Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 137

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Chapter 137: Monkey, You’re About To Be A Cripple!

The tiger’s p.e.n.i.s exploded!

These words couldn’t be more true.

The tiger’s p.e.n.i.s which was on the grill had been struck by the lightning and had exploded. Whatever was left had been charred black with wisps of smoke sizzling out from it. Evidently, it could no longer be consumed.

Xu Que looked extremely disappointed as he turned to the crowd apologetically, "Everyone, the tiger’s p.e.n.i.s is gone. Shall we grill tiger’s kidneys instead?"

"..." The crowd was at a loss for words, as the females in the crowd were blushing so red they felt dizzy as they stared at him, mouths opened.

Tiger King who was on the altar in the midst of his Tribulations was filled with rage as his facial expression revealed the anger in his heart. His eyes emanated killing intents.

When he heard Xu Que shout out, "Tiger King, your p.e.n.i.s exploded" he nearly broke free from his own Tribulations, wanting to charge towards Xu Que and slap him to death. Thankfully, he managed to restrain himself. He was due to become the King of Demons and had to have some tolerance and self-restraint.

He believed that once his Tribulations was over, the monkey underneath him would become a dead monkey for sure!

"Ignore that ugly clown down below. Once I end my Tribulations, I shall put him into a pot of boiling water and cook him ‘till he dies. I shall then impale him with a thousand blades and let everyone try a delicious snack of monkey meat!" The Tiger King stood atop the altar and looked extremely intimidating as he shouted out.


A bolt of lightning descended from the skies once again as it struck the Tiger King. The instant the lightning bolt touched his body, it broke into fragments and scattered all across his body. That bolt of lightning had been absorbed and withstood by the Tiger King almost effortlessly. His ferocity and powers awed everyone watching.

"That was the fourth wave. The Tiger King is too strong. He could even still use the fourth wave of lightning to strengthen his own body!"

"The Tiger King is formidable!"

"The new King of our race is about to emerge!"

Everyone was instantly convinced by the Tiger King’s prowess as they started cheering.

The members of the Thousand Demons Tribe looked at each other and revealed excited smiles.

"Looks like the Tiger King would have no problems with his fifth wave. The most important thing at this point was whether he would be able to activate and conjure a sixth wave!"

"That’s right. That Nine Tails Fox was able to conjure the sixth lightning due to the exclusive blood which runs in her veins. But the Tiger King didn’t have the same ability and might find it harder to conjure the sixth bolt!"

"It seems like the Tiger King would only be able to summon five bolts of lightning. In order for him to conjure the sixth wave, he has to be much stronger. He has to seize the precise moment of the fifth wave and attempt to conjure the sixth bolt and fight with the heavens!"

"Hm... seems like even the games played by the childish monkey won’t be able to distract the Tiger King at this point."

"Look! The fifth wave is about to begin!"

Everyone glanced up above onto the altar as they revealed looks of anticipation.

They stopped paying attention to Xu Que who was beneath the altar. Only the few Sky Demon Tribe elders were feeling anxious as they watched Xu Que. They were wondering if they should wake Su Ling’er up and ask her to convince the monkey to return.

In that second however, Xu Que whipped out a huge wok and placed it above the fire. He then poured oil onto the wok.

"What… What was this kid trying to do now?"

"Pouring oil onto the wok? Is he trying to cook tiger’s p.e.n.i.ses again? Or is he trying to cook tiger’s kidneys this time?"

"My friend Sun... Looks like nothing we say can convince him anymore!"

"Ai, actually I know what he’s trying to do. He wishes to dis

tract the Tiger King and prevent him from successfully overcoming the Tribulations."

"It’s a pity that it’s not going to work. The Tiger King is full of grit and determination. It seems like he won’t even have any problems should a sixth wave materialize. He won’t be distracted by our friend Sun at all."

"Looks like we are to blame for being careless and allowing them to abduct Xiao Qi to use her to blackmail us. This forced our Queen to become the first person to activate the Tribulations and undergo unnecessary opposition!"

The few of them shook their heads and sighed out regretfully.

At this point, the clouds started rolling once more as the sound of thunder was heard.

"Boom doom!"

The fifth lightning was brewing within the thick clouds and was evidently charging up. Even the clouds look swollen due to the immense amount of energy surging within the skies.

Everyone around held their breaths in anticipation as their eyes remained fixed onto the skies.

"Chi la!"

At last, a lightning bolt as thick as a person’s arm was revealed from between the clouds as it crashed down.


The Tiger King conjured numerous spells as he shouted out while embracing the force of the fifth lightning bolt.

A loud thud rang out as the lightning slammed down hard onto the Tiger King’s body, sending him flying several hundred meters away. He was flung aside towards the outer boundaries of the altar and the Tiger King looked pale.

However, he had successfully withstood the fifth wave of the Tribulations.

