Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 206

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Indeed, the Fire Emperor’s face turned ashen as he spoke coldly, "My daoist friend from Sky Incense Valley, regardless of what it is, can you wait for me to take this man down before you interrogate him?"

The Sky Incense Valley elder seemed to hesitate for a moment and a look of uncertainty crept up across his face.

The few Sky Incense valley disciples were taken aback. "Is our elder considering whether to step in and defend this Lord Prince Consort? But isn’t it a little too late now? If we don’t handle this situation well, we can potentially destroy the relations.h.i.+p between the Fire Nation and Water Nation!"

"Old man, this Dog Emperor is indeed right. Regardless of what it is, you can wait for me to blow up the entire palace first before you interrogate me!" Xu Que laughed out coldly as he looked at the group of Imperial Guards and soldiers who had surrounded him. He raised his brows and glared at them before asking, "Are you going to attack or not? You’ve been standing around me for half a day. I haven't even had lunch!"

As he spoke, Xu Que then took out several pieces of piping hot, steaming smelly tofus from his system inventory. He started eating them, savouring the amazing taste of each.

Everyone around, including the soldiers and Imperial Guards, felt their lips twitch.

"What the... We’ve already surrounded you and you still dared to trash talk? You probably won’t even be able to walk out of this conflict alive. Why are you still complaining about not having lunch?"

"And you even took out some s.h.i.+t to eat?"

"Are you trying to disgust all of us to make us flee from you?"

The Sky Incense Valley elder looked like he was about to pa.s.s out as well and was rather speechless. "This smelly tofu is such a precious cultivation item and you actually dared to use it as a staple, like rice? And you even dared to shout out at the Emperor and call him ‘dog Emperor?"

"Little friend, are you really looking for death? Now that I’ve been standing here thinking if I should intervene and save your life, you decided to shoot yourself in the foot. Now, there’s nothing I can do."

Concubine Fantasy glared at Xu Que in disbelief. Her little hands were squeezing the b.u.t.tons of her outfit in nervousness.

Among everyone present, she was probably the person who knew this Lord Prince Consort, Xu Que the best.

Her impression of Xu Que was extremely different from what she could see now. Many years ago, this youth was a refined and cultured individual. He wasn’t insolent in the least and didn’t have a single brash bone within his body. When it came to places which were crowded with people, he was shy and to a smaller extent, reproachful, like a weak and amicable student.

But now…"What’s happened to him?"

"How did he become so different and unfamiliar?"

"He’s such a bloodthirsty brute who’s insolent down to his core!"

"When he kills, he doesn’t hold back at all. Instead, when he’s enraged, the amount of killing intent which emanated out from his body was tremendous. His body moves as fluidly as the winds and clouds, taking everyone by surprise!"

"How did he become like this?" Concubine Fantasy mumbled to herself under her breath.

The Emperor waved his hands, issuing the final order to advance.

Several hundreds of Original Infant Staged cultivators gave a battle cry as they charged forward and swarmed towards Xu Que.

The four Infant Transformation Staged cultivators watched on with a certain iciness within their eyes as killing intent circled around their bodies.

These men were all seasoned in war and had the blood of many lives on their hands. Killing an Original Infant Staged cultivator today was no big deal to them and they didn’t even think much of it.

"Boom doom!"

Boundless killing intents wafted in the sky, covering the entire area.

Several hundreds of Imperial Guards and soldiers along with four Infant Transformation leaders led them to battle.

Every single soldier casted a spell on his weapon.

A great mess of colors shot into the air, covering the skies.

One of the four Infant Transformation Staged leaders conjured a terrifying spell. As he raised his hands, he seemed to shake the entire sky as it twisted around Xu Que.

The crowd raised their heads to watch the action unfold. Witnessing the terrifying powers of the Infant Transformation cultivators caused their hearts to tremble in fear.

With so many powerful cultivators-- over several hundred Original Infants and four other Infant Transformation stagers, many of them envisioned the fairy tales which they’ve heard about the Great Army of the Heavens and draw similar comparisons.

