Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 205

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When it comes to the physical limitations of a cultivator’s body, disposing a dozen Original Infant Staged fighters and emerging completely unscathed was almost impossible for someone of his cultivation level. In fact, it was widely accepted that in order to achieve something like this, a cultivator would have to be at least of the Infant Transformation Stage.

"Could it really be that his physical strength is comparable to a cultivator of the Infant Transformation Stage?" Someone within the crowd asked in shock.
The Flaming Sun Princess and Zi Xuan were pale faced as they witnessed everything that happened. Despite the fact that they had already expected him to show extraordinary powers, seeing it first hand had left them stumped.

Concubine Fantasy opened her mouth wide and was in utter disbelief. Her mind was completely blank.

"Original Infant Stage… How could he have such powers?"

"If he was allowed to cultivate without opposition for another decade, wouldn’t he be…"

At the same time, the Sky Incense Valley disciples were astounded too. The few of them had shocked looks written across their faces. Even their elder was in a daze after watching Xu Que.

"He was too strong, way too strong. It even seemed like he’s stronger than Master Hua Wu Que!"

"Looks like this Heavenly Explosion Faction is truly anything but ordinary!"

"Every single disciple from that sect are geniuses and multi-talented cultivators. Even the words they speak sound so cool!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 80 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 100 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully killing an Original Infant Staged cultivator. The reward is 20,000 experience points and a storage ring!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully killing an Original Infant Staged cultivator. The reward is 20,000 experience points and a storage ring!"

"Ding! Mejai’s Soulstealer had successfully acc.u.mulated 30 levels of Glory. Your current powers are enhanced by 30 times!"

The system beeps rang out repeatedly within Xu Que’s mind as his lips parted to reveal a grin. He had a cheeky expression written across his face.

"The Killer Book has been maxed out!"

"Dog Emperor, you’re doomed!"

Xu Que had a mult.i.tude of spells under his belt which he could use. After successfully cultivating the G.o.d of h.e.l.l’s Compulsion, his physical form was extremely strong as well.

The Banshee's Veil had been activated and was very useful at this point. Combined with the Spirit Visage, that pair of armors provided an unimaginable level of defense.

If even the purple bolts of lightning during the Tribulations couldn’t touch him, the dozen of Original Infant Staged Imperial Guards certainly wouldn’t even stand a chance.

Additionally, after Xu Que had activated the Soaring Dragons Nine Transformations, Xu Que’s strength increased by nine times. His Infinity Edge also gave him the additional chance to deal devastating critical strike damage. Along with his Six Corporeal Forms, his prowess were certainly beyond terrifying.

It could be said that Xu Que was unrivalled against all Original Infant Staged cultivators just with his strength alone. If his spells could be included as well, he could crush any Original Infant Staged cultivator without effort.

"It is so lonely to be peerless." Xu Que’s black wings had started to flap gradually as he hung in midair. He looked up towards the heavens, his face tilted at a 45 degree angle and sighed out mournfully.

Everyone around felt their eyelids twitch. "Lonely to be peerless?"

"f.u.c.k me! You bunch of Heavenly Explosion Faction men were always speaking such insane words. Even Li Bai said the same thing after defeating the great students. Why are all these men so crazy?"

The crowd however didn’t rebut his words. After all, the cultivator before their eyes was truly powerful. Since he was so strong, he had the right to speak such words and there wasn’t anything they could do about it.

Right at this point, a huge wave of crus.h.i.+ng pressure exploded out from before the throne room as it burst out towards Xu Que.

The Fire Emperor was enraged and his face was ashen, "How bold of you, evil bandit! You dare to murder my guards right here within my palace? n.o.body can save you now!"

"Leader of the Imperial Guards, where are you?"

"The three Palace Generals, where are you?"

"Command your army and take this person down for me. Once you’ve captured him, execute him for his heinous crimes!" The Fire Emperor ordered his men to capture and execute Xu Que. His voice reverberated off the wall of the palace as he sounded extremely fearsome.

Several loud voices which resembled the sounds of thunder rang out from all directions in acknowledgement of the order issued.

The leader of the Imperial Guards and the three Generals appeared, bearing formidable auras as they flew towards Xu Que, obeying their orders.

Two of them were level one of the Infant Transformation Stage, while another two of them were level two of the same stage.

