TS Reincarnated As The Sub Heroine Chapter 9

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Turning Point!!!

AN:First chapter from another character's point of view.

From Alto's Pov

I never wanted to hurt my friends.I did not want to be that kind of man.I am called a "Hero" and I am suppose to be a model of the people.That was what I strive for.

And despite my desperate attempts to live up to that.Before my eyes is the girl I never intended to hurt. My struggle ended in vain.

So therefore I need to atone for it and yet.

"It’s difficult .If I just not say anything .Is it truly alright?"

"Because we'll just forget. So don't worry if it’s alright."

She said that with a smile.Though her smile was slightly twitching at the side.

Well she does go with that fellow Birdie to the red-light district from time to time.Perhaps this girl has a lot of experience so it just doesn't really concern her.Well if the person says it's fine, what is the need to hesitate.

I'll just excuse myself with “we decided to have fun and she went through with her desires”.I licked her pet.i.te body all over. I grabbed her thin waist and did all what I wanted to do with her.Did all to pleasure me.

However from her pov,she did not have that kind of joy.From her mouth  she unleashed painful sorrowful screams.Whether it was cause the influence of the drug or not,usual I don't but when I heard her sorrowful voice I felt pleasure.


Shortly after she began to cry.Because of the pain she already wanted to stop.I am covered in blood so I wish for you to forgive me.

However she declared we should forget this disaster tomorrow.What are you talking about now.My reasoning dissipated a long time ago.When I heard that I again had violent urges towards her.Before long her crying turned into a thin sobbing.

My body was also covered in blood after some time.Was it that somewhere in her v.a.g.i.n.a there may have been a tear? Perhaps that why she was crying? If that is the case the hole will just change.

Her reaction after that changed did change.Her resistance became more intense.Desperation in her voice. It was a good stimulation for me, So i decided to enjoy it while I could.

Soon after,she had no response.It seems like she fainted.However I was unsatisfied.If she doesn’t scream it’s convenient.With her unconscious I got to indulge in her until sunrise.

. . . . .Finally when I was satisfied I tossed her unconscious a.s.s to the side.I relished in the nights taste, her genitals were red and swollen.After that satisfying view I stretched and fell asleep. The long night was finally over.

Dark Description is over.

The memories of that night.It is supposed to be forgotten,however. . . .

From the morning, Fio has not said a word.Normally she is noisy,but it’s been a few hours already and she hasn't spoken.

I understand that I am called thickheaded and insensitive. But she is definitely angry.But perhaps she can't say it.Yesterday I did just use her as a s.e.x toy the entire night.

It was decided that there will be no memory of yesterday night.It was suggested by her ,the victim.Last night I was in a frenzy, to the extent that I don't fully know what had happened.And for her to receive such a treatment,it is natural for her to be upset.

However, it may be impossible to discuss because of the arrangement. . . . .I'm not able to apologize.I should have apologized more in the morning.When the awkward levels weren't so high.

And then there was the fact that when I first inserted into her, there was blood.Was last night truly her first time? I made her important first night that awful?

Even though her usual habits are quite. . . . . eccentric.She is still a girl.And I have deeply hurt this girl. I really am the lowest of trash.

I hate that I am a poor speaker.What should I even talk about?Because we are suppose to act like normal I'll just talk about stuff around us. But I am so bad at talking to others in general.Better yet I don't even know what to talk about after the incident.

I have to get her into a good mood.I have to get Fio's trust back.but with my skill. . . Actually I just remembered something. Birdie always boasted about being smooth with women, and getting them in a good mood.

(("First of all you have to praise their appearance.That is, if she doesn't mind being praised. If its a serious or strict girl than she would consider it s.e.xual hara.s.sment if you praise her.Do not praise her breast,that is a landmine.Hair,Accessories etc. are a sure on success. If they are wearing perfume you can compliment that."))

((". . .I see"))

Praise their appearance.Well, Fio isn't wearing perfume or accessories and so on. Her hairstyle is. . . well it’s a mess.It’s just unkempt and ruffled everywhere.Probably due to the treatment I gave her last night.What do I praise then?

If this continues Fio will always be quiet around me.I need to resolve myself and talk to her.

"Uh, Fio?"

" . . . .What is it?"

Praise , Praise. . . Chest is a no. Chest is a no. . .

"Fio, you have a wonderful w-waist."

Her face turned pale and walked distant away from me.Dammit, It seems that I made a mistake in something.

"Fio, I want you to not be so far away."

"If you are saying that I need to be vigilant! So stay away from me!"

Well c.r.a.p, it seems I made a misunderstanding with my words.

By the way,Birdie was never able to read her mind and Fio often struck back with malicious gossip.It seems that following that person would lead to a misunderstanding.

