Valhalla Saga Volume 63 Chapter 2-3

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Episode 63/Chapter 2: Myth of a hero (2)

TL: Tsubak

ED: StellarRain

Zeus was someone born with the fate to become a king.

He defeated his father, the previous ruler, and completed the quest to rescue his siblings who were eaten by his father.

It was near impossible for a newborn G.o.d to defeat Chronos, the king of t.i.tans, who was ruling the world.

It was as pointless as. .h.i.tting a rock with an egg. Even if the personal capabilities of Zeus and Chronos was equal, the forces they commanded couldn't be compared at all.

Zeus commanded countless nymphs who raised him but among them there was none that could go out to battle.

Zeus was put in a situation where he needed to defeat Chronos and his forces alone.

Yet somehow Zeus succeeded in doing just that.

He rescued his siblings from Chronos and gathered the rebelling t.i.tans to create a force of his own. He destroyed Chronos' army that seemed like it had no flaws, and changed the t.i.tanomachy into an internal war between the children of Chronos and the other t.i.tans.

In such a terrible situation, Zeus was able to win. He faced an overwhelming enemy and completed an impossible task.

The situation now was similar.

Even though his body was stolen and soul devoured by Nyx, the ancient G.o.d of night.

He maintained himself. He didn't lose himself.

And finally, when a single opportunity showed itself. Just like when he waited for an opportunity to counterattack Chronos, he also struck a blow against Nyx.

Nyx screamed.

Her beautiful appearance as a G.o.ddess still remained but the aura of Zeus seeped out. The purity of Nyx lessened like dropping a drop of ink in pure water.

Nyx staggered back.She could handle the power of the world, but like Odin saw, she wasn't a true World G.o.d.

She was merely an ancient G.o.d who temporarily gained the ability to handle the power of the world by connecting the power of the primeval G.o.ds.

That's why she wasn't invincible or omnipotent. She could call tens of thousands of lightning bolts with a gesture of her hand and tear apart any strong magic, but she couldn't suppress Zeus who was trying to wrest back control over his soul and body.


The voice of Zeus boomed from Nyx's mouth. Mount Olympus reacted at his voice. The 12 Olympians called out to their king and offered him their divine power. They transferred their strength to Zeus.

Cracks began to appear on several parts of Nyx's body. White light shone  out of her body covered by a dark blue dress.

"Shut up! Shut up! Just disappear!"

Nyx yelled and released an overwhelming strength. She smashed down Mount Olympus that reacted at Zeus' yell, and shook off the power of the 12 Olympians that was transmitted to Zeus.

Odin and Thor, who lacked the power to resist, groaned. Bracky and Siri collapsed to the ground.

But Tae Ho remained unaffected. He swung the s.h.i.+ning Sword of the round table and split the Nyx's power. He then advanced and charged towards Nyx.


Nyx cursed and held Astrape tightly. She exploded with power and tried to tear Tae ho apart.

But her arms didn't move. Someone was holding her down.


[Disperse! Right now Nyx and I are one person!]

he yell of Zeus rang in the mount.

It was like he had said. Nyx and Zeus currently shared one soul and body. If Zeus' soul vanished,Nyx's soul would also extinguish.

But of course, it wasn't that Nyx didn't have a way to escape. She was borrowing his body so she just had to give it up and leave.

But that meant giving up the power of the World G.o.d.

Zeus' soul and body were connecting the power of the primeval G.o.ds into one. He was the core of the sacred force.

[You can't escape.]

[I won't allow it!]

The voice of Zeus made Mount Olympus silent once again. Zeus grabbed Nyx's soul and immobilized it.

He would die here. But he would take Nyx down with him.

Tae Ho roared and charged. Nyx struggled in vain and screamed.


The Sword of the round table and Astrape clashed. Nyx barely managed to regain control of Zeus' body at the last second.

But Zeus didn't relent. He confronted Nyx once again. Tae Ho swung the Sword of the round table and pushed away Astrape. Nyx couldn't defend properly and staggered back.

