Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 204

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Chapter 204: Terrifying Battle Capabilities


"What… What is that thing?"

"The black flames transformed into a pair of wings? Is there such a spell in this world capable of something like that?"

"What kind of fire is that? Why did it feel so powerful even from a distance? I’ve never seen anything burn as intensely and as hot as this flame!"

The crowd were petrified by what they had witnessed.

Xu Que had let the Eight Waste Destruction Flames loose and had showed everyone his pair of black wings. Here in the cultivation realm, everyone was shocked by what they had seen, having never witnessed anything like this before.

If they were speaking about demonic humans, it could still be accepted. It was evident that these pair of wings were a result of the black flames. Besides, the fire was black in color and actually looked like a thick smoke. Just looking at something as strange as this was enough to fill their hearts with fear.

"It’s way too scary. I really wonder what this person has been through."

"In just a short span of a year, how was it possible that he could advance to the Original Infant Stage level seven and even possess such powerful spells? Is his master Duan Jiu De so strong?"

"No, this won’t do. I can feel a big battle breaking out here anytime now. It’s better to retreat and leave the palace now before things get out of hand."

Several cultivators couldn’t handle such terrifying powers from both sides. With bent backs, they squeezed through the crowd and fled from the palace.

The Fire Emperor had his gaze fixed on Xu Que as his expression froze. A look of greed had crept up on his face.

"If only I could obtain this strange fire spell..." He muttered under his breath.

Concubine Fantasy heard this and her face became pale once again.

She understood the intents and methods of the Fire Emperor who was vile and corrupt beyond imagination. Just the thought of what he could do filled her with fear. Within this realm, there was nothing the Emperor couldn’t get as long as he wanted it, for he would use everything within his power to obtain it.

At the next moment, Concubine Fantasy looked at Xu Que with sympathy.

She felt that this young man was very pitiful, for he was about to experience destruction once again.

This was his fate.

Regardless of how miraculous it was that he managed to avoid death the last time, this would be different.

As long as he were to fight head on with the Emperor, there was absolutely no chance that another miracle would happen and rescue him from death.

Because, in the eyes of Concubine Fantasy, the Fire Emperor was unrivalled in strength. Despite the fact that Xu Que’s cultivation level had risen rapidly and had reached the Original Infant Stage very quickly, he was just a slightly stronger cannon fodder for the Emperor.

At the same time, the Imperial Guards had already lunged towards Xu Que who was in mid air. Their long swords and poles were infused with powerful spells as they charged towards Xu Que from all directions.

The skies were filled with a myriad of bright colors as a result of the different spells casted. Majestic and boundless energies were conjured repeatedly.

The cultivators down on the ground watched intensely at the scene which unfolded before their eyes while their necks craned up to the skies.

Indeed, the sly smile on Xu Que’s face didn’t vanish. With a thought, he called out for the system.

"System, I wish to buy the Killer Book now. Also, equip my two sets of armor and the Infinity Edge."

"Ding! Congratulations to host Xu Que for purchasing Mejai’s Soulstealer for 1200 act tough points!"

"Mejai’s Soul Stealer: An item from the League of Legends and is ranked a Four Star grade item. It’s nickname: Killer Book."

Killing an enemy of the same cultivation would earn the user a single stack of Glory. Killing an enemy with higher cultivation level would e

arn the user two stacks of Glory up to thirty stacks of Glory. Every stack of Glory enables the user to deal an additional 100% damage.

The ability of the Killer Book meant that it’s strength would become immensely more potent with every enemy killed. This was much more terrifying than the Killer Blade.

If he killed one person, he would gain one stack of Glory. Killing thirty people meant thirty stacks of Glory.

"Haha! The strength of my Buddha’s Fiery Lotus multiplied by thirty times!" Xu Que believed that even if the Fire Emperor didn’t die, he would still vomit blood from the devastating effects of his powers.
Besides, he still had the sixth ranked mystical fire, Eight Waste Destruction Flames! Fusing the three mystical flames together would form an unimaginable combination with immense strength!

