Warrior's Promise Chapter 126: Dressed In Golden Armor, Striding On The Clouds

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It happened while Su Mo was fighting hard against his enemies in the battlefield.

It was tranquil in the mountain range dotted by countless palaces in the Central Continent, thousands of miles away from Guanwu City.

Compared to the chilling and terrifying city, this place was peaceful and harmonious like it was heaven on earth.

Thousands of palaces were decorated with fine gold and copper t.i.tles, connecting with each other by winding roads paved with jade.

Intelligent birds flew across the wood now and then, their singing brisk and loud.

This was the place that everyone coveted.

This was the Emperor Xuan Palace!

But a particular person was the exception.

A maiden stood alone atop a mist-shrouded mountain.

She was about 16 years old and wore a pale red velvet dress. With her perfect features, she was as beautiful as an exquisite painting.

Her appearance was unrivaled.

Her temperament was gentle and calm.

She was like a fairy who had emerged from a painting, untouched by the dust of the mortal world.

The maiden stood atop the mountain as she gazed at the clouds, deep in thought.

She was none other than Xi'er—Gu Lanxi.

"Haha! So you're here, Junior Sister!"

A clear and bright laughter drifted near her ears.

A young man dressed in a silk robe was suspended in the sky as he traveled toward Xi'er with a smile.

The man was handsome and charming with an unrivalled air of confidence in him.


In the next moment, he disappeared and reappeared next to Xi'er.

"Junior Sister, what're you thinking about?"

Standing beside her, he asked the question with a smile.

She did not reply as she trained her gaze in the scenery before her, her expression still cold.


The young man laughed awkwardly at Xi'er's indifference, but a subtle look of dismay crossed his eyes.

"Junior Sister, you've awakened the Cyan Phoenix Martial Soul, the descendant of the Divine Beast Phoenix. It's comparable to a Divine Beast!"

The man spoke again after a pause. "Your talent is no worse than mine. You have to cultivate hard!"

Once again, Xi'er did not reply and stood there quietly.

"Master said we'll have our engagement ceremony in a month!"

The young man's expression had also turned cold. He continued to talk without regarding if Xi'er was listening to him.

"We'll be inviting every influential clan and powerful figures to witness the ceremony."

When Xi'er heard this, something finally stirred in her expression.

She could not help frowning.

The young man noticed her expression and fell into silence. He asked again, frowning, "Don't tell me you still thinking about that aborigine?"

"Shangguan Hao!"

Xi'er finally opened her mouth, yelling with dismay.

"Humph! So I'm right! You're thinking about him!"

Shangguan Hao's expression darkened after seeing her reaction and coldness flickered in his eyes.

Though she was his woman, she was thinking about another man. For him, that was an incomparable sense of humiliation.

"There's no point thinking about him! An aborigine of the badlands like him doesn't even have the slightest chance in h.e.l.l to be with you!"

Shangguan Hao's voice was cold.

"It's not up to you to say whether there's a chance or not!"

Xi'er's voice was indifferent and cold beyond measure.


Shangguan Hao laughed scornfully. "You really believe he'll come to the Central Continent for you? He even said he'd challenge me in five years' time! Do you think that's possible?"

His expression was full of condescension.

"I believe in Brother Su Mo!"

Xi'er stood on the summit, casting her gaze to the far eastern skyline. Her voice was full of yearning.

"One day, Brother Su Mo will dressed in his golden armor, striding on the clouds to take me away!"

Xi'er's voice lingered in the valley for a long time as the breeze swept their faces.

"One day, Brother Su Mo will dressed in his golden armor, striding on the clouds to take me away!"


Shangguan Hao didn't try to hide his scorn.

"I'm afraid you won't be able to wait for his arrival!"

"Master said he'd host a wedding for us when my cultivation reaches the Emperor Realm in a few years!"


Outside Guanwu City, the battle was slowly dwindling, with both sides suffering great losses.

There were so many corpses that they stacked as high as mountains and so much spilled blood that they formed a river.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The battle between Su Mo and the long-faced young man was close to its end.

Even if the long-faced young man had a Lv 6 Spiritual Martial Realm and the Tiger Roaring and Dragon Fist skill, he was still being suppressed by Su Mo.

"You're strong indeed, but it's time to finish this!"

With this sentence, Su Mo's sword momentum suddenly turned harsher and colder in no time.

It was his sword will!

"Divine Wind Swordplay—Final Hit of Heavenly Wind!"

The sharp sword Qi soared up the sky, piercing the air with a lightning-like speed.

"This is..."

The long-faced young man was shocked. Before he could feel Su Mo's sword, he already felt an incomparable sharpness descending on him.

It covered his skin with a stinging pain.

Only after facing Su Mo's sword will did he finally realized how fearsome his sword was.

"Tiger Roaring and Dragon Fist—Dragon Battle in Star Field!"

The long-faced young man yelled all of a sudden and there came the fiercest move of Tiger Roaring and Dragon Fist along with it.


The roar of the dragon resounded through the sky, his fist shadow pierced the air with a tremendous first force that threatened to annihilate everything.

The outline of an intangible dragon appeared above the powerful fist shadow, dancing around it with an overwhelming might.


The fist shadow and the sword Qi collided, causing a long stretch of thundering and booming noise.


The sword Qi tore the fist shadow apart, ripping the shadow of the dragon. What was left of it were thrusted in the direction of the long-faced young man.


He was extraordinary indeed. Knowing he could not withdraw his right fist at the last minute, he quickly threw a punch at the sword Qi with his left fist.


The sword Qi shattered and he let out a m.u.f.fled groan as his body fell backward rapidly.

Soon, he could not help but s.h.i.+ver all over. Sensing that something was wrong, he lifted his left hand.

All his five fingers on his hand were gone. Even his palm was cut open, with the wound reaching his wrist. Blood gushed from his injuries.

The remaining sword Qi was still rampaging in the flesh and veins of his injured arm.


The long-faced young man was shocked. He could not believe he was defeated even after using the Tiger Roaring and Dragon Fist.

"He survived the hit!"

Su Mo was also amazed at his opponent's strength. He had actually defended himself against the Final Hit of Heavenly Wind.

The Tiger Roaring and Dragon Fist?

It was truly impressive and definitely comparable to Divine Wind Swordplay, possibly even stronger.

"Though you can take the first hit, we'll see how you can take the second or the third!"

Su Mo sneered. He would definitely put this man to death.


He moved, displaying his body movements to the best of his ability and producing many residual shadows behind him.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

His sword radiance was eye-blinding and his sword Qi could not be anymore flashy. Su Mo dealt continuous attacks toward the long-faced young man.

The attacks came one after another.

"Final Hit of Heavenly Wind!"

"Final Hit of Heavenly Wind!"


This time, the long-faced young man was no longer capable of stopping any of his attacks.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 126: Dressed In Golden Armor, Striding On The Clouds

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