True Martial World Chapter 766 - New Divine City

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Chapter 766: New Divine City

The legendary human figures entered the Desolate race Palace one by one.

At this moment, the elders from the Shen Tu family clan and Li Fire Sect were all trembling in fear, and they had extremely ugly expressions.

Shen Tu family clan's head, Shen Tu Patriarch was already dead, so the ones joining this meeting were only ordinary Shen Tu Elders.

As for the Li Fire Sect's Grand Elder, who was an ugly old man, he was still alive. He was truly being very careful at this moment. He would take every step gingerly, afraid that he might shatter a brick tile on the ground, and when he opened a door, he was worried that he would break the handle.

The reason why he was so careful was seemingly because he was afraid that Yi Yun would casually come up with an excuse to kill him. Of course, he also knew that even without an excuse, Yi Yun could destroy him in one strike, and no one would champion his oppression.

At this occasion, with Yi Yun's strength, he could completely rule over everything.

Even though he was extremely reluctant, he still had to meet Yi Yun. When the final door to the hall was open, the legendary human figures entered a vast hall that was hundreds of feet wide.

They saw Yi Yun sitting high at the seat of honor. Beside him was Lin Xintong, and behind him stood a man with squirming muscles, who looked like a gatekeeper that protected Yi Yun.

Black-armored Demon God!

Everyone held their breaths as this stalwart man was the Black-armored Demon God.

Now with Yi Yun sitting, while the Black-armored Demon God stood behind him, like some lackey, it was naturally because Yi Yun had refined him into a puppet.

Although they already knew about it, to truly witness it with their own eyes was shocking.

More than a year ago, just seeing this Demon God was like seeing Death. Everyone was panic and they would try to scatter in all directions.

A year later, the Black-armored Demon God had been subdued by Yi Yun, but they still trembled when seeing him and they felt the pressure.

This was like a mortal seeing someone else bring a ferocious tiger around, but this tiger was completely unleashed. It was hard for the mortal not to be afraid while sharing the same room with the tiger.

Surrounding Yi Yun and Lin Xintong were the legendary Desolate race figures. There was a big and long table in the middle of the hall. Those who could sit around the table were the Desolate race equivalent of Heaven Ascension realm figures, as for the other Yuan Opening realm equivalent warriors, they could only sit on the smaller side tables.

Shepherd Boy, the former Desolate Queen and Jiang Xiaorou were all sitting at the main table. At this convention, all the important figures of this world had gathered!

Although Yi Yun was a junior, many legendary human figures still bowed to Yi Yun.

"Our greetings to Young master Yi."

Many legendary human figures cupped their fists. In the world of warriors, the strong enjoyed the prestige, rather than one's age.


Yi Yun waved his hand very frankly, as all the legendary human figures sat down.

As a form of respect for Yi Yun and due to the pressure at the venue, many legendary human figures only sat on a third of their chairs. They maintained their bodies in an upright position.

"Young master Yi sure is a talented young man. Back when the Black-armored Demon God appeared, none of our lives were guaranteed. All the heritage in the Tian Yuan world was also threatened with destruction. However, not only has Young master Yi defused the crisis, he has even subdued the Black-armored Demon God. It is truly impressive."

"For Young master Yi to be able to free himself from the sealed space, that truly is an astonishing feat. All life under the heavens has to thank Young master Yi. Young master Yi has saved the entire Tian Yuan world, as well as the Divine Wilderness."

The legendary human figures took turns to flatter him.

Most of this flattery was heartfelt. Yi Yun's subduing of the Black-armored Demon God had allowed everyone to escape this calamity.

Although the stress of sharing a room with Yi Yun was not insignificant, they were similarly very grateful to Yi Yun.

"The Black-armored Demon God was also my enemy. He wanted to kill me, and kill the people around me, so I naturally have to engage in a life and death battle with him. There is no need to thank me," Yi Yun said lightly in a very calm tone. "Today, I called upon all of you here to discuss a few matters… "

"Please speak, Young master Yi! We will definitely do our best."

The leaders of a few surviving top factions immediately answered. With Yi Yun's present position, was there a need to discuss with something that he commanded? That was practically a holy decree from heaven. Who would dare to defy it?

Yi Yun said, "The Human race and the Desolate race have been engaged in fighting for tens of millions of years. I do not wish to see this carry on any longer. For this matter, I have already talked to the Desolate race about it, and I have received the Desolate Queen’s agreement."

"I plan on building a Divine City on the boundaries of the Divine Wilderness. I will leave some heritage in the city. Be it young elites from the Human race or the Desolate race, they are free to enter this Divine City for training. Those with excellent results will receive rewards in terms of resources. If you want to nurture your future generations, you can send the young geniuses of your clans or factions to this Divine City. Of course, the treasury in the Divine City has to be provided by each and every one of you, as a form of reward for the future generations."

The Divine City that Yi Yun wanted to establish was a replica of the Tai Ah Divine City from before. Of course, compared to the Tai Ah Divine City, this new Divine City would be several hundred times more powerful! Be it the resources, rewards, heritage or teachers, they were things that the Tai Ah Divine City could not match at all.

Yi Yun planned on providing the heritage that he had gathered over the years. A lot of it was from the collection in the God Advent Tower, and most of them came from the 12 Empyrean Heavens!

Of course, core heritage like the ‘Great Empress Heart Sutra’, or the Azure Yang Lord's sword techniques, Yi Yun would not pass them down. He only left behind the heritage that was of little value to him. The effects of learning them wasn't too much, and it was a waste of time. However, these heritages were much better than the original heritage in the Tian Yuan world!

As for rewards like relics, pills, weapons, Yi Yun did not plan on providing them. They were to be provided by the large factions in the Tian Yuan world.

By throwing this out there, which faction wouldn't dare to bleed themselves dry to fulfill it? If Yi Yun was dissatisfied, their factions could very well be finished.

Besides, with this Divine City, it could nurture stronger talents in this world, and secondly, it allowed the Human and Desolate race elites to cultivate in this city. They could mix with one another, and no longer behave like how fire and water did not mix.

The heads of the various large factions all expressed their utmost support. From their looks, it was like these people wanted to rush to the boundary of the Divine Wilderness to build the city this very moment.

Yi Yun nodded and then said, "There is a second thing."

As Yi Yun spoke, his gaze nonchalantly swept over the elders of the Shen Tu family clan and the Li Fire Sect.

Just this glance made the elders turn pale, as their heart beats stagnated.

They felt like they were sitting on pins and needles. They felt like Yi Yun's gaze was like a god's sword of punishment that was piercing them. They simply wished that they could become a rock or a pile of dog shit. At least in that case, Yi Yun would not focus on them.

"Shen Tu family clan… Li Fire Sect… Totem Mystic Clan… " Yi Yun paused after saying this as he looked at the corresponding elders.

The elders from these named factions turned pale in the face. What was to come has come. Never in their wildest dreams would the Yi Yun, who they had added insult to injury ten years ago, had grown so fast. In a blink of an eye, he had reached the point where he dominated their lives and deaths!

Yi Yun did not speak, he just watched this group of people. The group of elders were sweating profusely. They did not know how Yi Yun wanted to dispose of them, and at this moment, every second felt like a year!

True Martial World Chapter 766 - New Divine City

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