Xu Que could feel his blood boiling violently within his body.

The system automatically equipped his Spirit Visage and Banshee’s Veil. At the same time, the Four Star Infinity Edge appeared within his hands.

As soon as his weapons and armor were

equipped on him, the dozen Imperial Guards struck at him with their various spells infused into their weapons.

Xu Que didn’t even look like he planned to dodge the blows as he stood defiantly still. A massive wave of explosion emanated out from the point of impact and erupted with force. 

The insane amount of energy which erupted out sent ripples of shockwaves in all directions. The buildings all around were hit hard by the rippling force and were badly damaged.

The entire group of people froze in shock as they watched the scene unfold before their eyes.

"Wh… What? It ended just like that?"

"The Fire Emperor hasn’t even made his move and Xu Que had already been killed by the Imperial Guards?"

"This outcome was only too predictable, huh? He didn’t even bother avoiding the blows!"

"After all, when a dozen of the most prolific Imperial Guards attack you at the same time, even if a cultivator was at the Full Foundation level of the Original Infant Stage, he won’t be able to withstand it. Moreover, he’s only at the seventh stage."

"I actually thought a huge battle was going to unfold. I truly didn’t expect it to end so abruptly."

The crowd shook their heads as they sighed out.

The Fire Emperor’s pupils relaxed for a second and he laughed out coldly, "You came into possession of such a powerful flame and yet you used it as a pair of wings? You decided that looking good was more important than practicality. You can’t even deal with my Imperial Guards, but dare to challenge me?"

"Hahaha! What an intellectually crippled Emperor!" All of a sudden, Xu Que’s loud voice emerged from the depths of the explosion.

The crowd were startled by this crazed laughter as they turned their necks to get a better look and were stumped.

Fire and thick smoke layered upon one another in the sky. When the smoke had finally dissipated, the black robed cultivator stood at the same exact spot, unmoving while his black robes were flapping in the wind.

When visibility became better and everyone could get a good look at his face, they realized that he looked clean and dashing as ever. Indeed, he was Xu Que.

His lips parted and gave way to a cold smile, filled with defiance and rebellion. Just the sight of him was enough to terrify everyone.

At the same moment, nine blue dragons materialized from Xu Que’s body and slithered down majestically from the skies.
The roar of dragons rang out, coursing through the entire training grounds.

Xu Que’s Golden Infinity Edge moved rapidly in his hands as a golden shadow trailed behind it’s blade majestically. At the same time, he conjured the Lightning Haste spell as a pair of lightning bolts formed beneath his heels. When he moved, thunders roared behind him, accompanying his shadows.

Man and sword had become one at the critical moment.

Black shadow fused with the golden light as it covered the heavens and sealed the ground. A certain fearsomeness could be felt from the combination of black and gold auras as it soared towards the dozen Imperial Guards at breakneck speed. Soon after, the black and gold aura coursed through the bodies of the guards.

"Pu pu pu!"

Immediately, the dozen Imperial Guards who were floating in the air had mists of blood splashing out from their bodies. They were then sent crashing down from the air, out of control, like kites with their strings severed.

With a loud crash, more than ten bodies of ferocious Imperial Guards landed on the ground before the Imperial Palace. Fresh blood pooled beneath their corpses and started dripping down beneath, soaking the shoes of many cultivators.

Everyone around had fallen into empty silence and the air was still.

All of them were watching intently and were now astonished. Their faces froze in shock and were unable to regain their senses for a long time.

Original Infant Stage level seven, and he was able to kill a dozen Original Infant Staged Imperial Guards who were all around level five or six. In fact, he vanquished them within seconds, all at the same time!

"How is that possible?"

"What happened?"

"How did he come out of that unscathed? It was obvious that he came under attack by numerous of spells infused weapons!"

"No! With how fast he moved, he was luring them to attack him! But… But how could he have come out of that completely unhurt?"

All their faces were etched with expressions of astonishment and fear.

The powers which Xu Que had exhibited were truly out of this world!

Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 204

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