Nyx screamed. Even her shout contained the power of the world in it so it swept everything in its surroundings. She was still  superior in pure strength.

But Nyx knew. She knew it was impossible to win like this. Even if she could handle the power of the world, she still had a limit.

This forced Nyx to think differently. Instead of suppressing everyone she summoned her followers from the darkness. She fused the power of the primeval G.o.ds into one so she could control all the primeval G.o.ds, except for Gaia, as her minions.

But she didn't stop there. She also distributed the power of the world to Aphrodite and Dionysus who were still on her side. She ordered them to climb to the peak of the mount and help her.

Monsters appeared in the night sky. The primeval G.o.ds all possesed different appearances and sizes. It was a strange group that seemed as if they were picked from the sea of chaos.

These G.o.ds attacked the enemies of Nyx. They suppressed Odin, Thor, Bracky and Siri who were trying to stand up.

Aphrodite covered the mount of Olympus with the power of seduction. She bewitched countless people and headed to the peak. Dionysius, who was at her side, planted madness upon all on the battlefield. He then made these mad warriors charge.

Nyx smirked. She looked at her followers Tae Ho and took a breath.

The moment of danger had pa.s.sed. The situation had gone astray more than she expected, but she could easily eliminate the problems.

She would buy time with her followers.

She would completely suppress Zeus while the master of Asgard and Erin was tied down.

It didn't matter if her followers fell too quickly. By then Aphrodite and Dionysus would have already arrived.

That's why it was enough. She had to concentrate on Zeus for now.

Nyx closed her eyes. She located Zeus deep in her soul and suppressed him. It was something like creating a rainstorm and sinking down a s.h.i.+p that was roaming with no direction.

Her followers stabbed Bracky who was on the floor embracing Siri. Siri yelled at him to get away quickly but Bracky didn't move an inch. He used himself as a s.h.i.+eld to protect Siri.

Odin could barely resist. He suffered many injuries from Nyx's followers. Thor hurriedly swung Mjolnir to save Odin, but Thor also had his limits. He couldn't face all the enemies flooding in like a wave. He and Odin would get trampled in no time.

The warriors of Valhalla fell to Aphrodite's seduction. Dionysius planted seeds of madness in them and removed their rationality. The warriors of Valhalla attacked each other.

The cracked night sky started to recover. Once again darkness began to devour the sky. .

It turned like Nyx thought. Only a moment. She would be able to suppress Zeus in a little bit more. Complete victory was within grasp.

But she was also wrong this time. There were still people defying her plans.


Odin blocked the advance of Aphrodite. She was the G.o.ddess of magic and at the same time the G.o.ddess of love and beauty.

Freya didn't listen to Odin. She refused to believe that Odin would throw his life away to buy time for her to escape. She convinced Tyr and Ullr to release her and climbed up to the peak together.

"Foolish b.i.t.c.h."

Aphrodite glared at Freya and said. The two were similar in power before Nyx descended but the situation had changed now. Aphrodite had the power of the world that Nyx gave her.

But Freya didn't mind, because she was the keeper of Valhalla. She was the commander of the Valkyries and at the same time a G.o.d of Asgard!

She was the same as Odin. She didn't know what giving up was. She had the courage to face against anything.

Ullr and Tyr aided her with their strength. They endured the seduction of Aphrodite and stopped Aphrodite's march.

Athena stood up from the opposite parth. The G.o.ddess of warfare, actually the only battle G.o.d left among the 12 Olympians, gathered the strength of the G.o.ds of Olympus into one place. Even at the risk of losing her own divinity, she exploded with that strength.

Her home Olympus and that's why she couldn't stay standing still. She had to protect Olympus as its G.o.ddess of warfare.

Athena charged towards Dionysius and stopped his army. She then yelled out loud and called the name of her father again.


Thunder flashed.

For a moment, white light filled the night sky.

It wasn't the thunder of Thor or Bracky, but those from the ruler of Olympus, Zeus.

These bolts even contained the power of the world. Zeus had released the power of the world just like Nyx could.

Dozens of enemies perished with that attack and once again a crack appeared in the night sky.