"Looks like it’s going to be difficult for him to flee now." Someone shook his head and spoke out regretfully.

Even the Flaming Sun Princess who stood outside the throne room froze on the spot and she didn’t held her father back.

She had high regard and respect for her father after seeing that he didn’t underestimate his opponent. Despite the obvious differences in cultivation levels, he dispatched his four great leaders out to deal with Xu Que. This was to end the battle quickly and to avoid wasting time.

No matter how strong Xu Que was, to her, it was impossible for him to deal with four generals who were of the Infant Transformation Stage.

"It would be over before long." She sucked in a deep breath of fresh air before exhaling it, as though she was relieved that all this has finally ended.

Indeed, in the face of such a terrifying predicament, Xu Que was unruffled and exhibited immense composure.

The deep recesses within his pupils were as black as ink and his cold gaze swept across. It almost resembled the rotation of the moon and sun in its...o...b..t.

At the next moment, a strange sound was heard.

A white sliver of ember formed across his palms, producing a chill which radiated across. The water vapor in the air were frozen into tiny bits of snow as it floated to the ground.

"Is… Is this snow?" The expressions of the crowd turned strange. "It had just turned spring. Why was there snow?"

Xu Que, who remained still the entire time, finally moved.

He held the terrifying Bone Freezing Fire within his palms while the Eight Waste Destruction Flames transformed into a pair of black wings behind his back. He was stepping atop his Lightning Haste spell which had been maxed out a long time ago.

In that second, he completely vanished into thin air.

Not even his shadow remained visible!

With such breakneck speed, n.o.body could see him move anymore and it seemed to them as if he had just disappeared!

However, he didn’t flee. The Killer Book had provided him with additional 30x power and the maximum level of Lightning Haste had granted him additional 30x movement speed. There was even the pair of black wings, which increased his flying speed by another 30x. His movement speed was so fast that even an Infant Transformation cultivator wouldn’t be able to keep up with him.

The crowd blinked once before a loud crash, sounding like an explosion rang out in the sky.

As soon as Xu Que vanished, he reappeared abruptly in the middle of the Imperial Guards and started taking the fight to close quarter combats.

His pair of fists were wrapped in the Bone Freezing Fire as he swooped down with impossible speed, cras.h.i.+ng down heavily upon a guard as he punched him squarely in the chest with all his might.

The sound of bones breaking could be heard as his victim transformed into nothing more than a mist of blood.

The Bone Freezing Fire in Xu Que’s hands had exploded right when Xu Que connected the punch!

The effects from the explosion was devastating, resembling a powerful waterfall cras.h.i.+ng down from 3,000 meters high into its victim.

Boundless freezing energy rippled through the air as it took on the form of a powerful hurricane. The size of the ensuing hurricane was ma.s.sive as it blew across. While it moved, the air around it froze into droplets of ice before falling to the ground.

It was april yet the entire area around the palace was snowing!

The cold air engulfed the Imperial Guards and the several few who were nearest to the gale of wind froze into ice sculptures before falling to the ground.

Even before anyone could react, more than ten ice blocks fell to the ground with a heavy crash, breaking up into fragments of ice.

The training grounds were once again filled with desolate silence.

Everyone’s eyes and mouths were gaping wide open in shock.

"A single punch!"

"All it took was a single punch."

"More than ten Original Infant Staged Imperial Guards were killed just like that."

"Even the four Infant Transformation Generals couldn’t do anything about it."

Xu Que’s speed was insanely quick and n.o.body around had the power to react to his speed.

From the moment he disappeared till the point he reappeared and punched the Imperial Guard, it happened in less than the blink of an ey

It was way too strong!

Everyone around were bewildered by his powers.

Xu Que was only an Original Infant Staged cultivator and yet in a single punch, he killed a dozen Imperial Guards. Even an Infant Transformation cultivator couldn’t do something like that!

The snow was descending slowly down upon them as Xu Que stood still in the midst of the frozen snow. The image of it was extremely fearsome.

The act tough king is standing in the middle of snow in spring.

Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 206

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