Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 20

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20 – Bearing Fruit

“It’s alright to let him …” Lu Qiu stood on the edge of the building, watching the scarlet muscle tissue covering the ground.

“It’s his power … let him decide …”

Lu Qiu spread his arms.

“Be reborn!”

The moment after Lu Qiu had spoken …

“Gu … uh … ahh!!”

Suddenly, the large number of zombies surrounded by the muscle tissues had their bodies burst open.

After that, a genuine monster appeared in front of everyone!

A pitch-black carapace-like skin covered it’s entire body. Blood vessels squirmed above the small cracks in it’s skin, giving it a look of a bloodied insect. It’s body composed of flesh was three-story tall … it looked just like an insect …

Or rather, an insect and an octopus hybrid.

It had twelve pairs of scarlet compound eyes’ on its piercing pupils. The floor underneath it was a.s.similated by it,

Changed into a huge mouth in order to devouring all life …

Level-4 infected!

Lu Qiu opened his eyes wide as he watched this creature.

Kill … destroy … swallow all creatures in front of you! Become a monster! Do the things that monsters should do!

Lu Qiu couldn’t suppress his smile anymore. Even with the Disguise Gla.s.ses, it would still give others a chill!

Stein noticed! He was so intimidated by the sudden appearance of this monster that he couldn’t budge.

He knew … that this monster was Yuriy!

A maggot that could be bullied and humiliated by him at a whim! A maggot that he could have easily killed!

But … why … why did he become like this?! Alike to Satan during Armageddon!

Was it him? Stein looked towards Lu Qiu, who had a very pleased smile. He ran up to Lu Qiu, grabbed him by the collar and lifted him up with great effort.

“f.u.c.king b.a.s.t.a.r.d, what have you done?!” Stein had completely lost his reason. Large amounts of sweat flowed down his forehead as he watched Lu Qiu.

Just a powerless civilian!

“What … have I done?” Lu Qiu was lifted up by Stein and suspended over the edge of the roof, with the sea of zombies below him! Furthermore, it was the territory of that horrifying monster.

As long as a human fell into it, they would be devoured neck and crop!

It was h.e.l.l!

“What … have I done …”

Lu Qiu lowered his head and looked Stein in the eyes, who could be described as having lost his reason.

“It should be, what have you done? Respected Exorcist Daren, this position is so uncomfortable.”

Under the black-rimmed gla.s.ses, Lu Qiu watched this human that had already lost his reason expressionlessly.

“f.u.c.king … b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Stein was now even surer that Lu Qiu was the root of everything. The hand with which he was grabbing Lu Qiu’s collar kept shaking: “The guy that tarnished G.o.d’s brilliance! Hurry up and tell me how to make this monster disappear! Otherwise … otherwise, I’ll throw you into that sea of zombies!”

“Answer me!” Stein seemed to think of something or perhaps he had already went insane, as he revealed a crazed smile on his face: “I’ll trow you into that h.e.l.l and let those Ghouls gradually devour your flesh until you finally succ.u.mb to it! It will be very painful, it will be extremely painful … you better tell me how to make this monster disappear! Hurry up!”

“Disappear? What do you mean by disappear?” Lu Qiu’s expression gradually changed in to that of sorrow: “Respected Exorcist Daren, this monster was created by You. Only You can make this monster disappear.”

“Bas … b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

Stein raised his fist, wanting to hit Lu Qiu in the face.

What look it this? Is it pity? This civilian is actually pitying me! You’re just a trifling civilian, but I’m a G.o.d’s chosen! What qualifications do you have to be pitying me?!

But at this moment!

“So hungry!” A piercing roar reverberated in the air. A scarlet tentacle rammed against the building, making it shake; immediately followed by the noise of gla.s.s shattering.

Because of the impact, Stein became unsteady and immediately began falling!

Seemingly about to fall into that sea of zombies.

But as an Exorcist, Stein instantly grabbed the edge of a staircase. In the nick of time avoiding the destiny of falling into the sea of zombies.

I can’t die … there’s no way I’d die! Just as Stein heaved a sigh of relief, he discovered that his leg was being grabbed by someone.

He looked down. It turned out to be Lu Qiu!

Below them, while craving human blood, the army of zombies was unceasingly extending their hands.

“Trifling civilian, f.u.c.k off!” Stein didn’t had much strength left. He kicked at Lu Qiu’s face.

But he evaded. Stein tried again, but instead had his leg caught by Lu Qiu.

He wasn’t trying to climb up, but was rather pulling down!

“Respected Exorcist Daren, the taste of h.e.l.l is marvelous …” Li Qiu kept pulling with more strength, continuously exhausting Stein. The hand with which Stein grabbed the edge of the staircase gradually began to shake.

This guy wants to die with me?!

Stein suddenly understood Lu Qiu’s intention. As there was no path to survive, then why not drag the other party down?

Stein looked at the sea zombies below; he then used the remainder of his reason and said in a low voice.

“Civilian … no! Mister, please don’t act impulsively. If this continues, we’ll both die. Let me climb up first and then I’ll pull you up! I swear in the name of G.o.d that I’ll definitely save you! I swear!”

Stein was nearly shouting by the end of his speech.

As long as he gave this civilian some hope … then he could still survive.

However, the corners of Lu Qiu’s mouth curved more and more.

“Save me? Respected Exorcist Daren, have you forgotten how you just now pushed your friend down? You were really decisive!”

“No … it’s a misunderstanding! I’ll definitely save you! Otherwise, the both of us will die … the both of us will die!” Stein dissuaded Lu Qiu.

