Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 319

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Xu Que smiled and prepared himself to test just how strong this Husky's body really was.


But before Xu Que could do anything, the guards who were patrolling nearby heard something and came barging in to check the situation.

"Who's there? How dare you intrude upon the grounds of the Imperial Tombs!" shouted the captain of the guards. He then led his men to surround Xu Que and b.u.t.tface, as Xu Que was now calling the husky.

These guards took the guarding of the Imperial Tomb deadly seriously. They were ready to kill immediately for the slightest signs of intrusion.

Their aggressive power was truly intimidating, especially because these guards were all Metal Nation's best cultivators who had been born with great amounts of natural power, and whose techniques were metal-based. And so the strength of each individual guard eventually made up a formidable army of guards, whose combined power was tantamount to that of the sharpest and most powerful sword in the world.

And through relentless practice of the same spells and techniques, although each guard was only in the Golden Core Stage, their powers twisted into one ma.s.sive store of strength when they worked together. Their strength could easily kill any Infant Transformation Stage cultivator.

Facing this kind of power, Xu Que thought it would be a great idea to act tough in front of these guys some day!

b.u.t.tface, on the other hand, was scared witless. He raised his paw and said, "I was walking past this area when I noticed this b.a.s.t.a.r.d sneaking around looking suspicious, so I came here to catch him and hand him over to you. But I'm impressed that you guards had noticed him so soon after I did, excellent job!"

Xu Que was used to b.u.t.tface's shameless betrayals by now. He glared at him for a few seconds and said, "I'm Fire Country's—no, I mean the Jade Sword Sect's—elite disciple. I walked past this land and sensed the Imperial Tombs' majestic power, so I decided to take a look and nothing else. Was that so wrong?"

Xu Que remembered the hostile relations between Metal Nation and Fire Country and quickly changed his claim mid-sentence to portray himself as one of Jade Sword Sect's elite disciples instead. He also rummaged through Ye Chang Feng's storage ring and took out his Jade Sword Sect elite disciple badge as proof!

The captain of the guards glanced at the badge and his expression made a one-eighty turn. He now smiled and said reverently, "so you are an honored guest from the Jade Sword Sect! Forgive me for my impudence! But you've come much earlier than expected, the Imperial Tomb contest will only start in two days, so no one is allowed to enter this place right now."

Imperial Tomb contest?

Xu Que's eyes widened.

Holy s.h.i.+t, how relaxed was the Metal Nation with their Imperial Tombs? They'd use it as a contest ground, and even let disciples of various sects use it as well?

He hadn't expected the poor excuse randomly pulled from his a.s.s to lead the guards to reveal this secret event.

A contest, you say?

Then how could Xu Que, the Act Tough King, not grace it with his presence?

It was a truth universally known since time immemorial—where there were rivers and lakes there would be people, where there were people there would be contests, and where there were contests there would be many talented people concentrated in one place.

What kind of an Act Tough King would he be if he didn't turn up to such a fertile ground for acting tough?

There was no doubt about it—he would definitely be there!

It had turned out that the Jade Sword Sect really were highly regarded in Metal Nation… look at how respectful the captain of the guards was to him the moment he found out that Xu Que was an elite disciple from the Jade Sword Sect!

This was going to be fun!

Xu Que smiled and slapped his forehead as he said, "two days from now? Ah, I must have gotten the time and date mixed up! Fine, I'll come back in two days, then. I'll just take my pet and leave now, farewell!"

"Farewell, master!" said the captain of the guards with a smile as he walked Xu Que out of the place like a host bidding farewell to an honored guest.

b.u.t.tface had seen the sheer number of guards and made no commotion, just following Xu Que quietly out of the area.

Once they were out of the guards' sight and earshot, b.u.t.tface immediately charged towards Xu Que and yelled, "f.u.c.kface! I'm a divine G.o.d! How dare you call me your pet! This is a shameful offence! I won't let this slide!"