"The Tiger King is formidable!"

"He even managed to withstand the fifth wave!"

"Next up would be the most critical point of the Tribulations. He has to seize this precise moment and incite the heavens into sending him a sixth wave of lightning!"

"That’s right. As long as he manages to draw out the sixth wave, he would be able to activate the entire Lightning Pool. When that happens, we would have a new Demonic King!"

The Thousand Demons Tribe members were elated beyond measure.

Even members from other tribes were full of anticipation. It didn’t matter to them who ascended the throne. As long as their new King or Queen was powerful enough to command their respect, he would be worthy to sit on the throne and lead the entire race towards greater heights!

Meanwhile, someone finally noticed Xu Que who was seated beneath the altar and was taken aback.

"Quickly look! What is that monkey up to now?"

"He has greased the entire wok. What could he be frying now?"

"Haha! It’s no use. My brother has already locked in and is at his full concentration. He has the throne within sight and will not be distracted!" The Tiger King’s brother laughed out coldly and shook his head, "Wait ‘till my brother returns from the Tribulations. This monkey is dead meat."

"That’s right. Even if he starts frying tiger’s kidneys, it won’t be of much use. While the Tiger King is crossing his Tribulations, nobody can stand in his way." A member of the Thousand Demons Tribe shouted out defiantly.

Xu Que was unperturbed as he smiled coldly, "Nobody can stand in his way huh? This Great Sage shall show you how I shall stand in his way!"

At the same time, the Tiger King managed to make his way back to the center of the altar. He took a step forward and concentrated hard, ignoring the scene that was unfolding beneath him. He amassed every ounce of concentration as he started drawing out the sixth and final wave of lightning, which was the most difficult to achieve as a tiger-raced cultivator.

To the rest of the demonic humans, as long as he manages to conjure the sixth wave, he would be on the same footing at Su Ling’er, both with six points to their names.

After he had done that, he would be able to conjure an additional wave from the Lightning Pools to baptize him in lightning. This would give him another point. The new Demon King title would then belong to him.

Besides, the Tiger King really needed the sixth wave of lightning to happen as well. This was a chance which came once every hundreds of years. He needed to use the strength of every wave of lighting to strengthen himself!

"Boom doom!"

At last, the sixth wave of lightning was successfully conjured as it started charging up within the clouds once more.

The group of people down below started cheering as they broke out in discussion.

"He’s done it. The Tiger King managed to conjure the sixth wave of the Tribulations!"

"He’s too strong. Indeed he is the Tiger King!"

Up on the altar, the Tiger King’s lips curled into a smile. He was a small step away from success!

"Wah! The oil has started to boil! I can start to fry!" Xu Que let out a shout of excitement as well as he stood up and flipped his hands around. He withdrew a large slab of smelly tofu and tossed it into the wok which was half filled with boiling oil.

In that moment, he raised his head to look up at the Tiger King who was nearing success of the Tribulations. He then let out a laugh, "Looks like you really can withstand the lightning huh? Let’s see how strong your endurance really is!"

"Chi la!"

As soon as the slab of smelly tofu landed in the hot oil, it started sizzling while it floated in the wok of oil. An odour started rising up from the wok as it permeated around, causing the stomachs of those who smelt it to turn.

Standing some distance away from the lightning pools, the demonic humans started getting a whiff of the stench. Their faces contorted in evident disgust.

"Fuck! What’s that stench?’

"It’s shit? Is this monkey cooking shit?"

"Is he crazy? He’s actually cooking shit here?"

"Wah! I can’t stand it any longer. That smell... " The person couldn’t even complete his sentence as his face froze before he vomited onto the ground.

For those people who were unfamiliar with the smell of smelly tofu, the stench was extremely unbearable. This was coupled with the fact that they had no idea what it was and formed an impression that the smelly tofu was dung. This caused everyone around to feel revolted and disgusted.

The foul stench had diffused all around into the air and started to waft up towards the altar.

The Tiger King who was immersed in his Tribulation and was in deep concentration started to catch a whiff of that terrible stench. Clinging onto his last remaining concentration strength, he was rapidly losing control. At this point, his soul strength was starting to fail him.

He had already reached the most important part of this Tribulations and in the critical stage. The instability of his own soul strength as a result of being distracted could potentially be fatal.

Precisely because his soul strength had been rocked, the sixth wave of lightning lost momentum and started withdrawing.

The skies started to calm down as it gradually turned quiet. The clouds retreated rapidly and everything disappeared within seconds, revealing clear skies overhead.

The sixth wave of Tribulations was gone!

His previous efforts were in vain!


The Tiger King was filled with fiery rage as disappointment welled in his heart along with furious anger. He bent over and spat out a mouthful of blood as his heart trembled. He then shouted out, "Monkey, you’re about to be a cripple!!!"

Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 137

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