True Martial World Chapter 811 - Powerful Ancient Fey

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Chapter 811: Powerful Ancient Fey

As long as he gained the recognition of the ancient Fey column, Yi Yun could open an entrance.

It was only through recognition and not his insight. Of course, attempting to open the door through violence was out of the question.

The twelve ancient Fey columns might take several hours, days or even years to give a person its recognition. It might never happen for all eternity as well.

As for Yi Yun and the cultivators that came from the Fire Cloud State, they only had a day's time. After them, there were other cultivators from other states that were arranged to come here.

Due to the short amount of time, many people would likely fail.

Cang Mang did not tell them how to open the ancient Fey columns, so as Yi Yun touched the ancient Fey column, Yi Yun guessed that there were many ways to open the columns.

The Seven-colored Phoenix ancient Fey column could resonate with Sword Intent, so it was likely that he could open it through Sword Intent, but this Sword Intent was mostly coming from the carver of the Seven-colored Phoenix ancient Fey column.

As the carver of the ancient Fey column was a mighty figure of the Luo clan who used a sword, if Yi Yun were to use his Sword Intent to open the Seven-colored Phoenix ancient Fey column, that would just be an inferior outcome.

This was because swords had nothing to do with Seven-colored Phoenix. The true value of the ancient Fey columns mainly came from how their creators had used their own Dao insights to bring a glimmer of ancient Fey energy together. This energy came from the ancient Chaos from all over the endless Universe. Although it was very minute, it was as close to nomological Origins.

What Yi Yun wanted was the recognition of the nomological Origins and not the recognition of the Sword Dao used by the person who carved the ancient Fey column.

In that case, what should be used to resonate with this glimmer of Seven-colored Phoenix's Origins aura?

Without any rules, that also meant that there were many rules and different opening methods. The opportunities obtained through that was probably also different.

Yi Yun stood in front of the Seven-colored Phoenix ancient Fey column but he did not release his Sword Intent. Instead, he began power up his pure Yang body.

Phoenixes were reborn from the ashes of fire, so it had much to do with fire-elemental laws. Yi Yun had absorbed Earth fire, making his pure Yang body even purer, and his meridians had been repeatedly tempered by the Earth fire, which was similar to being reborn from Earth fire.

His pure Yang body was like a pure flame and as his pure Yang body powered up, the flames began to burn intensely.

As Yi Yun was circulating his pure Yang body in full force, he suddenly felt in his perception that the Seven-colored Phoenix in front of him seem to come alive. In its seven-colored feathers, there was a flame plume burning. An immense heat wave rushed at him, making Yi Yun feel like his eyebrows were burning.

In front of the phoenix's fire that could raze the world, Yi Yun's pure Yang body was like a tiny fire plume.

"Phoenix Heavenly Fire!"

Yi Yun quivered slightly but he immediately regained his consciousness. The fire from the phoenix's feathers was apparently just an illusion. When Yi Yun opened his eyes, everything had disappeared.

The Seven-colored Phoenix ancient Fey column in front of him was still standing silently in front of him while the engraved Seven-colored Phoenix above him had remained the same ever since it was carved, having never changed.

The scenes from before was like a dream.

"Seven-colored Phoenix is not only about fire… " Yi Yun muttered to himself. There were several kinds of phoenixes that were incarnations of fire, such as the white Swan, the purple Celestial Bird and the azure-colored Blue Phoenix...

The ancient Seven-colored Phoenix was the ancestor of all phoenixes. Its seven-colored feathers actually represented; Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, and Thunder.

Fire was just one of the seven, making it relatively insignificant.

Yi Yun understood that compared to the Fey God's grace that had been attracted by the ancient Fey column, he had too little insight. If he only chose the Seven-colored Phoenix divine column, then he would not gain too much from it.

Using a sword would only end up with inferiority. As for his fire-elemental laws, they were derived from pure Yang laws. Furthermore, fire-elemental laws was just one of the seven laws of the ancient phoenix, so it would not be considered an upper grade choice.

Upon realizing this, Yi Yun silently released his hand and looked at Cang Mang. He asked, "Lord Cang Mang, can everyone only choose one ancient Fey column?"

