Unrivaled Tang Sect _Chapter 31.3

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Chapter 31

Part 3

Of course, not every pair of Nether Civet and Evil Eye White Tiger could have perfect Battle Spirit fusion. However, in history, there had always been one, or even two pairs that show up in each generation. Arranging marriage with the Zhu family was the most important part in inheriting the White Tiger Duke’s t.i.tle. In Dai Huabin’s generation, they were the only pair to show perfect Battle Spirit fusion.

What came out of the Evil Eye White Tiger and the Nether Civet was a huge figure in the center of the examination area; over 8 meters in length and 2 meters in height. This was the product of their battle spirit fusion: Nether White Tiger.

The body of the huge white tiger seemed a bit translucent, giving it an unreal feeling. In a moment, Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu had already started their next attack. The huge body squatted down and jumped toward Huo Yuhao’s three member team in a terrifying speed.

As the huge white tiger jumped out with lightning speed, he held his head high with an arrogant look that demonstrated his domination of the world and his rightful t.i.tle as the king of the beasts.

“Xiao Xiao. Start.” Huo Yuhao shouted. Then, he turned around, opened his arm, and hugged w.a.n.g Dong.

They didn’t want to go this far at first. Huo Yuhao wanted to keep their Battle Spirit fusion hidden for his future. However, at this moment, when their opponent used their Battle Spirit fusion, they could no longer hold back. Huo Yuhao did not want to lose this battle. He needed to let his mom in heaven to see his hard work and strength; to see the moment of revenge.

Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu had a last resort, so why wouldn’t Huo Yuhao’s team have one as well?

w.a.n.g Dong opened his arm and looked directly at the Huo Yuhao.  There was a strange light illuminating his eyes. It seemed warm, but also encouraging and comforting. This strange light touched Huo Yuhao’s heart. His eyes became even more persistent, but a slight smile appeared on his face. A smile that only w.a.n.g Dong could see.

Yes, they had tried to start this Battle Spirit fusion before the beginning of this battle. They succeeded. After only three days, they have recovered enough to release the mysterious battle Spirit Fusion once again.

At this moment, all of the teachers on the observation deck held their breath with the referee being the most nervous of them all. He had already prepared to intervene at any moment.

Beside a few exceptions, most teachers never expected to see such a spectacular scene during the Freshmen Examination. Battle Spirit fusion! This was Battle Spirit fusion!

The referee was already prepared to stop the Evil Eye White Tiger. Even though the Battle Spirit fusion was considered very strong, it was nothing compared to his level of cultivation. He was confident that he could block the attack and save Huo Yuhao’s team at the most critical moment. The only reason he had not done so was because he saw Huo Yuhao’s action and also Xiao Xiao’s movement.

The three large cauldrons around Xiao Xiao gave out a dark light and quickly clashed towards the center. The two additional rings on the Three Lives Soul Sealing Cauldron also started glowing.

Black halos spreaded from Xiao Xiao’s body. However, this time, the black lights didn’t stop but rather all got absorbed by the Three Lives Soul Sealing Cauldron.

As the three cauldrons fused into one, they caused a noise louder than ever before. A mysterious symbol appeared on this humongous cauldron and it created a majestic atmosphere.

Xiao Xiao’s face became pale. She closed her eyes and pointed with her right hand. The huge cauldron flashed and landed in the way of the Nether White Tiger releasing a deafening roar.

“Weighing the Country, Caudron Shock.” That was Xiao Xiao’s best skill.

Xiao Xiao knew that even the combination of her two spirit skills was not enough to stop the Nether White Tiger and therefore did not try to control it.   Instead, she decided to release all the energy at once. Even though this caused her to use a huge amount of spirit power, it did not take as much of a toll on her as previous.

Energy waves could be seen around the cauldron with bare eyes, extending to an area with a 10-meter diameter. It was able to stop Nether White Tiger’s attack under the precise guidance of Mental Detection.  

As the huge Nether White Tiger felt the attacks from the waves, its whole body lit up with white light. Its movements paused a moment, but its huge body was not affected at all by the strong waves.

Xiao Xiao was shocked. She couldn’t believe that her Cauldron Shock was only able to distract the huge white tiger for a second.

However, the next instant shocked her. A beam of strange golden light shot out from her side. This light, coming from Huo Yuhao and w.a.n.g Dong, filled her eyes with radiance.  

On one side, Huo Yuhao’s eyes emitted a pale golden light.

On the other side, w.a.n.g Dong’s Bright G.o.ddess b.u.t.terfly showed off his brilliant wings behind him.

When they released their Battle Spirit during their embrace, the area of 10 meters in diameter around them lit up. There was a special type of light given off from their bodies.

The light rotated between being blue, purple, and gold colored. The strong light was also mixed with strange spirit waves.

A bright light appeared behind w.a.n.g Dong that was the perfect and magnificent Bright G.o.ddess b.u.t.terfly.

A huge ,s.h.i.+ning, pale, vertical eye appeared from Huo Yuhao, with the pupil emitting a light purple haze.  

In mid-air, the two huge  shadows gradually got closer. During this process, they all began to change. Huo Yuhao’ Spirit Eyes became more profound and turned into a bluish purple color. The gold color also completely disappeared.

As the shadow of w.a.n.g Dong’s Bright G.o.ddess b.u.t.terfly got closer to Spirit Eyes, it flared into bluish gold flames.   

The two huge shadows fused into one on top of their head, just as when the Nether White Tiger appeared.

As the Weighing the Country, Caudron Shock used its restraining power on the Nether White Tiger, the flaming Light G.o.ddess b.u.t.terfly opened its brilliant wings and embraced the shadow of the spirit eye.

At that moment, the Light G.o.ddess b.u.t.terfly disappeared but the bluish purple eyes became brighter than ever.

Dazzling bluish golden light spread out from the top of the Spirit Eye. As it gradually fell down, it embraced Huo Yuhao and w.a.n.g Dong within.

The huge spirit eye seemed bottomless. Under careful examination, it almost seemed as if the whole universe could be found within. In the next second, a terrifying ray of light composed of the colors blue, purple and gold shot out from the eye.

Unrivaled Tang Sect _Chapter 31.3

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