"You ungrateful son of a b.i.t.c.h! Come on then, come at me. I'd like to see how strong that pathetic body of yours really is anyway!" said Xu Que, actually gleeful to see that he had angered b.u.t.tface.

He had been curious for so long about the actual extent to which b.u.t.tface's body could endure attacks—and also whether he would be able to compete with the dog!


Xu Que stepped into a fighting stance. He didn't use any special powers, only relying on the physical strength that he had attained after cultivating the G.o.d of h.e.l.l's Compulsion technique to fight against b.u.t.tface.

"s.h.i.+t, you're serious about this?" asked b.u.t.tface, almost ready to turn around and bolt. But then he noticed how Xu Que wasn't using any weapons nor summoning that frightening iron armor of his.

"Hehe… young man, your arrogance will be the death of you! You're like a newborn calf who isn't afraid of the tiger—yet. How foolish of you to think that a mere Original Infant Stage cultivator like you can defeat a divine spirit like me! Come at me, then! I'll show you what true strength really looks like!"

b.u.t.tface then stood on his hind legs and charged towards Xu Que at full speed.


The man's fist and the dog's paw collided with a loud bang!


b.u.t.tface wailed in pain as he was flung a few feet backwards. He fell to the ground with a thud.

Xu Que was pushed back a few steps. He could feel a smarting pain on his fist and his whole arm started to go numb. Then a cut appeared where his fist had made direct contact with b.u.t.tface's paw, and blood began to drip out of the wound!

This alarmed Xu Que very much. b.u.t.tface's body was definitely much stronger than a mere mortal's. It was probably comparable to that of a divine spirit!

Although it may have seemed like Xu Que had won during that confrontation, Xu Que understood that in terms of the st.u.r.diness of their bodies, b.u.t.tface had won by a wide margin!

The dog might have been sent flying backwards and was now whimpering in pain, but in fact, there was no sign of any cuts or bruises on his body at all. Meanwhile, the bones in Xu Que's hand almost felt as if they had been broken. Even though there was only a small cut on his skin, it was clear as day that b.u.t.tface's body was much stronger!

"Owww! What the f.u.c.k is your body made of, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d?" complained b.u.t.tface. "How can you be that strong? Ah, look at me, I'm injured! Fetch me some Purifying Water! I'm dying here!" b.u.t.tface was now writhing on the ground, pretending to be suffering in a lot of pain.

Xu Que ignored b.u.t.tface and summoned the system to heal his wound by spending a small amount of Acting Tough Points. He then summoned b.u.mblebee and coldly said, "hey b.u.t.tface, I'm going to spend the night in the Imperial City now. Why don't you get a nice rest here, so your wounds can heal? I'll come back in two days when there's the contest in the Imperial Tombs."

"f.u.c.k, don't you dare leave me here, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! How could you let an injured divine spirit spend the night alone on the street, you s.h.i.+thead!" b.u.t.tface then immediately got up and rushed into Xu Que's car as fast as the wind.

Xu Que glanced contemptuously at the dog in the pa.s.senger seat and shook his head. He then stepped on the gas pedal and sped towards the Metal Nation's Imperial City.

He wasn't going to waste his Acting Tough Points forcibly breaking into the Imperial Tombs anymore, since there was going to be a contest there in two days anyway.

Besides, what was more important was that if he broke into the Imperial Tombs now, he'd only be acting tough in front of a mangy dog and no one else—and that would be unacceptable!

There's no point in acting tough if he wasn't doing it in front of a crowd of people!

Moreover, the contest would surely attract a large group of talented people! Things would surely get lively and interesting then!

Xu Que couldn't help but feel excited even thinking about it!

He looked straight ahead with glimmering eyes and shouted with an impa.s.sioned tone, "look out! Here comes the Imperial Tomb Conqueror! Shout 666, Murong p.o.o.per! Here's our first stop—the Imperial City!"

Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 319

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