Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 138

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Chapter 138: Bring Me My Qin!

Xu Que’s huge wok containing smelly tofu was indeed so repugnant that it caused a scene.

An Original Infant Staged cultivator who was facing his Tribulations would be able to effortlessly call down three waves of lightning. This would be enough for him to become much stronger and wouldn’t be too difficult to cross.

However, since today was the day of the Thunder Tribulations Worship, which happened once every hundred years, it was a great opportunity to become immensely stronger than a usual Tribulation. As long as a participant could endure the multiple waves, he would be able to temper his body and emerge stronger than ever.

The Tiger King could proclaim himself King of the Thousand Demons Sect due to the fact that his cultivation level was the highest. He was of the Full Foundation level, Original Infant Stage. With his existing level of powers, the sixth bolt of lightning would inevitably be of great use to him in strengthening himself.

At this point, he had finally managed to seize the opportune moment and started to conjure the sixth wave of lightning when he had been distracted by the smelly tofu. The brief distraction was enough to cause him to stumble and ultimately fail in conjuring the sixth wave.

Haiya, this completely enraged him!

Fury was the best word used to describe the emotion felt by the Tiger King.

He was extremely dissatisfied and angry, which caused him to curse Xu Que as he deeply wished for Xu Que to turn into a cripple, a quadriplegic.

The initial aura of strength and formidability had vanished instantly.

Everyone present gave astonished looks.


"The sixth wave of Tribulations was gone just like that?"

"He must’ve caught a whiff of that foul stench right at the critical moment and was negatively affected by it. If not, he wouldn’t be this angry!"

"Ai, it’s a shame. At this point, everything hinges on how many Lightning Pools the Tiger King can activate!"

The tribesmen all shook their head in disappointment as they spoke out.

The Thousand Demons Tribe members were all infuriated as they shot enraged glances towards Xu Que, as if they wanted to tear him into pieces with their fangs!

"Monkey, you’re finished!"

"When the Tiger King concludes his Tribulations, we shall devour your monkey flesh and drink your monkey blood."

"We shall subject you to a thousand cuts, and still won’t allow you to die!"

The Thousand Demons Tribe members were shouting curses across towards Xu Que.

"I shall settle this score with you later and take your damned monkey life from you!"

The brother of the Tiger King was clearly upset as well, as he couldn’t control his emotions and was about to charge towards Xu Que once more. However, he was restrained by his fellow Thousand Demon Tribe members.

"Don’t be impulsive. This monkey has incredible innate strengths and he’s hiding just beneath the altar. Let’s ignore him for now."

"That’s right. Our Tiger King has spoken. We shall collect his remains after the Tribulations is over."

"Although he only managed to conjure five waves of Tribulations, there’s still the Lightning Pools which he can activate!"

"With the current powers of the Tiger King, it’s even possible that he could manage to activate two Lightning Pools. If he does that, the position of Demonic King would be his."

Everyone started coaxing him as the Tiger King’s brother glared ferociously at Xu Que and halted in his steps, deciding against charging forward.

Xu Que’s face twitched in a smile as he started mocking him elatedly, "Come on little tiger, come and fight me! The Great Sage is waiting for you to come."

"Hmp! You can stop trying to anger me. You shall feel my wrath later on." The Tiger King’s brother remained calm and shot a reply back before ignoring Xu Que.

The Sky Demon Tribe elders were stumped by the scene which had unfolded.

They didn’t expect Xu Que, who was being mischievous, to successfully distract the Tiger King. Indeed, he managed to ruin the Tiger King’s activation of the sixth wave and saw that he failed to do so. This caused them to feel extremely glad as they revelled in his failure.

"Good job my friend Sun!"

"Way to go!"

"Haha! Look at how the Tiger King is so exasperated in his failure. It makes me feel so good just to watch him!"

"Friend Sun, you can come back now. You’ve already helped out a great deal."

"Yes, come back now. You don’t have to take on additional risks!"

"Return? No, no, no. I’m actually very comfortably here!" Xu Que shook his head and replied.

The elders paused in shock as bitter and helpless smiles spread across their faces. Big brother, what tricks are you up to now? You’ve already managed to distract the Tiger King and cause him to lose his sixth wave of Tribulations. Your mission has already succeeded. Why aren’t you returning?

"Eh? What’s that smell?" Su Ling’er who had finally recovered from her injuries opened her eyes and creased her brows as she asked.

