Warrior's Promise Chapter 125: Tiger Roaring And Dragon Fist

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The sound of battle consumed the earth outside Guanwu City.

The soldiers from both sides were locked in a fierce battle, shadowed by disciples of the four sects and the Ulti-mystery Sect.

Amid the chaos, Su Mo was facing a life-and-death crisis.

The long-faced young man struck at him in rage, his fist force similar to that of a wild beast. It was strong enough to pummel anyone beneath Lv 6 Spiritual Martial Realm to death.

The offensive capabilities of the other two disciples at the Peak Lv 5 Spiritual Martial Realm were fearsome as well.

Three powerful attacks charged in Su Mo's direction.

He grabbed the body of the dead disciple nearby, desperately trying to devour his Blood Qi.

The thick Blood Qi surged through his veins and gradually transformed into genuine Qi, flowing into the four Spiritual Spirals in his elixir field.

Now that he had a steady flow of Blood Qi, it was just a matter of time before he would breach the bottleneck of the realm.

But he evidently did not have the time to slowly make his breakthrough.

Because those three attacks would soon land on him.

If he took on those three hits, he would be still be crushed to smithereens no matter how st.u.r.dy his body was.


"Breakthrough! Breakthrough!"

Su Mo roared in heart, his eyes revealing a hint of madness.


Inside him, his four Spiritual Spirals spun frantically and his genuine Qi was pushed to a critical point.

Cruel and s.a.d.i.s.tic smiles had already appeared on the faces of the three Ulti-mystery Sect disciples.

This time, Su Mo would definitely die!

Just as their attacks were about to hit Su Mo, something happened.

His four Spiritual Spirals finally reacted, rumbling and quivering loudly.



Instantly, his four Spiritual Spirals breached the barrier.

His force soared up to the sky and his imposing manner boomed.

He could feel his strength increase sharply. It was multiplied beyond description as if he could destroy mountains and stop the flow of rivers.

He had finally made a cultivation breakthrough, but there was still plenty of Blood Qi left in him that had not been refined.

But he obviously did not have time for that now.


He finally made his move.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

He swung his sword, reflecting rays of light at his opponents, and stabbed nine consecutive times in three directions.


The fist shadow shattered and exploded into pieces.

The palm print and the saber Qi vanished as well. Su Mo's sword radiance cut into the two Peak Lv 5 disciples, leaving b.l.o.o.d.y holes in their torsos.


The two cried in pain, taking a step back.

"What? He made a cultivation breakthrough?"

The long-faced young man was astonished when he noticed the sudden increase in Su Mo's strength and felt his aura.

His face was lively with emotions. There were surprise, anger, doubt, and disbelief.

Either way, his expression was too complex to describe.

He was so close to killing Su Mo, yet that guy actually made a cultivation breakthrough!

Was this some kind of joke?

"He actually made a breakthrough as he was fighting!"

"Since when had it become this easy to make a breakthrough?"

The long-faced young man was full of shock.

"Humph! You think you can still kill me now?"

Su Mo sneered at the long-faced young man, feeling calm now that he had successfully made his cultivation breakthrough.

His opponent frowned and snapped at him. "Even if you've made a breakthrough, you're still in Lv 4. You're still doomed!"

"Oh, really?"

Su Mo snickered. "That's not for sure!"

He charged forward the moment his voice faded, leaving only a residual shadow behind him.

But he didn't rush at the long-faced young man but the two other disciples instead.

"Watch out!"

The long-faced young man was stunned and instantly shouted at his companions.

"Oh no!"

The two disciples were frightened, knowing they could no longer win against Su Mo with his current strength.

They retreated immediately.

"Go to h.e.l.l!"

Su Mo snarled and sent his sword radiance cutting through them, launching two attacks in a row to kill them.

"Gale Blade!"

"Swirling Winds and Clouds!"

He did not even look at the two disciples after striking them. He merely turned to attack the long-faced young man.


By the time the screeches came from the two disciples behind him, Su Mo was already engaged in a fight against the long-faced young man.

"Su Mo, I swear I'll kill you today!"

The long-faced young man roared in madness.

"Tiger Roaring and Dragon Fist—Tiger Roaring Forest!"

He snarled. Suddenly, the loud roar of a tiger boomed.

The long-faced young man threw a punch at Su Mo, his fist force powerful enough to shake mountains. A hazy figure of a fierce tiger even appeared on his fist shadow.

His punch was incredibly fearsome and its power alone far beyond exceeded other martial arts techniques.

"Swirling Winds and Clouds!"

Su Mo displayed his swordsmans.h.i.+p and his sword collided with his opponent's fist, triggering a deafening blast that destroyed everything within the radius of a hundred meters.

Everyone within range was. .h.i.t by the blast. They were swept away by the tremor and coughed blood.


Their every strike was firm and strong, making for a tough duel. Su Mo and the long-faced young man were so well-matched that they both were affected and had to retreat.

"What kind of fistplay is that? Why is it so powerful?"

Su Mo was surprised to see that the way his opponent used his fist had increased his strength by at least 10 percent.

Though he was surprised, what he did not know was that the long-faced young man was even more shocked.

His Tiger Roaring and Dragon Fist skill was something he found from a historical site.

It was only cla.s.sed at Upper Lv 2, but its strength was comparable to a Lower Lv 3 Martial Skill.

Though this fistplay was powerful, it was difficult to cultivate.

He bitterly cultivated the fistplay for two years before finally managing to reach the Minor Completion Realm.

Even if it was just the Minor Completion Realm, it was enough to increase his combat strength greatly.

Though he was merely in the early stage of Lv 6 Spiritual Martial Realm, he could definitely make the top 100 of the other Lv 6 disciples of the Ulti-mystery Sect with this fistplay.

In the beginning, he never thought he would have any need to use this fistplay to deal with a n.o.body like Su Mo.

But now, he could not even defeat Su Mo after using it.

How could he not be shocked?

"How could you possibly withstand my punch?"

The long-faced young man looked at Su Mo in disbelief.

"Nothing's impossible!"

Su Mo's eyes were burning with fighting desire. "Come on!"

He did not say anything else and charged at his opponent again.

His fighting desire was thoroughly ignited.

Besides Yi Xiaoguang of the Sky Alliance, he had never encountered such a strong opponent.

A Lv 6 fighter with peerless fistplay was definitely considered an expert.

He would be using this guy as his touchstone!


Su Mo jumped into the air. The sword radiance gleamed as he prepared his sword for slaughter.

"Divine Wind Swordplay—Wind Roaring in the Sky!"

He once again used his Divine Wind Swordplay, fiercely attacking the long-faced young man.

"Tiger Roaring and Dragon Fist—Tiger Roaring and Dragon Crying!"

His opponent's anger was triggered as well and he was now using the entirety of his combat strength.

He threw a punch and the sound of a roaring tiger and the cry of a dragon shook heaven and earth.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two continued fighting and, within a blink of an eye, they had already exchanged dozens of moves.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 125: Tiger Roaring And Dragon Fist

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