Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 400

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Chapter 400: Extremely Expensive

Ye Cang moved to the left and instantly activated Hunter Imprint - Conceal, entering stealth. His steps to the left immediately stopped and he began to move right, tricking the specter into thinking he was going left. A spirit attack shot out, but it hit nothing, having no effect.

This gave Zhang ZhengXiong enough time to return and once again hack at it.

On ThornyRose's side, she had the boss restricted while Lin Le struck with his three sword draws + Whirlwind Strike, dealing a massive amount of damage. FrozenBlood, who was rushing over, saw Lin Le's one handed sword draws with an oversized weapon. It looked really out of sorts given his short stature.

The arrow in ElegantFragrance's hand began to glow. She aimed it at the specter. Sacred Arrow… The arrow left a trail of glimmers as it instantly struck the specter and exploded into starlike fragments of energy. The specter received massive damage and was stunned. Now Ye Cang appeared with flames burning on his hands. Zhang ZhengXiong and Little Ren quickly leapt aside. They watched as he suddenly threw out the slime's Flame Burst. In the instant the Flame Burst flew out, Ye Cang grabbed the ballista. Enchant Arrow - Fire - Explosive Arrow! The queen bee bolt was immediately covered in flames. The moment the Flame Burst's explosion finished, a large crossbow bolt arrived, once again creating an explosion of raging flames.

"Now! Finish them off! Tactics - Rapid Pursuit!" Ye Cang raised his right hand and waved, activating his tactical order. Everyone's attack speed and movement speed greatly increased. Taking advantage of this time, his other hand had pointed at the skeleton boss and set a Hunter's Mark.

ThornyRose felt the increase in speed. What kind of skill is this? Tactics - Rapid Pursuit… I'll get him to show me later. Such a useful commanding ability… A burst of damage.

Since there was Zhang ZhengXiong and Little Ye Tian, who were very effective at suppressing the boss, the two bosses weren't hard to kill. The first to be killed was the specter boss - Kara. Fang Ci's damage output was also pretty good. Spirit attacks were effective against the skeleton boss. Along with the restriction of an ice element mage, it was quickly killed by Lin Le and Little Ren, who had rushed over.

Ye Cang wanted to dash towards one of the boss corpses, but ThornyRose, who was ready this time, grabbed on firmly to his waist. However, Ye Cang was unwilling to give up, and crawled towards the skeleton boss's corpse… Wu Na and the others wiped the sweat that had formed on their foreheads. What kind of obsession was this.

Lin Le unhurriedly looted equipment from the two bosses and smiled. "3 equipment, a skill book…"

Ye Cang returned to normal and got up with a sigh. He looked at the equipment that was passed to him. A gold quality staff, masterwork boots, distinguished physical attacker necklace. As for the skill book, it was not bad. Ground Smash. "Equipment wise, Nana and Wang definitely won't want this staff, so there is only Fang Ci and your spellcaster…"

ThornyRose looked at the impressive high-end staffs in Wu Na's and Wang's hands. As expected, they were dark gold quality. No wonder Nana's magic damage was so high. As for the attributes of OldWangFromNextDoor's staff, she already knew about it. It not only increased the attributes of summoned creatures, the increase in magic damage was also not low. The active ability allowed the summoned creature to temporarily advance a rank during battle. The entire team's battle strength was powerful. They had plenty of equipment, and plenty of skills. These two bosses hadn't even forced them to use their trump cards. Nana hadn't even activated her staff's built in ability, she only continued to cast ice magic like a machine. "What do you mean our spellcaster. We're all one guild!"

"Who said! We're people of the Happy Firmaments guild! You can only say we're in the same club…" Ye Cang shouted, then took out the guild charter. "Hehe, your fake guild isn't even approved by the game. You suck! Look look! Our Happy Firmaments will soon be the second guild to be established!"

F**k! Another guild charter! CloudDragon's was also from these guys, now they got another one!? I can't even buy one if I wanted to, and fighting bosses isn't working. Event bosses are nowhere to be found. She coughed a few times, and put on a friendly smile. "Give it to me~ I'll definitely give you a fair price that you'll be satisfied with!"

"Shoo shoo, I'm establishing my own guild!" Ye Cang put away the guild charter and raised his chin proudly. Lin Le copied him and also raised his chin. "Yeah! Lele will be the vice-leader!"

"Vice-leader." Zhang ZhengXiong said.

"Head of finances and human resources." Little Tian said.

"Director of public relations." Wu Na said.

"Elder…" SpyingBlade said.

"Member…" FrozenCloud smiled bitterly.

"Member." Fang Ci was also at a loss.

ThornyRose's chest tightened. What are you getting excited over such a tiny guild for! She covered her forehead, and once again smiled cutely. "Hurry and sell it to me. With your team's world-shaking strength and a touch of your divine hand, getting the next one won't be any trouble…"

Ye Cang and Lin Le both nodded. That's right! That's our team!

"Well said, we'll sell it to you. 1000 gold, non-negotiable!" Ye Cang patted her shoulder satisfied.

"……" ThornyRose mind went blank. 1000 gold!? She took a deep breath. It was actually cheap compared to what it was worth. If it was sold to the Flame Dragon Union, or Lord's Reign, it could even sell for 2000. If it were the first guild charter, its price would even have another 0 at the end. It was a pity that Mad War was already the first guild, dropping the price of a guild charter from super sky high to just sky high.

"Half federal dollars…" Ye Cang faintly smiled.

F**k! Only have federal dollars. Who would have 500 gold at this point!? ThornyRose clenched her teeth. "Let me have a loan on the gold…"

"1% interest a day…" Little Ye Tian came out and figuratively stabbed her in the back. The contract had already been drawn.

"Ok…" ThornyRose trembled as she signed it. Are these guys really in the same club as us?

SpyingBlade smiled bitterly. ThornyRose had dug herself into a hole. Though they could earn just as much by selling to Lord's Reign, but she would definitely not allow it. Everyone knew she cared about her reputation, of course, that was before meeting Team Leader. Once, Rose was a proud rose, but now… she had pretty much been driven insane by Team Leader. She's on the verge of exploding into rage at any time.

ThornyRose took the guild charter, and cheered up.

"Ok, what about the staff…" Ye Cang pointed to the staff and asked.

"Let the three of them roll…" SpyingBlade crossed his arms and said.

"I also want it, so one more…" Ye Cang said, stabbing the staff into the ground. He threw out the dice. A 0 once again showed up. "Can we say 0 is the highest number? The system is biased against me… It is clearly doing it on purpose…"

"What do you think!?" ThornyRose said unhappily. You think I'll let you have it without a roll!? Why be so shameless. It's not the system that is biased, but your character is just too inferior! Damn profiteer! Damn lowlife! Her gaze turned to Ye Cang's butt, and her eyes flashed. Even 10 years is not too late for revenge…

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Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 400

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