True Martial World Chapter 781 - Guidance

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Chapter 781: Guidance

The Desolate Heaven technique that Tao'er studied was extremely superficial and easy to understand.

However, understanding it did not mean being able to perform it. It was like a perfect circle drawn in a book. It may look simple, but replicating it with one's bare hands was difficult. It was a problem resulting in the poor control of one's hand.

Likewise, the difficult part of the Desolate Heaven technique was precisely the control of energy. Although the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven's Desolate Heaven technique's heritage was far better than the Tian Yuan world's, the basic steps needed for the Desolate Heaven technique were the same.

Like the Tian Yuan world's Desolate Heaven technique, there were three steps, namely—

The first step, energy extraction. The second step, controlling the energy seal. The third step, forming the relic itself.

The first step was the basics in which the energy from within the Fey bones was extracted bit by bit. Many Fey bones contained great amounts of energy, making them more difficult to control. As a result, it was not easy to handle them as one pleased. If one was not thorough with extracting the energy, not only would it be a waste of materials, but the Fey bone relic would also not be refined properly.

As for the second step's creating and controlling the seals, it was even more complex as there were too many hand seal techniques. There was already no lack of hand seals in the Tian Yuan world, so in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, the number of the Desolate Heaven technique hand seals were as many as the stars in the sky. Different elemental Fey bone energy had corresponding hand seals that best suited the energy in question. If one failed to do it well, one could easily end up dissipating the energy that they had worked hard extracting, resulting in an explosion.

As for the final step, forming the relic. It was relatively easier, but on the condition that the first two steps were done perfectly.

Furthermore, this ease was relative. There were also many techniques when it came to forming the relic, and each technique had different effects.

Since the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven's Desolate Heaven technique had its similarities with the Tian Yuan world's Desolate Heaven technique, and how Yi Yun's perception was pretty good, Yi Yun was able to quickly understand the techniques described in the book. As he compared the book’s information with Tao'er’s performance, Yi Yun quickly realized that Tao'er was barely able to complete each step..

Tao'er's cultivation level was limited, so it was very difficult for her to control the energy flow in the Fey bones. This caused flaws to appear during her relic refinement.

And the more careful she was with the seals, the more Tao'er was unwilling to abandon them. Noticing that the cauldron of materials were about to be refined into a mess, Yi Yun estimated that an explosion was just a matter of time.

"Tao'er, abandon the three seals you formed, now!"

Yi Yun suddenly spoke out, giving Tao'er a fright. The three seals on her hand had been painstakingly formed by her. Although she did not manage to control it perfectly, it was already a pretty impressive feat for Tao'er. She was about to diligently refine the three seals into the relic, but Yi Yun had told her to abandon them.

How could she be willing to?

Furthermore… in Tao'er's impression, Yi Yun had just come to the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven from a lower realm. How could he know anything about the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven's Desolate Heaven techniques? That should be impossible...

Realizing that Tao'er was momentarily dumbfounded, Yi Yun repeated, "Follow my instructions and abandon them." Yi Yun's words were very decisive. "The three seals you condensed have a total of seventeen structural defects. If you mix them into the relic, not only will it not increase the efficacy, but it will also cause the energy to turn chaotic!"

Seventeen energy defects?

Tao'er was surprised. Even she did not know how many energy flaws there were in the seals that she had condensed, but Yi Yun had managed to instantly count all of them? This...

Tao'er found it a bit unbelievable, but she knew that the seals she condensed were very poor in quality. As such, the chances of her refining a successful relic was extremely low. And with Yi Yun informing her of that, Tao'er decided to harden her heart and believe Yi Yun. She might as well follow his instructions as a last resort.

With her hand relaxing, the three energy seals that had just been condensed were abandoned by Tao'er.

"Heaven Eminence seal, abandon!"

"Fire Willow seal, abandon!"

"Sun Moon seal, abandon!"

"Earth Howl seal, abandon!"

"Disperse all the mentioned seals and refine them again!"

At this moment, there were colorful seals flying above Tao'er's cauldron. The marks Yi Yun mentioned had all been painstakingly condensed by Tao'er. But with a single instruction from Yi Yun, she had to disperse them and refine them again from scratch.

"But… "

Tao'er was beginning to hesitate as she felt that her remaining Yuan Qi was likely insufficient for her to condense those seals again.

However, the resoluteness in Yi Yun's instructions made her subconsciously listen to him.

Tao'er gritted her teeth and she destroyed all the seals Yi Yun mentioned.

"Pa! Pa! Pa!"

The energy seals exploded into a beautiful rain of light. Although it was very pretty, Tao'er's tiny face was like a prune as she felt her heart ache for them.

"Form the Heaven Eminence seal again. Extract twice the energy from before!"

Yi Yun began to guide Tao'er, but this time, she had to extract twice the energy from before, right from the onset.

Tao'er swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Twice the energy? She could barely control the normal amount of energy, wouldn't twice the energy end up exploding?

"Follow my instructions. The energy flow on your right index finger, suppress it!"

With the Purple Crystal's energy vision, Yi Yun was able to see every strand of energy that Tao'er was controlling clearly. Yi Yun could tell if there were any defects in each and every seal, and if there were any, where the defects were. He could even predict what the results of the defects were or whether it would cause the relic to explode or not.

As Yi Yun guided Tao’er, he would also immediately point out her errors or inadequacies.

"Stabilize your hand. Increase the energy output. Now's the time. Form the seal!"

Yi Yun's tone was not to be doubted, causing Tao'er to follow his instructions to a T. Finally, when her hands folded, the energy condensed together to form a beautiful blue seal that floated in mid air.

This was a ‘Heaven Eminence seal’!

The ‘Heaven Eminence seal’ was a seal that Tao'er found extremely difficult to condense throughout her Fey bone relic refinement process. It also happened that all the relics that Tao'er needed to refine required this seal, so it vexed her greatly.

But now, with this extremely beautiful ‘Heaven Eminence seal’ floating in front of her eyes with blue light shimmering, Tao'er found it unbelievable. Although she was bad at condensing the ‘Heaven Eminence seal’, she was still able to recognize the quality of the ‘Heaven Eminence seal’ when she formed it. It was definitely better than any ‘Heaven Eminence seal’ she had ever condensed before. And even more critically, this ‘Heaven Eminence seal’ had twice the energy from before, so the efficacy as a result of using this in the relic would naturally be much better!

"This was condensed by me?"

Tao'er muttered to herself as she was momentarily dumbfounded.

"Don't be distracted. Next, Sun Moon seal!"

Yi Yun had singled out seven of Tao'er's seals from before to be redone. The reason was because the quality of the seven seals Tao'er had condensed was too terrible. If they were forcefully used to condense the Fey bone relic, it would cause a chain reaction and end up disintegrating all the materials.


Having been alerted by Yi Yun, Tao'er had a rude awakening. She hurriedly continued her remaining seals. She knew that she could not be distracted when employing the Desolate Heaven technique. If she were to shatter such a perfect Heaven Eminence seal due to her distraction, she would definitely be too deep for tears.

But why did this Brother Yi understand the Luo clan's Desolate Heaven technique so well that he could immediately point out her flaws?

True Martial World Chapter 781 - Guidance

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