However,It’s not impossible to recover.From now on I'll remember the words of other friends besides Birdie. . .

That's right! Yuri said:

(("There is nothing better than love.For example even if you angered someone.If there is love you'll surely be able to communicate with each other.If you love that person, you surely know what to do for that person."))

A devout nun's words will surely be more useful than Birdie's words.

So I'll know what to do if I love Fio?. . .Well,Fio is an important friend, but I don't know what to do though? Hmm, It seems like I am not in love with Fio.

If it's just one person needed to love,should I bet on the possibility that Fio loves me. What does Fio think of me? Unfortunately I do not know.

"Hey,Fio. I have something I want to ask."

". . . .What is it? Back! Don't approach me."

Should I ask her?

"Fio, do you love me?"

"Pfft, wwwwwwwwwWHAT!?!"(ブッフォォォォォオオオオオ!!?)

Once she heard my question, her face went pale and moved away from me at the speed of light.

"What,what are you asking!? Are you just feeling bad for what happened a while ago!? Lies, is it that you like me?"

"No, apparently I do not seem to love you Fio."

"You seriously deserve a beating."

Instantly after hearing my words, far away from me she squatted grabbed decently sized rock and threw it at my face. Fio isn't even at the physical strength of a normal person, I easily dodged the rock.

"What’s wrong. What are you mad about?"

"Avoided it,garbage waste b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Is that so, he was really such a guy,I got messed with,Did you really want me to look like an idiot!?"(避けんなゴミ屑野郎! そうだった、コイツはこういう奴だった・・・。一瞬だけ真に受けたオレがアホみたいじゃねーか!)(TN:confused.)

"Fio usually looks like an idiot. By the way why did you call me a garbage waste b.a.s.t.a.r.d?"

"Shut up idiot!"

Strange.Even though Fio is usually not the angry type.This type of anger I have only seen from those 4 other girls.

It seems that this fierce anger stems from what has happened yesterday.I'll accept her anger silently.That is at least the first atonement. . .

". . . .Hey, Alto.I suddenly got angry at you. . . I felt misunderstood or something,I don't really understand it.I got really frustrated."

". . . .Is that so? Then I will accept it silently. Sorry Fio."

"Huh? I was apologizing, I got mad at you!Why are you apologizing!? What is it?"

While I was accepting her irrational anger, I sensed something in the distance.

"Hmm,There is signs of several people 30 kilometers ahead. It may be a town.Let's go. Fio get on my back."

"This guy. . . He is acting like nothing happened before. . .I am starting to understand the frustration of those four girls for the first time."

"Quickly get on."

". . . .Remember, Alto."

Similar to yesterday she is now riding on my shoulders. However unlike yesterday she is firmly grabbing me with both her hands and legs.

Yesterday she was almost dead. She could barely even grab my clothes good enough.However today should be fine enough,so It should be okay to raise my speed a bit more than yesterday.

I used physical strengthening magic on myself and then started my quick acceleration stepping forward- – – –


"!! Fio!?"

The inertia from my ma.s.sive acceleration seem to have flung Fio off. Within a hair's breathe I grabbed her leg,leading to only her face hitting the ground.

"You,You,You!! Are you trying to kill me?"

"Sorry. but you should be alright."

"Alright!? My face just slammed into the ground idiot!! What’s with that acceleration!? In the first place I can't hold tight enough for that!"

"No. . . .oh,I'm sorry."

I forgot.Although She is the world's best healer, even called "death's bane." her physical ability is not much different from an ordinary person. Even if an ordinary thug attacks her with their bare hands she would easily be defeated. She has the body strength of a weak girl.(「死神殺し」)(TN:just changed it to death's bane cause it sounds/translates better.)

"This time hold on tightly."

"Geeze. . ."

She healed her face with magic.If Fio was an ordinary person there would have been a scar on her face, caused by me. But her being the best restoration user, there will be no such problems.

Fio once again got on my back.This time to make sure I don't make the same mistake, I held her legs firmly with both of my hands.Her body was tied to me with a cloth. . . .Huh, I haven't notice until now.

On my back,Is the lone girl that I had s.e.x with until morning.Who was so soft and tender when embraced- – – – –

A feeling of guilt tightened my chest.

TN here. Chapter finished. That darker description was actually from a different post of the same chapter by the author. They post the s.e.x stuff there too so there was a slight change in edits between the two chapters.Instead of making a second chapter I just made that big warning cause its only like  2 paragraphs added. First time we are seeing Alto’s personality though. Cause before even in the dialogue, you don’t really know much about him.

Next chapter in 3-5 days.

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TS Reincarnated As The Sub Heroine Chapter 9

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