True Martial World Chapter 799 - Yuan Opening Perfection

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Chapter 799: Yuan Opening Perfection

With his pure Yang body and Purple Crystal, Yi Yun absorbed the tiny fire plume at an extremely rapid pace.

It could even be said that the bit of fire that Yang Zishan had refined was not even enough for his absorption.

After Yi Yun devoured all the energy in the Earth fire, he felt unsatisfied. Immediately, he cast his eyes on the white flame burning silently in the middle of the magma pond.

Spirit of the Earth Fire! Before this, Yi Yun had seen how the others had mined for fire, so now, it was time for him to mine it.

Yi Yun reached out his hand and made a grab. His Yuan Qi formed a claw mid air as it extracted a small fire plume. Typically when Yuan Qi approached the Spirit of the Earth Fire, it would experience a terrifying energy repulsion, but with the Purple Crystal, Yi Yun was able to control his Yuan Qi claw with extreme precision.

Yi Yun's mining of fire could only be described as easy. The Earth fire he mined was much bigger than the one Yang Zishan mined from before. Others would usually only mine a tiny fire spark, but what Yi Yun mined was a fire plume the size of a pinky.

Actually, Yi Yun's limit was far more than that, but one had to slowly chew during a meal. There was no need for him to swallow too much, as it would be more difficult to refine and absorb.

However, just this tiny bit of fire rendered many people speechless when they saw it.

He could really devour such a powerful plume of Earth fire?

Before they had the time to think any further, Yi Yun opened his mouth and swallowed the Earth fire.

Without taking a break, Yi Yun immediately embarked on absorbing his second Earth fire after his first.

Upon seeing this, many people gulped. He swallowed it just like that? That appeared too simple, so simple as though he was just eating a peanut. It was no wonder that he could snatch the Earth fire from Yang Zishan. From the looks of it, this youth's affinity with fire-elemental laws far exceeded others.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Yi Yun felt as though there was magma bubbling in his body. The bubbling heat waves blasted every corner of his body, allowing his bones and meridians to be repeatedly tempered.

Boiling steam poured out of every pore on Yi Yun's body as it enveloped him.

If a warrior without sufficient strength stood beside Yi Yun, he would have been instantly vaporized by the steam. His flesh and bones would be reduced to flying ashes.

In the rolling red mist, Yi Yun had his eyes tightly closed. His skin exuded a redness while his meridians and blood vessels were clearly visible. Furthermore, one could clearly see the pulsing flow in Yi Yun's vessels.

During a tempering process, a blacksmith would strike at piece of a metal hundreds of times, sending sparks everywhere. And through that, a magnificent sword would slowly emerge from a red-hot piece of metal.

Now, Yi Yun was such a metal that was being tempered. His meridians were becoming tougher and as the impurities in his blood and body were expelled with the mist, Yi Yun felt his Yuan Qi becoming even purer.

Exhale, inhale. The surrounding Yuan Qi was flowing into Yi Yun's body without end before it carried on being refined by the Earth fire.

The Purple Crystal was also helping Yi Yun in his absorption. An ordinary warrior could only absorb about 50% of the Earth fire's energy, but Yi Yun could even convert the fire toxins into energy, absorbing them all.

Not a single bit of this tiny cluster of flames was wasted by Yi Yun.

Yi Yun's breathing became slower and slower, and every breath he took was like a whale sucking in air. He could take in a tremendous amount of Yuan Qi.

His bones also turned transparent like glass, as they revealed a translucent crystalline texture.

The surrounding Yuan Qi was absorbed by Yi Yun, leaving a vacuum behind. Even the fire toxins in the magma pond were being absorbed by Yi Yun.

Boom! Inside Yi Yun's body, it was as though there was a raging river that was rumbling like thunder.

Both Man Dao and Yun Qiao'er heard the noise.

They opened their eyes and they traced where the sound came from and finally saw a red mist lingering around Yi Yun's body. Furthermore, the mist were constantly spinning like a cyclone. As for Yi Yun, he was located in the eye of the storm.

The cyclone became more and more intense that even the Yuan Qi from the other corners of the Fire Spirit Palace was absorbed by Yi Yun.

Those Earth Fire Hall disciples that had distanced themselves immediately opened their eyes in astonishment, despite being in the midst of absorbing the Earth fire. They then looked at Yi Yun with expressions of extreme shock.

What was he doing?

The cyclone quickly reached dozens of feet high. If a cyclone was on a water surface, it could suck up large amounts of water to form a pillar, and it was known as a water spout.

And now, with the cyclone above the magma pond, it was sucking up large amounts of magma, forming a thick magma pillar. It looked completely shocking!

At this moment, Yun Qiao'er gasped quietly, "The Spirit of the Earth Fire!"

Everyone saw it. The rapidly spinning mist was slowly approaching the Spirit of the Earth Fire and fire sparks from the Spirit of the Earth Fire were constantly being absorbed into the mist.

Yi Yun's body was like a bottomless pit. It constantly absorbed as though it was a melting pot that could absorb even more Earth fire.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The other Earth Fire Hall disciples also heard the rumbling noises coming from Yi Yun's body.

Suddenly, with a loud screech, the rolling clouds dispersed as a shimmering gold figure flew out. It spread out its wings, as though it was blocking out the sky.

It was a three-legged Golden Crow!

And below the Golden Crow, a Nine Neonate flew up from below. Its nine heads appeared from time to time in the red mist in an extremely astounding manner!

The two Aspect Totems were also being tempered!

The appearance of the Aspect Totems was fleeting, and suddenly, all the red mist disappeared.

Yi Yun stood up with a satisfied look. Unlike before, his skin was much more supple. His entire being gave a feeling of harmony and perfection.

Man Dao was the first to react as he looked at Yi Yun with astonishment. "Junior Brother Yi Yun, you are already at the Yuan Opening perfection. You are almost entering the Heaven Ascension realm!"

Yun Qiao'er opened her tiny mouth as she was both shocked and envious. "Junior Brother Yi Yun, you just absorbed an Earth fire once and you have improved so much!"

At the Yuan Opening realm, every increment was not simple. Previously, they could sense Yi Yun's cultivation level and although it was at the late-stages of the Yuan Opening realm, which was closing on perfection, it still required a long period of cultivation to make that final step.

But now, Yi Yun had only mined for fire once in Fire Spirit Palace, and he achieved perfection during the process of absorbing Earth fire.

And from the phenomenon that appeared before, Yi Yun's Yuan Opening perfection was atypical. It was a true perfection without a single flaw. This made people feel a sense of flawlessness and perfection in him.

"This is really… " Man Dao's expression was as though he could not embody his feelings in a sentence. He had come to the Fire Spirit Palace numerous times, and although his strength was gradually rising, he had never experienced what Yi Yun had done — rising to the next realm in one go just using Earth fire.

"Sigh, it's really exasperating to compare with others!" Man Dao said as he shook his head. He was a sincere and honest man by nature, but he had a lot of pride in him. However, in front of Yi Yun, he was in full admiration.

"Junior Brother Yi Yun… I'm already embarrassed calling you junior brother!" Yun Qiao'er looked at Yi Yun with sparkles in her eyes.

"It was nothing much. I was already not far from the Yuan Opening perfection realm previously. And apparently, I'm quite adept at absorbing Earth fire, so I managed to break through in one fell swoop."

Yi Yun checked his body. The meridians that had been severed due to the spatial storms had not only fully recovered, but they had also turned as clear as crystal.

Yi Yun did not know how strong he had become and he was actually yearning to fight someone in real battle to test his true strength.

True Martial World Chapter 799 - Yuan Opening Perfection

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