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Chapter 82 The Death Of Sherry Nalan

Johnson Xia told the story as slowly and calmly as he could, but the trembling voice gave him away, which somehow made Linda felt like crying.

They all said Johnson Xia married Sherry Nalan merely for the interest of his family. But judging from his tone, Linda believed that he had truly loved Sherry Nalan.

And the smile on his face when he talked about her, it could only be found on those who loved someone so deeply with all their hearts.

"Alright. Come on, let's go make dumplings. I'm starving, and I have to eat on time according to Dr. Xu's instruction."

Wiping off the sadness in his face, Johnson xia turned to Linda and Charles Mu with a tender look.

"Fine. Father, can you show me how to make the filling? I want to learn and help Linda next time we make dumplings." said Charles Mu.

And one of his hands was intimately around Linda's waist while he talked to Johnson Xia.

Father? Johnson Xia was stunned for a second before he realized that Charles Mu was addressing him... He was not quite used to the change from Lord Xia to father so quickly.

"Knock it off! I can chop pork and make my own filling. I don't need your help." Linda rolled her eyes at Charles Mu but then answered with a smile.

"I don't think so. What if you cut your fingers? It's killing me to see you get hurt."

Looking slightly pink, Linda said nothing back. This man seemed to always have a way to put her at a loss for words.

Gathering all the ingredients, they went into the kitchen. Linda was cleaning the vegetables and Bun was doing the cutting.

Charles Mu, however, was observing Johnson Xia chopping the pork and making the filling with great interest. The earnestness in his eyes somehow made Linda want to giggle.

Linda was quite familiar with the whole process and so the preparation was done in a jiff.

And Linda was actually surprised at how proficient Johnson Xia was in making the filling. He was not lying. He must have done it a lot in the past.

Now that they were gathering around the table, Linda started to chat with her father while making dumplings.

There were so many things she wanted to know about her birth mother Sherry Nalan. Linda had always had a feeling that her mother was a woman of secrets and mystery.

And yet she die so suddenly... It was such a pity.

"Father, I have a picture of mother. She seems so elegant and graceful. Isn't it amazing that such a well-born lady like my mother could make dumplings?"

"Aren't you the lady of our Xia clan?"

"Well, it's different... Considering the fact that I grew up in an ordinary family..."

Johnson Xia meant to say that Linda was also a respected lady, but he forgot that actually Linda had hardly enjoyed her life before she was found back.

And it was all his fault, Which made Johnson Xia felt more guilty.

Johnson Xia stared Linda with a mixed feeling for a while, and then he reached for the tea cup. After taking a small sip, he continued, "Don't be fooled by your mother. She did look like a quiet and graceful lady when she was not talking. But she was actually quite lively, and always whimsical and energetic. She loved travelling, you know. Just as much as she loved to take me around with her. She was also a big fan of cooking. And do you know what the most incredible part was? It was her business The Xia company would never have achieved so far without her. But the company was over the hill after her death, and it just kept sliding down... Well..."

Linda was surprised to hear those anecdotes of her mother. And there was truth in it when people said that never judge a book from its cover. Then Linda said to her father, "It seems you were really into my mother. But May Shen told me that... Your marriage with my mother was merely based on the interest of the Xia company."

There was a soft smile on Johnson Xia's wrinkled face everytime he spoke of Sherry Nalan, "Didn't you marry Young Master Mu for your family at first? And look how well you two are getting along. You see, sometimes familiarity will breed fondness."

Linda's fair face turned pink after being teased by her own father. And she felt her ears were burning as well.

She then turned around to Charles Mu, "Is it also true for our relations.h.i.+p?"

Charles Mu replied calmly, "I don't know... But I do know..."

Then he suddenly leaned closer and whispered in Linda's ears, "It can... definitely breeds children."

Linda immediately stamped Charles Mu on his shoes as hardly as she could while glaring at him furiously. But inside she couldn't help bursting into laughters.

d.a.m.n this jerk... He was getting outrageous. How could he flirt with her like that when Johnson Xia was sitting right next to them.

Looking at Linda, whose face was so alike to Sherry Nalan, Johnson Xia felt it so comforting that his darling daughter had finally found her happiness.

He wasn't a three-year-old, and he guessed that Charles Mu must have said something flirting that made Linda blush.

Johnson Xia knew exactly what kind of man Charles Mu was. He was always cold and taciturn. And he was also a decisive business man.

There were lots of women tried so hard to crawl up to his bed, but none of them had made it so far.

Charles Mu would only address Johnson Xia politely as Lord Xia in the past. So it did surprise Johnson Xia to hear Charles Mu calling him father instead.

Johnson Xia then resumed after a small pause, "It was true that I married Sherry for my family at first. For your mother's clan was wealthy and powerful, and it could help the Xia clan tremendously. But then she really fascinated me after we got engaged. Your mother got a great personality and such an interesting soul. And unlike those arrogant and spoiled ladys, she was the sweetest girl I've ever met."

"So, did you fall in love with my mother?"

Johnson Xia agreeed with a nod, "Yeah, right. We had been together for a while and I found myself falling for her. So we got married and were still deeply in love with each other after that. And there you came a year later."

"But father, why were you still seeing May Shen after you married my mother?"

Linda didn't say it straightly and make it sound harsh, but May Shen herself said that Johnson Xia had been visiting her once a week even after he was married.

"Well, that's another long story... Your mother knew about my past with May Shen, and she totally understood me. May Shen's family was once one of the business magnates in SH city. However, they had come down in the world later on. And... I visited her once a week only out of guilt..."

"But I had never touched her ever since I married your mother, except once when it was her birthday and I was drunk... Well... No need to mention it again... It was all my fault anyway. I never went back to her again after that night. But I did instruct my butler to keep sending the money over every month, for I really felt sorry for her."

It was not easy for Johnson Xia neither.

After Sherry Nalan pa.s.sed away, May Shen came to the Xia clan with the one-year-old Lisa Xia. She was crying and told Johnson Xia that she got pregnant after that night...

Johnson Xia felt so sorry for the baby, so he married May Shen and loved Lisa Xia with all his heart...

However, he never knew that Lisa Xia was not even his own blood...

While listening, Linda found something strange in Johnson Xia's story, "You mean, May Shen showed up with the one-year-old Lisa right after my mother's death?"

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Vengeful Girl With Her CEO Chapter 82

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