Cang Mang opened his eyes and said slowly, "Many ancient Fey columns can be chosen, and you can receive the recognition of several ancient Fey columns. The recognition you will receive from each ancient Fey column will also be different. The greater and deeper the recognition, the opportunity obtained will be better."

Cang Mang did not despise Yi Yun because of his age, and he had seriously answered Yi Yun's question.

"I understand."

Yi Yun retreated after saying that. Having touched the Seven-colored Phoenix for the first time, it made him feel the immense power of the ancient Fey Gods. He planned on looking at the other ancient Fey columns and learn of more opening methods.

Seeing Yi Yun stand in front of the Seven-colored Phoenix divine column for a while before asking Cang Mang such an ambitious question, Lie Ya disdainfully shook his head.

"Being able to open one ancient Fey column is already not bad, but you want to open a few? Dream on!"

Upon hearing Lie Ya's words, Ran Yu said, "Although the time he has spent cultivating has been short, he has previously snatched Earth fire from a senior Earth Fire Hall disciple. He had even used the chance of absorbing Earth fire to make a breakthrough. Just based on his insight into fire-elemental laws, he might gain something with a bit of luck."

"He only beat an Earth Fire Hall disciple. I know that person. He's named Yang Zishan and he has spent years in the Earth Fire Hall. If he were any good, he would have entered the Heaven Fire Hall a long time ago. So what if he defeated Yang Zishan?"

Lie Ya could not be bothered to watch Yi Yun posturing. He said to the others, "Let us begin too. There's no need to mind him."

As Lie Ya spoke, he walked towards an ancient Fey column.

He had long made his choice, the ancient Fey column of the sixth Fey God, Kun Peng.

Lie Ya came in front of the Kun Peng divine column and he fully released his aura. His eyes stared with a shimmer at the divine column.

The legendary ancient Kun Peng fed on flood dragons and it had an extremely powerful body. Lie Ya was not confident in his own nomological insights, so he wanted to use his physique’s strength to obtain the sixth divine column’s recognition.

The other cultivators also went in front of different ancient Fey columns.

Their choices were mainly the three ancient Fey columns — Dragon Emperor, Kun Peng or the Seven-colored Phoenix.

In the Ancient Fey Edifice's main hall, there were nine ancient Fey columns that were carved completely, but like the flow of time, the River of Forgetfulness, or Solitary Nothingness that could contain the infinite void, these columns were too esoteric. No one could understand them, so they were abandoned.

By choosing the Dragon Emperor, Kun Peng and Seven-colored Phoenix, not only could they gain the recognition through nomological insights, they could also do so by using their physical bodies.

The physical bodies of the Fey race were much stronger than humans’.

Luo Fengling also went towards a divine column. She had chosen the Seven-colored Phoenix and she planned on using her powerful physique, combined with fire-elemental laws, to obtain the recognition of the Seven-colored Phoenix. This was the lowest difficulty she could choose.

At this moment, Ran Yu stood in the same spot for a while before he walked towards an ancient Fey column. What he chose was surprisingly… the Empress Earth Dao Tree!

Upon seeing Ran Yu's choice, the other cultivators could not help but give a sidelong glance.

Empress Earth Dao Tree!?

Ran Yu actually made such a choice?

Dragon Emperor, Seven-colored Phoenix and Kun Peng were after all Fey. They had similar powerful bodies like the Fey race.

As for the Empress Earth Dao Tree, it had been condensed from three thousand nomological Great Dao and it was a pure manifestation of laws, representing the truth of Great Dao.

It was very difficult to obtain the recognition of the Empress Earth Dao Tree.

Actually, most members of the Fey race were not adept at nomological perception. In their martial cultivation, they would tend to temper their bodies, so this was the reason why they were trying to obtain the recognition from the Dragon Emperor, Kun Peng or the Seven-colored Phoenix's divine columns.

"Ran Yu chose the Dao Tree as his first choice, and he is also a Heaven Fey with a powerful physique. From the looks of it, Ran Yu probably truly plans on gaining the recognition of two ancient Fey columns!"

True Martial World Chapter 811 - Powerful Ancient Fey

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