When A Mage Revolts Chapter 775: Light Slayers

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When Benjamin returned to the Rock City, he told everyone about the news of Regina's fall. At that moment, everyone in the town hall was frozen still from the shock.

Compared to Benjamin, they needed more time to accept it. Clearly, since Regina was the capital of the country, it was of great importance to the citizens of the country. The fall of the capital gave the people a hit in their head.

"...We must reclaim Regina as soon as possible!" The Executive Prime Minister quickly said, "Director Benjamin, do you know how many enemies there are in Regina now?"

"There are very little of them during the attack, only a few hundreds of them. But... the tens of thousands of troops remaining in the Kingdom of Helius will probably be transferred to Regina during these few days."

The Prime Minister heard this, nodded and said, "Then we must make a move as soon as possible."

However, there were officers who objected.

"How many people do we need to in order to deal with the Pope? If we send our entire army out and fail to reclaim Regina, then our enemies will take this opportunity to take over the Rock City, and we will be in an even worse situation."

Benjamin heard this and frowned, "This... the enemy has lost too many soldiers, hasn't it?"

"No, according to our spies, the Kingdom of Helius once again combined forces. There are at least thirty thousand soldiers moving towards Icor, it seems like they intend to get reinforcements."


After hearing this news, Benjamin could not help but get a headache.

The Kingdom of Helius was strong, and the former unbroken Empire could barely put up with their attack. Now that the empire was being separated into three countries, naturally it was hard to defend against them. In fact, if it was not for of the threat from the Academy of Silence, the Kingdom of Helius would have attacked ten years ago.

Now that they had issues attacking Icor, it was expected that they asked for reinforcement. However, to the people of Icor, the timing was unfortunate.

Therefore, everyone started debating on the issue of reclaiming Regina.

"Anyway, we have to reclaim Regina, no matter what. We have just gotten 60 holy light cannons from our enemy, what is there to be scared of?"

"Do you want to launch a bomb to the city? Oh G.o.d... did you even think about the people in the city?"

"Yeah, it's better if we are able to regain Regina without destroying it."

"This idea is too impractical..."

While listening to officers' arguments, Benjamin shook his head helplessly.

In fact, it was normal for them to have all these concerns. Since that was their city, it went without saying they wouldn't wish to destroy it if possible. Not to mention the holy light cannon, after bombarding the city, how could they face the people of Icor.

To some extent, Grant hijacked a very important "hostage", and with that "hostage" in their hands, they would be restricted.

Eventually, the Guild Master cleared his throat and ended the debate with a firm voice.

"That's enough! We are in a war, and it is normal to have sacrifices," He glanced around the city hall and slowly said, "I would rather destroy Regina than let it fall in the enemy's hands. The people of Icor will understand us, as we are fighting for this country."

As the former Guild Master of the Mage Guild, the founder of Icor and hero of the new political system, his perception was more important than any of the officers present. Although the governing system has been established, yet in fact, the Guild Master was ruling the country along with the Prime Minister.

Therefore, after he spoke, n.o.body reb.u.t.ted.

"So this is it, we must start moving now, a small number of mages stay in the Rock City and use the defensive rune to defend the city. The rest of the people will partic.i.p.ate in the attack, we must take Regina back!" The Guild Master nodded and made his final command.

Benjamin also returned to his room and prepared to regain Regina.

To be honest, everything happened so quickly and he felt a little uneasy in his heart. However... he agreed with the Guild Master's decision, and since time was running out, they really could not afford to waste any more time.

In addition to that, if they wanted to regain Regina, then he was bound to face Grant once again.

Benjamin's spiritual power had not fully recovered, and he was unable to activate the "Descending of Water", so he was not able to hold Grant down for long. Therefore, he felt like he needed to get some help.

"You have fought Grant more times than I do, in your opinion, how many mages do we need to be able to hold him down?" He found Miles and asked.

"This... you should know that when I am fighting him, I will be dodging his attacks most of the time, he will not waste his time to use divine arts on me," Miles scratched his head and said embarra.s.singly, "However, I think if I were to go single-handedly, I will be able to keep him busy for some time."

Benjamin continued asking, "Then do you have a way to would him deeply like what he did previously?"

"That will depend on whether you can create an opportunity for me, but that also depends on his alertness." Miles had a helpless look on his face while he said, "He has a strange armor and it blocked a lot of my attacks. If he were to wear that armor, it will be difficult for me to hurt him."

As a result, Benjamin was troubled again.

Grant's personal strength was indeed scary, they must be well-prepared, otherwise, it might just be a suicide mission. Other than the holy light cannons, he thought for a moment, and selected the top ten mages from the Rock City and formed a team with them together with Miles.

They named the team as the "Light Slayers".

...Well, in fact, it was not them, the System suddenly popped out and addressed them as Light Slayers. Benjamin was bombarded by the System for a long time, he unintentionally said it out loud, and the rest of the team gladly accepted the name.

"I like the name," said Joanna. "I was known to be in 'the one' mercenary group in Ferelden, I always wanted a normal name."

Only four mages from the magic academy joined the "Light Slayers" team, the others were native mages of Icor. In fact, the age group of the entire team was rather high, with the exception of Benjamin and Joanna, and the other nine mages were at least 40 years of age.

"I am mage Hunt, I have lived nearly sixty years and I am an expert in wind magic, I used to live in seclusion in a mountain near the west."

"Hoho, I have nearly eighty years old, you can call me Margaret. Regarding dark magic, I am considered quite experienced, and what annoys me the most in life is the fake b.a.s.t.a.r.ds in the Church."

"My name is Carriere, I've been studying water magic for forty years..."

Due to the time constraint, in the afternoon, the troops left Rock City. Benjamin formed this team in a rush, so they could only get to know each other on the way there, and they began to practice on how to cooperatively deal with Grant.

Although they were a bunch of grandparents-cla.s.sed mages, because of Benjamin's ident.i.ty, they were extremely humble. Everyone had a kind smile on their faces, but Benjamin saw the heavy determination behind those smiles.

Fighting the Pope... It was not a simple matter.

Benjamin tried to recall every detail of his fight with Grant to make a plan, so that this team named the "Light Slayers" would be able to perform as well as as the name implied.

When A Mage Revolts Chapter 775: Light Slayers

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