True Martial World Chapter 861 - Princess White Fox

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Chapter 861: Princess White Fox

"How else? Obviously I flew here." Yi Yun replied nonchalantly.  He had experienced a great deal over the years in the Tian Yuan World, and the reason why he had matured so fast was because of obtaining heritage from the 12 Empyrean Heavens, as well as the Purple Crystal. They had vastly broadened Yi Yun's horizons. Without them, just having a fast cultivation speed alone was useless without pairing it with any cultivation techniques.

"Little Yun, how's the Tai Ah Divine City? What about our master, Grandmaster Yuehua?" Luo Huo'er recalled the desolate beast siege that happened years ago. She had left the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom back then as well, so she still cared about Grandmaster Yuehua and a few other people from the Tai Ah Divine City.

However, Luo Huo'er's identity was confidential back then, while the enemies of the Luo clan also had forces in the lower realms, so Luo Huo'er was forbidden from using powers that belonged to the Luo clan. She had almost never fought in the Tai Ah Divine City.

The only one time that Luo Huo'er violated the ban was to heal Yi Yun.

Back then, Yi Yun had used the Golden Crow totem that he had yet to fully master, resulting in the draining of all his strength and the injuring of his lifeblood in the midst of battle. Luo Huo'er had used a tiny portion of her Ancient Fey bloodline powers to help Yi Yun's bloodline recover in a few short seconds, allowing him to return to the battle arena.

Only Yi Yun knew about this.

Yi Yun transmitted his voice, "It's a long story. Grandmaster Yuehua and the Tai Ah Divine City Elders were eventually all safe and sound. Now, the Tian Yuan world is also peaceful."

Yi Yun knew that Luo Huo'er might appear haughty and naughty, but she actually possessed a kind heart. If things were put on a scale, it would not be an exaggeration to describe the people from the Tai Ah Divine City as ants when they were compared to Luo Huo'er.

"That's good." Luo Huo'er cracked a smile. "Back then, I left in a hurry and I returned to the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. I was embroiled in the war, where I had to run here and there. After a difficult victory, I was ensnared in this battle of the throne. It's so irritating." Luo Huo'er pouted her mouth as she said, like she were a melancholic kitten.

Although Yi Yun saw Luo Huo'er saying it without much thought, he knew that there was definitely quite a bit of sadness behind her story. However, with Luo Huo'er's carefree personality, she did not take those things personally.

"You don't want the throne?" Yi Yun asked.

"Who needs it!?" Luo Huo'er grunted. However, she said sadly after thinking of something, "It's just that… Mother wants me to vie for it, so I have to. If Crimson Firmament ascends to the throne, Mother and I would be in quite a bad situation, especially Mother… If I am able to become a Supremacy, that would not have been a problem, but I am still many years from becoming one. And during this period, who knows if the Luo clan would break out into war again… "

The war that swept through the entire Luo clan more than ten years ago was won with great difficulty, but they had only managed to push the enemy back. Since they did not manage to completely wipe their enemy out, it was still very likely for the enemy to make a comeback. If the elderly Emperor Luo was still alive, that would be fine. But if he passed away, Prince Crimson Firmament might send Empress Xuan's family clan out to war as a sacrifice with his position as supreme commander in chief.

"The Luo clan's war… Who is your enemy?"

Yi Yun had been always hearing about the war that happened decades ago, which made the Luo clan suffer great losses. But up to now, Yi Yun was still unsure about the origins of the enemy.

"The enemy is the Fey Phantasm Sect, an extremely mighty force that pervades the entire Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. It is headquartered in the sinkhole, and it's rumored that the Fey Phantasm Sect possesses a complete, ice-sealed Ancient Fey corpse. Furthermore, it was a truly powerful Ancient Fey."

"A complete Ancient Fey corpse?" Yi Yun was slightly taken aback when he heard this. What sort of wealth did an entire Ancient Fey corpse represent? If one could obtain an entire Ancient Fey corpse, the opportunities were unimaginable.

