yuesha helping Sect Master Yi apply to compete."

"Compete?" Instead, Yi Yun rejected the thought languidly. "It's just a martial competition which a bunch of juniors is participating in. I'm not that interested. With my status as Myriad God Sect Master, wouldn't I be a bully if I participated in a martial competition for junior disciples? I wouldn't want to bully them."

"What?" Jing Yuesha was stupefied when she heard that.

When these words were said, Fairy Ping and Jing Yuesha’s eyes went completely wide. They were at a loss for what to say. They had heard of bragging but they had never heard of someone that was so good at bragging!

What did he think was the standard of the Heavenly South Peaks Meet’s martial contest? Did he think it was a contest between disciples at the level of the ones he recruited every three days? Also, who did he think he was!?

He kept mentioning junior disciples and bullying… Didn't that also include Jing Yuesha?

Jing Yuesha was amused and exasperated. She said with a voice transmission, "Martial Aunt! Look at how much a braggart he is. I feel ashamed for him."

At that moment, Fairy Ping could no longer bear it. "Thankfully, we do not need to associate with him further. We have really broadened our horizons on our trip to the Myriad God Ridge today. Forget it, let's go."

"No, Martial Aunt! Since he wants to go, we must bring him to the Heavenly South Peaks Meet to open his eyes. I want to see his expression when the time comes."

Upon thinking of how huge a setback Yi Yun would experience and his expression when he ended up being ridiculed by everyone around him, Jing Yuesha revealed a smug smile.

Yi Yun was being too arrogant. Jing Yuesha herself was a proud person, but even she knew that she had to restrain herself at the Heavenly South Peaks Meet. There were just too many experts and as the saying went, there was always a higher mountain and someone always stronger.

Yet, Yi Yun considered everybody and everything beneath him. How could Jing Yuesha tolerate his treatment of the Heavenly South Peaks Meet as a game?

Fairy Ping sighed secretly. Yi Yun would only have himself to blame.

She immediately said, "The Heavenly South Peaks Meet happens half a year from now. Going to the Heavenly South Great World requires us to travel through a spatial node. It won't be easy. Since Sect Master Yi is interested, we can travel together."

"Since both of you want to travel with me, that will work," Yi Yun said with a nod. Fairy Ping was rendered speechless when she heard that. Was Yi Yun implying that they were the ones clinging on to him to travel together?

Jing Yuesha was even more incensed and exasperated. Who wanted to travel with him!?

"By the way, I'm also very interested in the exchange. I wonder what level the items are at. Are there any priceless divine treasures? I have some divine treasures I need to acquire, so I would like to try my luck. Does the exchange require any invitation letters?"

Yi Yun knew that such exchanges were often done semi-privately. One had to be introduced to be let in.

He was cultivating the Dragon Emperor Technique and needed a large number of natural treasures, so he was indeed interested in the exchange.

Fairy Ping rolled her eyes. That was an exchange all sorts of old freaks participated in. As a young punk at the eighth-storey Dao Palace, why do you care for priceless divine treasures? Even if they were given to you, it would be a waste.

Every word said by the punk was ridiculous.

"There's no need for an invitation letter. You can participate as long as you have sufficient wealth."

Fairy Ping did not wish to stay a minute longer in the Myriad God Ridge. She rushed to finish her sentence and inform Yi Yun of the venue and time before hurriedly leaving with Jing Yuesha.

The Myriad God Sect Master was truly absurd.

As for Jing Yuesha, the moment she stepped out the door, she turned to look at Jing Yuesha and waved her tiny fist.

"What senior! What Martial Uncle! Hmph!"

Yi Yun was right. After Jing Yuesha returned to Clear Lunar Island, she could not hold herself back to narrate the story of the wondrous experience at the Myriad God Ridge to the other girls on Clear Lunar Island.

Clear Lunar Island wasn't large so gossip quickly spread. In less than a day, everyone in Clear Lunar Island knew of Yi Yun's name.

Yi Yun naturally did not mind such matters.

Time passed and half a year passed quickly.

This day was the day Yi Yun had arranged to meet the Clear Lunar Island. The venue was the Kuntu mountain range in the Calm Sea. There was a spatial node that led to the Heavenly South Great World.

The regions in the Sinkhole were complicated but in general, the Sinkhole was split into various worlds. They were of all sizes and were relatively independent. Traveling through the different worlds was not a simple task.

The Clear Lunar Island had already set up an array formation. Once it was activated, they could be transported through the void.

When Yi Yun came to the Kuntu mountain range, he only brought Zuoyan Xiaoyu as a maidservant. As for the Clear Lunar Island, they had a bevy of young girls.

There were more than a dozen people at a glance.

Most striking of all was Jing Yuesha.

Other than her, there were a few elderly women. They were naturally members of the upper echelon of Clear Lunar Island.

Upon seeing Yi Yun arrive, many girls immediately cast curious looks at him. A few of them murmured in whispers before giggling.

"Is that the Myriad God Sect Master?"

"He's really rather young. But Senior Sister Yuesha, he doesn't look as bad as you described. He looks rather handsome actually."

"Yea, yea. But did he really get you to call him Martial Uncle?"

"He wished so!" Jing Yuesha said petulantly.

The girls spoke in whispers as they looked curiously at Yi Yun with widen eyes.

At that moment, Yi Yun walked over.

Upon seeing Yi Yun come, the girls immediately closed their mouths and furtively looked at Yi Yun.

"Sect Master Yi, we meet again."

Jing Yueping felt a headache seeing Yi Yun but since Yi Yun represented the Myriad God Ridge, the people from the Clear Lunar Island had to abide by etiquette.

True Martial World Chapter 1301

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