Yet Stein discovered that Lu Qiu was pulling his legs with more and more strength, he even heard the sound of bones creaking.

A human … shouldn’t have this kind of strength!

This …

“We’ll both die?” Lu Qiu repeated those words, before smiling once more. That smile really scared Stein!

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Respected Exorcist Daren, aren’t you mistaken about …”

Now! During Lu Qiu’s laughter, Stein once again kicked at him!

The kick landed! Stein was certain that with his strength, an ordinary person wouldn’t be able to withstand the blow.

Your dead! Civilian, your life will end like this!

In return, Lu Qiu grabbed Steins leg with even more strength!

“Woo ahh!” Stein cried out in pain. With a crisp sound, his leg was crushed by Lu Qiu.

“You’ll be the only one to die!”

“f.u.c.king … b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” When Stein lowered his head to once more look at Lu Qiu, he suddenly froze.

Those … pupils definitely don’t belong to a human.

They were more scarlet than blood, had a clear l.u.s.ter and would make one shudder crazily when looking at them. The corners of the mouth were split open, revealing shark-like fangs.

Lu Qiu’s Disguise Gla.s.ses were smashed by Stein’s kick, revealing his true appearance.

A Vampire!

“Ah? It’s you!!” Stein cried out madly: “The monster that tarnished G.o.d’s brilliance! The Vampire!”

“Correct! Exorcist Daren …” The scarlet l.u.s.ter once more erupted in Lu Qiu’s pupils. He had exhausted his strength, before at last ruthlessly severing the last straw at which Stein was clutching at!

While being pulled by Lu Qiu, the edge of the staircase grabbed by Stein was smashed under the huge force, and the both of them fell into the sea of zombies below them.

“Respected Exorcist Daren, how about we both take a tour of h.e.l.l?!”

“You f.u.c.king monster!”

As Lu Qiu and Stein were falling, both of them hit the other’s face.

In the end, Lu Qiu wasn’t as strong as Stein. He was flung back after being hit by Stein, heavily colliding against the ground.

Stein was the same …

“Oh …” Lu Qiu stood up at once. The surrounding zombies ignored the already dead person, Lu Qiu, dropping into their midst. Yet they all gave cheer-like roars.

Because a living person … a genuine living person had dropped into their midst!

Delicious flesh and blood!

“f.u.c.king Ghouls! Ahhh!

Stein used all the strength he could muster in his limbs in order to resist the flood of zombies.

He stared firmly at Lu Qiu casually standing outside the encirclement of the zombies.

“I’ll kill you, you monster! I’ll kill you …” Relying on his strength, Stein approached a zombie and flung it away, before rus.h.i.+ng towards Lu Qiu. But in the next moment, he was overwhelmed by the zombies.


Stein issued painful cries as he was bitten by the zombies. Their mouths emitted a putrid stench as they bit and tore at him.

Stein just so happened to fall right in front of Lu Qiu.

Stein lifted his head. Because of the pain, his mind had already crumbled. Even his teeth were crushed because of the anger.

“Vampire … monster …” Stein’s speech became incoherent.

“It’s sad … so sad, Respected Exorcist Daren.” Lu Qiu stood in front of the pinned down Stein, revealing a pitying look: “Haven’t you talked about it being very painful being gradually devoured by Ghouls? It’s really painful, isn’t it? This pain makes me slightly s.h.i.+ver …”


“I’m no longer a weak monster that you can casually bully and humiliate.” Lu Qiu retrieved a pistol exchanged with the system from his bosom and aimed it at Stein: “Feel it, listen! Watch! Everything around you … ” Lu Qiu put his finger on the trigger. The roars of the zombies became more intense. Stein was firmly pinned down beneath the zombies while being bitten and torn …

“This is a monster carnival! In the future, the entire world will look like this!”

Just shoot me! Stein had enough of the pain from his flesh being torn from his body. He only wanted Lu Qiu to shoot him and end this suffering!

Kill me! Hurry up and kill me!

Stein’s mind had already crumbled, he only wished for this pain to end sooner, for this torment to end.

Yet … Lu Qiu stopped half way.

“Forget it, his hungry because of the child in his belly.”

“What?!” Stein felt the world suddenly becoming dark. Soon after, a giant claw toppled the zombies, before grabbing him. He had wounds all over his body.

Don’t … don’t …! Stein looked at the huge infected. He wanted to struggle, but found out that his limbs were devoured to the point of nothing being left of them.

“So hungry …” The huge infected lifted Stein up, then opened it’s b.l.o.o.d.y mouth: “So hungry!”

Under Stein’s desperate gaze, he was put into it’s mouth and then chewed on.

The sounds coming from the Exorcist had halted.

What a … beautiful creature.

Lu Qiu watched the huge infected taking it’s meal.

“You … aren’t full yet, right?”

It turned to look at Lu Qiu. With a smile, Lu Qiu pointed at a story below, that had become the land of ice and snow.

“There’s a tasty treat. If you like her, then swallow her. This way, you can be together forever.”

“Uh … uh … uh ahh!”

The huge infected struggled for a moment, before the berserk virus took hold of it’s remaining trace of human reason. It began to climb down, straight towards the story with the strong human!

It began! It finally began! Lu Qiu watched the back of the infected as it left.

Announcing the extermination of the Exorcist team.

Lu Qiu didn’t went to watched the fight, because he still had more pressing matters

Lu Qiu loaded the pistol in his hand and then looked upstairs.

“Escaping? That doesn’t sit well with me.”

The two american humans, they can’t leave …

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 20

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