In the middle of the chaos Tae Ho raised his Sword of the round table. He saw clearly with his 'eyes of the dragon'.

In this crazy situation he grasped an opening Zeus.

There was a fatal flaw. Zeus discovered the connector of the night when he wielded a part of the power of the world.


Nyx screamed and extended her hand but Tae Ho was faster than her. He stabbed the ground and amplified the power of the sun. He gathered that light and pierced the night sky with one attack!

A huge crack appeared in the night. The eternal night was brought to an end. The connection between the primeval G.o.ds began to disappear one by one.

Nyx fell in chaos.

And Tae Ho didn't miss that moment. He pierced the night sky it was impossible to disperse it completely with only one attack. Utlimately, Tae Ho and Zeuz' aim was to destroy Zeus' body and annihilate Nyx.

Nyx realized their plan. She attacked Tae Ho but Zeus once again obstructed her. Astrape didn't move and the Sword of the round table pierced her chest.

Nyx screamed. It wasn't from a fear of dying. It was from rage of someone who lost something precious.

Nyx left Zeus' body. The moment the Sword of the round table stabbed his chest, she escaped his body.

Zeus' body returned to normal. Zeus suffered a critical wound from the  Sword of the round table but he was still breathing. It was thanks to Tae Ho having sensed Nyx escape with his 'eyes of the dragon' and weakening his strike at the last moment.

Zeus breathed roughly and looked at the sky.

The night sky was shattering. The monsters attacking Odin, Thor, Bracky and Siri disappeared like smoke.

This was because Nyx gave up Zeus' body. Nyx was the one maintaining the night with the body of Zeus, not Zeus himself.

Tae Ho looked at the dissipating night sky and then took out a golden apple of Idun, crushed it into pieces and fed it to Zeus.

Tae Ho knew.

The night was over but the battle wasn't. There was still one more enemy to defeat.

'She's coming.'

Cuchulainn said. She was approaching for an attack.

The G.o.ddess of night Nyx.

After giving up on Zeus' body, she formed a body and a soul like Gaia did. She was forced to give up half her power as an ancient G.o.d, but she still did that. She descended to the peak of the mount of Olympus once again.

"I won't forgive you."

Nyx said, and two other primeval G.o.ds landed next to her.

The G.o.d of darkness Erebos, and the G.o.d of the underworld Tartarus. They also decided to make a body and soul like Nyx.

They lost the power of the world. The current ancient G.o.ds were only a bit stronger than the 12 Olympians.

But they could win.

With the golden apple, Zeus was hanging onto life by a thread. .

Odin and Thor were really exhausted and Bracky was half dead.

The most important thing was that Tae Ho had weakened. He had poured most of his strength into the last attack to destroy the night.

Nyx gritted her teeth. Erebos and Tartarus raised their weapons.

Now that she descended into the world in the flesh she couldn't become a World G.o.d anymore. She was restrained by her flesh and soul like Gaia, and couldn't even use all her power as an ancient G.o.d.

This caused a really big sense of loss. It was a feeling Nyx couldn't endure as she had already climbed to the boundary of the Word G.o.d once.

"Die. Die and disappear."

Nyx glared at Tae Ho. She screamed at the only one standing and released her strength and rage at the same time.

Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds of Asgard.

Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds of another world.

Kill them all. After everything concluded they would invade Asgard and destroy the world.

"G.o.ds of Asgard! You are going to die in Olympus!"

Nyx raised her head.

That was the case. This land was Olympus. This was the peak of the mount of Olympus where all the energy of Olympus was concentrated.

Nyx felt her strength surge. It was because she would receive support from the world.

She would kill the G.o.ds of Asgard.

She would remove the G.o.ds that left their world so they weren't able to receive even a little bit of support from it.

Nyx breathed roughly. Once again she  let out an enraged was only one thing left to do.

But she couldn't move rashly. It was the same for Erebos and Tartarus.

This was because after descending in the flesh, they felt an uneasy feeling piercing their chests.

Tae Ho looked at the clear sky. Zeus allowed it as the ruler of Olympus, the king of G.o.ds.