Behind them, on the ground, were several hundreds of soldiers and Imperial Guards. Each of them were of the Original Infant Stage and some of them were on horseback.

Such a war-like scene caused a chill to run down the audience’s spine.

The Fire Emperor was after all, the Fire Emperor. This battle was like a lion fighting against a rabbit. He had to show off his true strength and powers. However, with the status of the Fire Emperor, he wouldn’t act out himself and thus had to show off his forces and armies. This evidently meant that he had no intention of letting Xu Que walk away from this battle alive.

When Xu Que saw this, he started laughing gently as he shook his head and shouted out, "Your Imperial Guards are way too weak. When they made their moves against me earlier, I was too lazy to even dodge their blows and allowed them to attack me. Now you’ve sent more men to try and take me down? Aren’t you just wasting lives in order to save your own life? Why are you hiding? Are you afraid to act? You look so cowardly and terrified. Why don’t I give you a present to cheer you up?" As soon as Xu Que’s last words were spoken, he flipped his hands and several pieces of black and swarthy looking pieces appeared on his palms.

A certain foul smell emitted out from his hands.

Even before the crowd could react to this, Xu Que’s expression froze as he shouted out with all the fearsomeness he could summon, "Eat some s.h.i.+t! Here you go!"

He flicked his wrists and tossed the few pieces of black and swarthy looking smelly tofu in the air as it darted towards the Fire Emperor.

The audience were startled by this.

"He’s too terrifying! This kid actually brings pieces of s.h.i.+ts around everywhere he goes!"

"He even used these pieces of s.h.i.+ts as his secret throwing weapons. How vile is that?"

The Sky Incense Valley disciples however, opened their eyes wide in shock.

"Those are smelly tofus! It’s the specialty item of the Heavenly Explosion Sect! Those smelly tofus can improve a person’s soul strength!"


The Fire Emperor lashed out once more. Another ripple of powerful energy scattered out from his body towards Xu Que.


The piece of smelly tofu were only several meters away from him when they were destroyed by his wave of powerful energy, scattered into grey pieces of ashes.

However, there was absolutely no way of getting rid of the foul stench. As soon as the pieces of smelly tofu were broken, the smell started to waft into the air.

The entire crowd beneath couldn’t help but to cover their noses and mouths in disgust.

The Fire Emperor frowned as he glared up at Xu Que who was floating in the air.

"Is there something wrong with you mentally? Which cultivator would ever think to fling pieces of s.h.i.+t while fighting?"

The disciples of Sky Incense Valley were stumped by this scene and were somewhat heartbroken at the wastage of such mythical items.

When one of the elders saw that several bigger pieces of smelly tofu had not turned into ashes, he rushed towards it in eagerness and picked them up like pieces of gemstones. He then placed the piece of tofu carefully into the folds of his robes. He even wore a look of fear on his face as though afraid that someone would steal it from him.

He then regretfully looked at the rest of the smelly tofu which had been destroyed and were nothing more than ashes. He pointed at Xu Que and raged out in anger, "My little friend, why are you being such a wastrel? How can you use something so precious as a throwing weapon? If you have too much of it, why don’t you donate it all to our Sky Incense Valley?"

When the rest of the crowd heard this, ma.s.s confusion ensued.
"What? Precious item? How could this black pieces of s.h.i.+t be precious?"

"f.u.c.k me! You bunch of Sky Incense Valley joke too hard, huh? How can you even play such a joke at such an intense moment?"

The Fire Emperor frowned once more as he regarded the elder with a strange and suspicious look but didn’t lash out at him.

Regarding the three great sects of the five nations, the Fire Emperor was most cautious when it came to Sky Incense Valley for it wasn’t just one of the great sects. It even has the support of the entire Water Nation!

This was because the Water Empress was the leading disciple of Sky Incense Valley before she ascended to her throne.

Xu Que glanced across at the Sky Incense Valley elder and laughed plainly, "Looks like you know what’s good for you, old man!"

"This old man isn’t blind. How can I not recognize how precious this is? How many more of it do you have? I would buy them all from you. At the same time, I wish to find out if you know the whereabouts about one of your friends." The elder asked.

As soon as he opened his mouth, everyone around were thoroughly embarra.s.sed.

"d.a.m.n it! Are you trying to say that the rest of us are blind since we don’t know what that is?"

"Then, aren’t you saying the Fire Emperor is blind, along with the rest of us?"

Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 205

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