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When they reached the Imperial City, night had fallen already!

The night sky was filled with stars. A silver moon hung high in the sky glowing as gently as a river!

When Xu Que arrived outside the Imperial City, he stored the car in his storage and entered the city together with b.u.t.tface!

Although it was already night time, the Imperial City was still bustling with activity. There was a night market filled with stalls and everywhere was crowded with people!

There were many stalls on the streets, selling all kinds of desserts and snacks. The whole street was filled with the fragrance of mouth-watering food.

b.u.t.tface was drooling as he walked along the street. His eyes were transfixed by all the delicious food he saw. "Young man, let's get some food," urged b.u.t.tface. "This deity has fought all day today and needs food to replenish energy!"

Coming to this place that was filled with human and activities, b.u.t.tface was full of excitement. After all, he had been trapped for so long without even a mouthful of water to drink.

Standing at the foot of the Imperial City where there were all kinds of appetizing snacks, b.u.t.tface could only think about food right now.

"Oh, there's a stall selling steamed buns over there, you can go buy some!" Xu Que pointed to a stall.

Although the flavor of the food was very charming in the night market, Xu Que was not interested at all, as the food was too rough for him. The seasoning would never compare to that of the modern world on Earth.

Besides, he was a foodie with a penchant for strongly flavored food. He loved barbecued food, stinky tofu and spicy hotpot that frequently cost six yuan. Most of the night market food belonged to the category of lighter snacks that could not stir up Xu Que's appet.i.te!

"But the steamed bun isn't enough to replenish much of my energy. Young man, get some silver or spirit stones," urged b.u.t.tface. "This deity will personally go get some food!" b.u.t.tface was unable to endure the temptation of the treats and tugged at the sleeves of Xu Que.

Xu Que smiled. "You can have some silver or spirit stones but, you need to get something to exchange. Don't look at me this way. I do this for your own good. I can't let you develop the bad habit of being spoon-fed. You need to learn to work for money! Labor is most glorious!"

Xu Que felt that he had to decisively eliminate the bad habit of b.u.t.tface wanting to be spoon-fed for good.

"Bulls.h.i.+t, this deity has always been relying on labor to earn money. On what basis are you accusing this deity?"

"When did you work for money?"

"I'm doing it right now! Can't you see that this deity is already moving his hands by tugging at your clothes? This is a kind of labor!"

"Yo, are you trying to commit a robbery? With me as your target?"

"You can say that if you want. Anyway, this deity is relying on strength to get money!"

"Hmm, there's nothing wrong with your words. Fine then, all my money's with the Sword Spirit. You want money, right? Okay, I'll let the Sword Spirit out!"

As he spoke, he pulled out a sword from his system storage.

Small little thing!

If you're not happy, we can spar!

I have the Sword Spirit, do you think I fear you?


b.u.t.tface immediately howled, his tail tucked between his legs. He ran away in a blur!

Xu Que had no choice but to use the Sword Spirit to scare b.u.t.tface. This husky was like the Monkey King after he had begun to wear the hoop given to him by his master, the Tang Monk. He sure was a big headache to Xu Que.

Xu Que gave a cackle and replaced the sword again.

He needed to teach b.u.t.tface a lesson for asking for money in such a manner. That personality of his, if left be, would become overly arrogant.

"Heh, b.u.t.tface, why did you run? Still want money?" Xu Que saw b.u.t.tface hiding in the corner of a wall and used his soul strength to speak to b.u.t.tface.

"d.a.m.n, boy, you have guts! Just wait and see, this deity will get his own food!" b.u.t.tface got angry and turned away to leave.

"Don't go, I'm just messing with you," laughed Xu Que. "Okay then, I'm hungry as well, I'll grill some chicken wings for you, how's that?"

"f.u.c.k, chicken wings? That's for dogs. This deity is not going to eat such lowly food. Goodbye!"

b.u.t.tface suddenly dashed into an alley and disappeared!

Deeper into the alley, the fragrance of food floated in the air, as if someone was cooking in the kitchen of some household!

Following the fragrance, Xu Que saw that it was actually the kitchen of a restaurant. He shook his head and a bitter smile appeared on his face.

"And I thought this silly dog suddenly got backbone. I didn't expect him to still be so shameless that he would enter other people's kitchen to steal some food."

Xu Que turned to leave. He decided to make his own food.

This stupid b.u.t.tface actually looks down on the grilled chicken wing?

Grilled chicken wings are a delicacy!

But first, the problem of raw materials needed to be solved. It has been a long time since he had hunted for demonic beasts. There was not a single chicken wing left in his system storage even if he wanted to make some to eat.

Xu Que strolled along the street but there were no stalls that sold chicken meat!

Sometime later he finally found a stall selling meat patties. There was chicken drumstick, chicken meat and many other cuts available, except chicken wings!

According to the stall owner, chicken wings were too thin and contained more bones than meat. They were the same as chicken necks. n.o.body wanted to eat or buy them. Generally they threw or gave them away to refugees!

Xu Que was not pleased to hear that. This group of idiots were the same as those from the Fire Nation. They were actually wasting such a wonderful raw ingredient!

He continued his search as he was bent on finding chicken wings!

At last, when he reached the end of the street, his eyes locked on a stall!

Whether it was the ancient times or the modern world or another totally different world, the more prosperous a piece of land was, the more expensive it would be!

All these stalls on the street needed to pay rent.

And the amount of rent in the central zone would definitely be more expensive than the less crowded and quieter zones.

Xu Que arrived at the end of the street. Basically it was far away from the central zone of the night market, and might even be considered remote. There were very few people walking by in the area, and they did not even stop to look at the stalls!

The business of the stalls here were bleak. Firstly, they did not have enough money to rent a better location. Secondly, what they were selling was not unique enough to attract people.

Xu Que was staring at a stall run by a mother and son in plain clothes. The woman looked very young and beautiful. She had a five to six-year-old son who seemed to be very densible helping out at the stall.

They were selling some minced meat pies.

Perhaps they did not have enough money and the woman could not afford to buy other forms of chicken meat. She was sitting quietly on the edge, picking out the meat from chicken wings to make the pies!

"Mother, your meat pies are so delicious and cheaper than sugar-coated haws. Why don't people come and buy them?" The young child looked at his mother with his big innocent eyes as he asked the question.

The woman looked at her child lovingly and smiled. Patting the head of her child, she answered, "this is because the sugar-coated haws are nicer. Don't you want to eat them when you see them?"

"No, my favorite food is mother's meat pies. I won't eat sugar-coated haws anymore!" The young child clenched his fist and looked resolute, as if he had made a difficult decision!

Xu Que couldn't help but feel amused by the young child's behavior. He walked over to them.

Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 320

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