And what he got able to do because of that.

Tae Ho gathered up his dark blue divinity, rolled lightly and then activated it.

[Saga: Hall of Valhalla]

From now on this land will become Asgard.

The dark blue divinity covered their surroundings. It enveloped Mount Olympus where the energy of Olympus was the strongest.

Nyx's eyes bulged. Erebos and Tartarus froze in shock.

Odin and Thor stood up. Bracky and Siri did the same. The world of Asgard gave strength to its members.

Tae Ho felt the power of Asgard.

He felt his strength increase and looked at Nyx. He spoke word that would make Cuchulainn cheer and Loki laugh.

"Ancient G.o.ds of Olympus. Welcome to Asgard."

The master of Asgard.

Nyx groaned.

< episode="" 63="" -="" myth="" of="" a="" hero="" (2)=""> End

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Episode 63/Chapter 3: Myth of a hero (3)

TL: Tsubak


The 'Hall of Valhalla', that changed part of the world into Asgard wasn't a saga that could be used that easily.

It was a different story if he was in the underworld that was Hades' territory or the volcano of Typhon that had a weak aura of Olympus but it was hard to make Asgard descend on places where the aura of Olympus was strong or the controlling power of a G.o.d of Asgard was strong in it.

And especially, the place they were fighting at was the peak of the mount of Olympus, the place with the strongest energy of Olympus. In a normal situation, this wasn't a place where Tae Ho could spread the 'Hall of Valhalla' even if he did get strong. Actually, when Nyx handled the power of the world and was controlling it, he hadn't been able to even think about doing it.

But the situation had changed now.

Nyx couldn't use the power of the world anymore. The night covering all of Olympus had met its end.

In addition Zeus allowed that. The ruler of Olympus that had returned, the king of G.o.ds, allowed Tae Ho in the mount of Olympus.

And so, the complete Asgard descended. The land, where the energy of Olympus was the strongest, transformed into the strongest power of Valhalla.

And the effects were better than he imagined.

It didn't only stop at Odin, Thor, Siri and Bracky getting a hold of themselves. The ancient G.o.ds felt extreme uneasiness and chaos inside of Asgard.

It was unavoidable. They were ancient G.o.ds. In the first place, they have never even imagined about getting separated from Olympus since they were born. They felt a mental shock that was equivalent to fish getting dragged out of the water by force.

Nyx let out a groan with a pale face. Erebos and Tartarus that weren't complete personality G.o.ds in the first place received a strong influence from her. They couldn't shake off the fl.u.s.ter easily.

'Let's end this.'

Cuchulainn said. Tae Ho agreed and grabbed Gae Bolg instead of the Sword of the round table. Tae Ho was already quite exhausted because of the battle against the one handling the power of the world but he had to endure.

Thor grabbed the cracked Mjolnir and walked towards the ancient G.o.ds. Bracky raised his hammer behind him and a.s.sisted him with his strength. He nodded towards Siri, that was supporting him, and Siri separated from him after a moment of hesitation. He nocked the arrow of Apollo in the bow of Artemis.

Odin laughed pleasantly. He inhaled the air of Asgard and rolled his finger. A strong rune magic was drawn from the tip of the hands of the G.o.d of magic and Nyx staggered back unconsciously. She had destroyed Odin's magic really easily until now but she couldn't do that now. The unknown magic Odin made became a blade of fear that stabbed her.

And Odin was someone that knew how to handle that fear really well. He was the G.o.d of war that was the most proficient in threats and pressuring among the ones in this place.

He shook the rune magic lightly and took a step towards Nyx. Sweat started to flow down from Nyx's forehead and back like rain. She obtained a complete soul and flesh and that's why she got able to experience the results her bewilderment made.

ANd at some point Erebos and Tartarus roared. They let out an enraged roar as if doing it instead of Nyx and their power advanced towards the G.o.ds of Asgard.

Odin activated a rune magic hurriedly and blocked the shadow of Erebos. Thor swung mjolnir and at the same time caused lightning to disperse the emptiness of Tartarus.