Seeing her in good healths, the elders were all overjoyed.

"My Queen, have you fully recovered from your injuries?"

"That’s fantastic!"

"My Queen, please counsel Sun Wu Kong and ask him to return. He can stop whatever he’s doing now.’

"He managed to break the concentration of the Tiger King and caused him to lose the sixth wave. He managed to exact revenge for us!"

"But the Tiger King is about to activate the powers from the Lightning Pool. It’s becoming very dangerous for him to remain under the altar."

The few of them took turns to chime in, causing Su Ling’er to feel extremely confused about the present situation. However, she managed to guess what was happening and stood up. She then looked towards Xu Que, "Sun Wu Kong, you can come back now!"

"Don’t worry about me. I’m fine!" Xu Que waved his hands as he replied, clearly not minding the danger which lurked where he stood.

Su Ling’er creased her brows as she shook her head and spoke out, "Once he activates the Lightning Pool, there is a high chance that it might hit you. Based on your current strength, you might not be able to handle it and even affect your own Tribulations later!"

"Hehe… I shall let them see just who is the one who won’t be able to handle it!" Xu Que smiled heartily as he continued frying the smelly tofu, causing the smell to increase in intensity.

The stench from the smelly tofu caused everyone around to retreat as they covered their mouths and noses in horror!

The Tiger King who was on the altar gave a cold laugh as he shouted out in anger, "Damned monkey, lucky that I have a technique which is able to block out foul smells. Your method has ceased to remain effective. Once I’m baptized within the Lightning Pools, I will give you a painful death!" As soon as he spoke, his entire body trembled as a wave of energy washed over him.

At the same time, he concentrated his energy and directed it towards the nine Lightning Pools beneath.

The way he did it was exactly the same as how he had conjured the six waves of Tribulations earlier. He directed his soul strength towards the Lightning Pools and activated it.

The Tiger King’s aim was very simple as well. All he planned to do was to activate the currents from two of the Lightning Pools and cause the lightning to strike him. If he managed to withstand and control it, it would strengthen him tremendously. Having two additional waves from the Lightning Pool would mean that he would be in the lead for the throne.

"Indeed, the Tiger King is powerful. He could seal off his senses. Looks like the damned monkey won’t be able to distract him any longer!"

"Haha! Cursed monkey, please remain seated there like the obedient pet you are and wait for your impending death!"

"Your childish games have no more impact and won’t alter any endings from here on!"

"The truly victorious candidate would be the Tiger King and nobody can stand in his way!"

The Thousand Demon Tribe members started cheering and boasting once more.

Xu Que’s eyebrows twitched as his lips curled into a cold smile, "You sealed off your sense of smell huh? If you’re truly brave, seal off your sense of hearing as well! Guys, bring me my weapon… Pui, I mean bring the Great Sage’s Qin here."

The Sky Demon Tribe’s elders paused in shock. Qin? What would you want to do with the Qin at this point?

A wise old elder was astonished as he said, "My friend Sun, we didn’t bring your Qin here…"

"I know. I was just saying that to put on a show. Why did you take me seriously? I have another Qin here with me." Xu Que burst out in laughter as he retrieved a Qin from the system inventory.

Su Ling’er didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this point, "Friend Sun, are you going to sing the same song now? The Tiger King isn’t Xiao Yu. I don’t think you can soothe him with a song."

"No, no, no. This song which I’m going to perform has a tragic and heartbreaking story. Hearing it would cause people to shed tears because it’s too sad!" Xu Que laughed as he replied. He then sat down once again beneath the altar and placed the Qin on his lap. He even looked like a musician, ready to please the eager crowd!

The audience were stumped by this. What on earth was going on? Was the monkey going to play the Qin and sing a song?

The Thousand Demons Tribe watched on warily.

"What the hell is this damned monkey trying to do now?"

"To play the Qin and sing a song? Does he wish to distract the Tiger King to shatter his concentration once again?"

"It’s no use. He won’t be able to distract the Tiger King!"

"That’s right. He still could speak rubbish about singing a heartbreaking song so sorrowful that it would cause people to shed tears. My older brother would never be moved to tears by anything." The Tiger King’s brother laughed out in mockery.

The Tiger King stood atop the altar and completely ignored Xu Que. He was smiling to himself as he began to activate the Lightning Pools…

Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 138

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