True Martial World Chapter 782 - Relic Qualities

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Chapter 782: Relic Qualities

Tao'er did not know how Yi Yun had managed to do it. Although she was limited in various ways, she knew that being able to accurately pinpoint her every mistake she made during her control of energy was an extremely difficult task.

Only Desolate Heaven technique grandmasters with rich experience, who often interacted with their disciples, would have been able to achieve this feat of guiding their disciples so well.

If it was any ordinary Desolate Heaven Master, or even any young genius from the Luo clan, they would only be good at the Desolate Heaven technique. But they lacked the experience to guide others. They might not be able to find the flaws during the energy controlling process, much less guide others in real time during an actual execution of the Desolate Heaven technique.

Every advice that Yi Yun gave hit the nail on the head. Tao'er was not a dumb person to begin with, so under his guidance, she began to complete the seals that were considered very difficult for her. When she saw the seals that she previously found extremely difficult condense in front of her, Tao'er became more and more excited, her face glowed red with excitement.

Just a bit more, almost got it!

When all the seals were completed, the seals gathered together in a central core, finally condensing together. With a flash of light that looked like a dream-like color, the seals finally coagulated to form a relic the size of a longan.


The relic fell into Tao'er's hand. It still contained the warm flow of energy within it, making it somewhat scalding to the touch.

As Tao'er held this crystalline relic and felt the warmth it exuded, she felt as though she was in a dream.

This was condensed by me?

Tao'er's heart began to thump loudly. Having joined the Luo clan a long time ago, she had some experience about the judgment of a relic’s quality. She was sure that not only had this relic been successfully refined, but it was also very well done.

In the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, there was a comprehensive evaluation ranking for relics. The same kind of relic was ranked based on the outcome of the refinement, and it went from poor, ordinary, refined, outstanding, transcendent, to spiritual emergence!

The higher the level of the relic, the harder it was to create a higher quality one. For example, the relics used by mighty Supremacies were already extremely valuable at the ordinary quality. Refined qualities were extremely rare.

But if it were a low level relic such as the one that Tao'er refined, a typical genius Desolate Heaven Master would be able to produce it at the outstanding quality.

Low level relics could be of the outstanding quality at best, while the qualities, transcendent and spiritual emergence were exclusive to high level relics.

Especially for spiritual emergence quality, it meant that the relic had evolved a spirituality in it to the point of it being able to absorb Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and self-cultivate. This quality was something that low level relics could not possess.

Tao'er judged that the relic she had just refined was somewhere in between the quality of ordinary and refined.

This was a quality that she found unthinkable in the past. After all, she could not even refine a poor quality relic, she would usually end up exploding the cauldron and turning the materials into as.h.!.+

For her to be able to produce a relic in one go that even exceeded the ordinary quality?

It was something that Tao'er found unbelievable. As she thought over it, it was indeed possible. Her final seal was done in one fell swoop, and it was because of this that allowed her to have sufficient Yuan Qi to support her to the very end. Furthermore, a few key seals were done with twice the amount of energy, so it was natural that it would have a good quality!

Tao'er could not help but look at Yi Yun. Her eyes were filled with amazement and puzzlement, and even a sense of reverence.

Ever since she began learning the Desolate Heaven technique, all she obtained was frustration and dismay. She did not wish to leave her Missus, but her background caused her to experience struggles on her Desolate Heaven technique journey. But today, under Yi Yun's help, she had managed to take a big step forward.

How could she not feel reverence for Yi Yun after he had given her such a huge opportunity?

"Brother&h.e.l.lip; Brother Yi, how did you do it. Do you know the Luo clan's Desolate Heaven technique?"

In Tao'er's excitement, she could no longer speak properly.

Yi Yun shook his head and said, "Not really, but&h.e.l.lip; aren't your books placed beside you?"

Yi Yun waved the book in his hand. These low level Desolate Heaven technique methods were not confidential, so any Luo clan disciple could freely read through them.

And it was true that Yi Yun had managed to know what seals Tao'er had formed through his reading of the book. Using his energy vision, he was able to make the correct judgment to guide Tao'er.

Back when he just arrived in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, Yi Yun would have been floating in endless s.p.a.ce for a very long time, wasting his time, if not for having been saved by Luo Fengling. And during his journey in the spirit cruiser, it was Tao'er who took care of him while his physical condition was terrible.

This gave Yi Yun a very good impression of this hardworking maid servant. Noticing how Tao'er was making many detours in her Desolate Heaven technique, he decided to guide her on a whim.

After hearing what Yi Yun said, Tao'er was completely dumbfounded. She blinked her large eyes, as though the Yi Yun in front of her was like a prehistoric divine beast.

He was able to guide her just from reading the book?

Tao'er's cultivation level was only at the peak of the Purple Blood realm, many realms lower than Yi Yun. Due to the difference in realms, it would naturally result in different perception, insight and learning speed. What took Tao'er months to painstakingly learn, a higher level warrior could learn in days.

But even if the difference in cultivation level was acknowledged, it shouldn't have been to the point of being able to easily guide her after flipping through a Desolate Heaven technique book. Furthermore, his guidance was perfect, allowing her to refine a Fey bone relic that exceeded ordinary in quality.

Tao'er gaped her small mouth, unsure of what to say. She could not help but take the book from Yi Yun's hands, wondering if it was the same book that she read.

"Brother Yi, you must be a very good Desolate Heaven Master, right?"

Tao'er was in a daze for very long before she asked. She guessed that back when Yi Yun was in the lower realm, he must have been a top Desolate Heaven Master in his world.

Yi Yun smiled and said, "Not really. I mainly spent my time on cultivating. I do want to learn the Desolate Heaven technique, but due to a lack of time, what I have learned is limited."

Yi Yun waved his hand. Ever since he came out of the Cloud Wilderness, he had been engaging in non-stop cultivation. Be it the threat from Shen Tu Nantian or the appearance of the Black-armored Demon G.o.d, they all gave Yi Yun a great sense of pressure.

Under the threat of life and death, how could he have the time to study the Desolate Heaven technique?

Now that he was in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, Yi Yun suddenly felt like he could relax.

Without a threat, he could lead a comfortable life, focusing on his cultivation, pondering over the laws and improve his cultivation realms.

After living a stressed life for so long, such a peaceful life was a kind of enjoyment.

Yi Yun was also thankful that he did not spend too much time on the Desolate Heaven technique. After all, the Tian Yuan world's Desolate Heaven technique and even the ancient techniques, were far inferior to the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven's. Now that he had come to the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, the Desolate Heaven technique he came into contact with actually meant rebuilding what he had learned from the past.

Upon hearing what Yi Yun said, Tao'er was at a loss for words.

He was so good despite only learning it so superficially?

Tao'er muttered to herself and suddenly felt frustrated. The gap between them was too huge.

Yi Yun could tell what was on Tao'er's mind, so he said, "Your cultivation has just begun. I'll need to recuperate in Mt. Fengling anyway, so I can also study some of the Luo clan's Desolate Heaven technique. Since I have nothing to do these days, if there is any need, I can still help you with your energy control problems."

When Yi Yun said this, Tao'er was overjoyed. "Really? Thank you Brother Yi!"

True Martial World Chapter 782 - Relic Qualities

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