True Martial World Chapter 1475: Completely Unexpected

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Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow was one of the many treasures recorded in the divine alchemist's notes. It could not be used in herbs and any attempt to refine it would destroy its potency. It had to be consumed directly. A cup of Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow was already extremely rare, but now Yi Yun was standing in front of an entire pool of it!

The outcome of someone soaking themselves in the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow pool was unknown, as even the divine alchemist had never ama.s.sed that much Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow.

Upon seeing this situation, a glint flashed in Yi Yun's eyes. How did the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow appear here? Why would the Fey G.o.d Tomb produce something like that?

Although he felt excited, he did not dive in recklessly. He was worried that such a divine pond had something protecting it. If any demonic ent.i.ty appeared here, it would be be difficult to handle.

He fully released his perception as he approached the pool carefully, one step at a time. When he turned around a corner, he instantly stopped in his tracks.

He saw an extremely astonis.h.i.+ng scene. In the middle of the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow pool, a dark red stalagmite had grown out. The diameter of the stalagmite at the surface of the pool was about the length of a person's arm. A foot-long piece of metal was embedded into its sharp end.

It was a piece broken off from a sword, or to be precise, a sword tip!

Upon seeing this sword tip, Yi Yun found it familiar for some baffling reason.

Could it be…

Yi Yun approached it carefully while staring intently at it. He carefully directed a wisp of his psyche onto the sword tip.

Finally, Yi Yun took a deep breath. It was true, the sword tip was indeed the other half of the pure Yang broken sword.

He had used the pure Yang broken sword for a long periods of time. So even though he had never seen the pure Yang sword tip, there was no mistake. It formed a whole with the pure Yang broken sword.

However, why would the pure Yang broken sword tip that Bai Yueyin took be here?

Did Bai Yueyin lose it, or could it be that she left it here on purpose!?

Upon thinking of this possibility, Yi Yun felt his heart jolt.

Could the pool of Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow be there to nourish the sword tip!?

He looked at the stalagmite that had grown out from the pool. It was definitely gathering all the essence in the pool to constantly provide for the sword tip.

Yi Yun remembered that Huan Chenxue had once said that the pure Yang broken sword tip contained a secret. And compared to the tip, the remaining half of the broken sword was nothing of importance. That was the reason why Bai Yueyin had only taken the sword tip away.

This also made it very possible that the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow pool was set up by Bai Yueyin.

Upon coming to this realization, Yi Yun felt an upheaval of emotions.

Yi Yun did not have a good impression of Bai Yueyin at all. He wished to take away all the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow in the pool and also destroy everything that Bai Yueyin had set up.

Speaking of which, what was Bai Yueyin up to? It had been rumored that she had not appeared in front of others for tens of millions of years. She had been in a constant seclusion, one that lasted for tens of millions of years. Yi Yun found such a number staggering.

"This woman is very powerful. Since she went through the trouble of creating such a setup, there might be some protective array formation guarding it. There's probably no hope of destroying it but it might be possible for me to siphon away some of the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow…"

If he just left without trying anything, it was akin to walking out of a treasure mountain empty-handed. Yi Yun truly found that unacceptable.

Bit by bit, he carefully combed the area for the existence of any array formation traps. Simultaneously, he gently took out a spatial bottle to attempt to siphon away some of the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow from the periphery but at that moment—


The s.p.a.ce above the divine pool suddenly stirred. Ripples began forming across the milky-white surface of the pool. Yi Yun felt his vision turn into a blur as a figure with tattered clothes was appeared in mid-air and plummeted.

She fell directly into the pool. The instant she entered it, her tattered clothes vanished as points of light. She had fallen into the pool naked.

And at that moment, Yi Yun was completely dumbfounded. Although it was a blink of an eye, he saw an extremely slender and curvaceous body with skin that resembled snow. However, this pet.i.te body had a few frightening b.l.o.o.d.y marks on it.

Even so, they did not eclipse her beauty. Instead, the injuries actually added a tragic beauty to her.


The pool splashed with milky-white waves. Her body was completely immersed in the divine pool, leaving behind her long hair that sprawled across the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow like a black rose!


The woman looked at Yi Yun and saw him holding a spatial bottle, clearly planning to siphon off some of the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow.

The woman's eyes were deep like the starry cosmos. At the moment they were filled with shock for she never expected a person to appear by the side of the pool.

"How did you enter!?"

She knew that the entrance to the cave was protected by a naturally-formed array formation. It involved the use of both the Dao of Primordial Chaos and Major Destruction. It was impossible for anyone to figure out the intricacies of it, making it a naturally strong protective barrier.

Even she had to expend a great deal of strength and use her superb spatial laws to sneak in. She never expected another person to be capable of entering.

As he locked eyes with the woman, Yi Yun did not have any thoughts of admiring the beauty's entry into the pool. Instead, his body froze!

This woman that had suddenly appeared gave Yi Yun a strong sense of unease. Could this woman… be…

Bai Yueyin!?

Yi Yun held his breath. The mysterious woman that appeared in front of him could very likely be Bai Yueyin herself!

He was done for!

Yi Yun's heart sank. Ignoring the fact that Bai Yueyin was a ruthless person who would stop at nothing to achieve her goals, she would probably not spare him even if she was a kind woman. The instant she entered the pool, he had seen her naked body in its entirety. Even if it was just for a split second, a person that enjoyed such an elevated status would likely not accept such a thing.

And indeed, Yi Yun felt ice-cold killing intent from the woman.

Her fingertips gently swiped, forming ice crystals as the s.p.a.ce in front of her was torn apart by the ice crystals.

"Who are you!?"

The woman asked coldly but the moment she spoke, her face turned pale. A mouthful of murky blood rose to her mouth!


The woman's brows furrowed tightly. She tried her best to force back the mouthful of blood but her physical state was terrible. A tiny stream of blood seeped out the corner of her mouth.

"She's injured!"

Yi Yun naturally knew that the reason the woman had thrown herself into the Divine Stalact.i.te Marrow after removing all her clothes was to soak her injury-laden body in the pool for healing.

From the looks of it, her injuries were worse than he imagined.

Was she really Bai Yueyin? If she was Bai Yueyin, one of the top G.o.dly Monarch existences in the entire Sinkhole, what could possibly injure her?

True Martial World Chapter 1475: Completely Unexpected

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