From the looks of it, the Fey Phantasm Sect was stronger than the Luo clan!

Luo Huo'er seemed to guess Yi Yun's thoughts and said, "The Fey Phantasm Sect is stronger than our Luo clan. They declared war on several fronts, and our Luo clan's war is just one of the many. Back then, our Luo clan had also made an alliance with several other large clans in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven to fight the Fey Phantasm Sect together."

"The Fey Phantasm Sect enjoys great influence. It controls numerous Large Worlds, with countless subsidiaries. They refine Fey Demon puppets and sell them to large family clans for their usage. Many of the buyers come from other Empyrean Heavens."

As Luo Huo'er spoke, a whistling sound of a soaring eagle shrieked. High in the sky, a gigantic azure Peng bird arrived.

The azure Peng bird circled in the sky and under the escort of pages, a purple-robed man flew straight down from the Peng bird. The man's clothes fluttered in the mountain winds, as purple aura circulated around him, it was as though a god had descended.

He looked like he was in his twenties, and his eyes were as bright as the stars. His lifeblood was converged, and he seemed to resonate with the Heaven and Earth. He gave off an redoubtable feeling.

"Prince Crimson Firmament!" The elites present said aloud when they saw the man that suddenly appeared.

Even people like Ran Xueyi and Donglin Yu stood up immediately at this moment to step forward.

He was Prince Crimson Firmament?

Upon seeing this person, Yi Yun was slightly taken aback.

Prince Crimson Firmament truly gave him an unfathomable feeling.

Indeed, Prince Crimson Firmament had been cultivating for thousands of years, so even without mentioning his talent, just his strength would far exceed Luo Huo'er’s.

Beside Prince Crimson Firmament was a gorgeous woman.

She had smoky eyes and fair, creamy-white skin. She had a pair of fox ears on her head, and every action she performed seemed to produce silvery bolts that danced around her in a silvery brilliance.

Upon seeing this woman, the elites present were secretly horrified. Someone said, "It's the Lightning Domain's Princess White Fox. It was rumored that Princess White Fox and Prince Crimson Firmament have extremely cordial relations, but those were only rumors. Who knew that Princess White Fox is accompanying Prince Crimson Firmament to the banquet today? Don't tell me they are now an item, and are about to become Dao companions!?"

"The Lightning Domain's Princess White Fox has the Ancient Fey nine-tailed white fox’s bloodline, as well as a Body of Lightning Spirit. If she is willing to become partners with Prince Crimson Firmament, it would truly be a match of equal status. The chips that Prince Crimson Firmament holds will increase as well!"

As people discussed it in private, they looked at Prince Crimson Firmament with mixed emotions amidst respect.

Prince Crimson Firmament himself was a treasure, with extremely promising chances of inheriting the throne of the Luo clan. In addition to his outstanding talent and powerful bloodline, if he were to marry Princess White Fox, a talented woman with a Body of Lightning Spirit and nine-tailed white fox bloodline, and duo cultivate with her, his life would reach its peak. Even Ran Xueyi and Donglin Yu would feel jealous seeing this.

They were two of the royal capital's four great young masters and they were extremely noble, but compared to Prince Crimson Firmament, they were incomparable.

As Prince Crimson Firmament slowly landed, a phoenix shriek echoed throughout the skies as everyone looked up.

They saw nine azure luan birds soaring in the sky. They pulled a glittering chariot that emitted divine light that flashed through the sky.

As the divine chariot shuttled through the sky, the void slightly trembled as it excited the hearts of many.

On the divine chariot, Empress Luo and Empress Xuan, the two mothers of the world, women who had all the riches of the Luo clan in their hands, arrived simultaneously.

Instantly, a divine light burst out as thousands of colorful bands shot out. Dozens of Luo Lucid Palace's maid servants rushed forward and bowed to welcome the two sacred Empresses.

True Martial World Chapter 861 - Princess White Fox

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