Tae Ho charged forward. Nyx raised her spear of death and SIri fired her arrow towards her. It was an attack that was enough to shake Nyx's senses that has sharpened to the extreme.


Nyx parried the arrow and Tae Ho closed the distance in that opening. He pa.s.sed Erebos and Tartarus that were enduring in front of Nyx with the power of Talaria and rushed against Nyx.

Gae Bolg and the spear of darkness clashed. Nyx tried to endure Tae Ho's attack with her strong power as an ancient G.o.d but it didn't turn as she wished. The difference in their capabilities was too big to just press him down with strength.


Erebos yelled and turned around and then Thor charged towards him. He raised his Iron hammer of emptiness to try to block the G.o.d of thunder charging towards him while swinging Mjolnir but it wasn't easy.

Thor was strong. He had already been defeated and collapsed several times but he was still strong.

Odin gave strength to Thor. Bracky laughed like a man and became one with the thunder Thor called.

Mjolnir with the chest of Tartarus with blue lightning. Tartarus, that had the appearance of a man bigger than Bracky, vomited blood.

But Thor didn't stop. He exploded lightning in his chest a few more times and glared at Erebos. Erebos let out an enraged roar and charged at the gaze of Thor that had electricity running in it. The arrow of Siri aimed for Erebos' forehead.


Nyx gulped dry saliva at the loud thunder. She barely stopped the attack of Tae Ho flocking like a wave and thought.

She was in danger. She didn't have much time.

Aphrodite and Dionysius were still beings that wanted to destroy the world. There was no way they would turn into beings that wanted to maintain the world as they changed due to the whisper.

That's why they would be able to buy some time but it wouldn't be for long.

SHe had to conclude this battle in that while.

But will she be able to do so?

Would she really be able to win?

'She's shaken. She's doubting herself. She ended up falling in the trap of self-ruin that makes you lose a fight you could have won.'

Cuchulainn spoke in a low voice. Tae Ho also grasped that truth with the insight of Scathach's techniques.

Actually Tae Ho was also at his limit. Odin and Thor had been able to regain a bit of their strength thanks to Asgard having descended but that was only a temporary strength. They were also at a disadvantage the more the battle prolonged.

They would make a conclusion quickly. They would burst their last strength and bring an end to this battle.

The thoughts of both sides concluded and the flow of the fight became faster.

Zeus raised his head. He had avoided death thanks to having eaten an apple and then he looked at the sun that drove away the night and the power of the ancient G.o.ds trying to cover the world once again. He looked at the flas.h.i.+ng thunder inside the night, darkness and emptiness.

Zeus could know instinctively. The moment of conclusion was approaching. The time when the two sides released their last strength was coming.

Then, he would organize the beginning for that.

Zeus moved his hand and made Astrape rolling in the ground surge up. He made it flash in the middle of the battle.

That became like a signal just like Zeus had planned. Mjolnir slammed the head of Tartarus. The sword Erebos used to stab got blocked at the magic barrier Odin spread. Siri's arrow pierced Erebos' eye.

And the spear of darkness got parried away. Gae Bolg pierced Nyx's left shoulder.

Nyx held back her scream and grabbed Gae Bolg. She, that rose up from the Void of chaos first with Gaia, wasn't only in charge of the night. It wasn't an exaggeration to say that darkness and death started from her night.

She pressed down the death of Gae Bolg with her right over death. She released her darkness through Gae Bolg that wanted to at least die together with her.

She glared at Tae Ho and yelled.

"Stop this if you can! My darkness! My night!"

Tae Ho didn't do that. He let go of Gae Bolg with no regrets.

Bewilderment spread in Nyx's eyes. Death and darkness surged up like exploding through Gae Bolg and then Tae Ho threw a punch and hit Nyx's stomach. When she coughed and staggered, Tae Ho grabbed something else aside of the Sword of the round table.


The ancient G.o.d killing weapon that had been succeeded by the masters of Asgard reacted at his call. It flew up in the air by its own and arrived at Tae Ho's hand.

