Venerated Venomous Consort Chapter 459

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Chapter 459: Through Thick And Thin 4
Long Siye felt a bit awkward. He withdrew his hand and when he turned aroun,d he saw the baby inside the big mussel eyeing him. To be exact, he was eyeing the pill in his hand and looked desperate.

Long Siye handed the pill to him, "I'll give it to you then."

The big mussel did not think much and immediately reached out to take the pill. When it was about to put it into its mouth, a green light flashed and the pill fell onto the ground.

The big mussel was surprised. It looked at Gu Xijiu, "Master!"

Long Siye’s face slightly changed, but also looked at Gu Xijiu, "Xijiu, you still don’t believe me?"
Gu Xijiu finally looked at him. She was straight to the point, "Overlord Long, I don't know what your purpose of coming here is and I have no interest to know. However, I will not believe you anymore. I will not believe you no matter what you say. That's all for today, please take care of yourself."

She stood up and picked up the big mussel, turned and wanted to leave.

"Xijiu, what can I do to make you believe in me?" Long Siye could not help but probed further.
Gu Xijiu paused for a while. She did not answer but immediately teleported and left.

Only Long Siye was left at the big river bank. When the wind blew, his robe fluttered around. He stared at the spot where Gu Xijiu left and clenched his fingers.

It was so easy to lose someone's trust, but it so difficult to gain it back again…
Xijiu, don’t you want me anymore?

He stood there and was stunned for a moment. Suddenly he thought of something and quickly rushed to the other side.

It was no surprise that he was blocked by the wizardry barrier when he rushed over to the middle of the river, as he could no longer step forward.

He hovered in the air and touched the barrier. He could vaguely feel the spiritual power surging in it. It was the wizardry barrier established by Celestial Master Zuo. There was no living object that could pass through the barrier unless someone used the great effort to get rid of it. However, it would immediately alert Celestial Master Zuo.

There should be no one who could pass through the barrier, but Gu Xijiu was able to, without any effort!

She did not even feel the existence of the barrier, and brought her spiritual beasts together with her…

What was going on?

Gu Xijiu found the Wind Caller in the forest and sat on it. She patted its horn and it could understand her orders. It ran down the hill according to her guidance.

Although there were a lot of ferocious beasts in the third peak, she had the Wind Caller and a level five spiritual beast with her, and coupled with the light shining out by the level eight spiritual beast Lu Wu, no other beasts would dare to approach them.

Therefore, it had been a smooth journey for her to go down the hill. In just a day, she had already ran to the first peak and would be able to get out of the Dark Forest after passing through a small hill.

She found a hillside and stopped for a rest.

The battle had spent almost all of her energy. She had to rest and restore her it before she went out of the Dark Forest.

If she did not guess wrongly, there would be another imminent hard fight when she gets out of the Dark Forest. There were a lot of people who wanted her to be dead so they should be hiding outside waiting for her.

She ate a few slices of dried meat and drank a few mouthfuls of water. When she was preparing to meditate, the big mussel inside the storage bag shouted, "Master, it is too warm inside the bag. Let me out to get some fresh air."

Gu Xijiu then let the big mussel out. The big mussel opened its shell and revealed the baby inside.

The baby stared at Gu Xijiu with its pair of big eyes, "Master, who was the man just now? He is amazing! It was the first time I saw someone casting the fire tactic so well!"

Venerated Venomous Consort Chapter 459

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