Nyx looked at Tae Ho and Tae Ho didn't evade her gaze. He looked at her black and beautiful eyes fixedly and stabbed Mistilteinn in her chest.

Nyx vomited black blood and at that moment the power covering her vanished. The night came to an end by the blinding light.

Erebos and Tartarus scattered. They were ancient G.o.ds that had no personality in the first place but they had descended with an incomplete personality thanks to Nyx. Now that Nyx got defeated, they couldn't maintain their soul and flesh and returned as being ancient G.o.ds with no personality.

Thor collapsed in his seat while holding Mjolnir. Odin turned to look at Nyx and Tae Ho.

Mistilteinn was a short spear and because of that Tae Ho and Nyx were as close as their breath would reach each other.

Nyx vomited blood and let out a groan and looked at Tae Ho. She couldn't even have the thought of pulling out Mistilteinn. No, she knew that everything had ended.

[How regretful.]

She transmitted her thoughts to Tae Ho directly with her divine power.

Tae Ho retrieved Gae Bolg and Nyx collapsed in Tae Ho's embrace.

Right then Odin yelled and asked.

"Why was it! Why did you do something like that! Nyx!"

He wasn't thinking that she would simply answer him but this was the only moment she could hear him.

Why had Nyx suddenly done such things?

Was it her will alone or someone else interfered in it?

Nyx smiled with her eyes and Tae Ho whispered towards her.

"Tell us, Nyx."

Tae Ho poured all his divine power in the rune of Bragi. His actions that had been almost instinctive mad eNyx move. Actually, she was lacking strength to open her mouth but it was enough to stimulate her.

Nyx buried her head in Tae Ho's chest. Tae Ho retrieved Mistilteinn and made her more comfortable and Nyx smiled once again. She opened her mouth while dying and transmitted her words.

[Because I wanted to end it with my own hands. Before it got destroyed by the hands of someone else….At least by someone that belonged to Olympus…]

It was up to there. Nyx vomited blood once again and then put a gorgeous smile. She placed her lips on Tae Ho that had been trying to kill her however he could.

It wasn't to give him the final curse.

But because she was an ancient G.o.d of Olympus. She loved Olympus so much she wanted to put an end to the world with her own hands.

It was impossible for a being that wanted to destroy the world to completely understand how another being that wanted to maintain it thought. But the moment their lips touched, Tae Ho felt like he could understand her a bit.

She had entrusted Olympus to him. She transmitted her wish to him to not let the world get destroyed by another being.

[It's a meeting.]

The price for it should be really slow but it would certainly be the thing you like the most.

Tae Ho got a bit fl.u.s.tered. Nyx smiled at that look and then leaned her head on Tae Ho's chest again. She breathed roughly and said.

[The end…is nearing.]

The reason she had to stand up.

The reason she could do that.

Nyx closed her eyes. The ancient G.o.d of night got embraced by the master of Asgard and scattered. She vanished under the s.h.i.+ning sun.

And after some time pa.s.sed.

After the lingering like silence pa.s.sed Cuchulainn opened his mouth.

'You are incredible. Really incredible.'

To receive a meeting from Nyx at the end.

Cuchulainn spoke sincerely and his words became the signal that notified the end of the battle.

Bracky embraced Siri and collapsed. Siri cursed him saying that he was heavy but she still didn't let him go.

Thor, that was sitting down, lied down and Odin closed his eye and let out a long sigh.

The end was nearing.

The last words Nyx left behind.

Tae Ho closed his eyes. He put aside his thoughts about her and turned to everyone. He claimed victory over the entire mount of Olympus as the master of Asgard and Erin.


A conclusion was made in a world.

They were far away but they still sensed that.

The destruction of Erin, the victory of Asgard and Olympus.

But that wasn't everything. Many more cases were occuring than that.

And finally, the time had come.

The s.p.a.ce snake Jormungand raised its head. They rose up from the land of peris.h.i.+ng, Muspelheim.

The Kingdom of fire.

The last flames arose.

< episode="" 63="" -="" myth="" of="" a="" hero="" (3)=""> End

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