When A Mage Revolts Chapter 667

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Watching this, all of them held their breath.

The entire city getting caged by a golden barrier was shocking enough, but at least for that everyone figured it was just an act of the Church’s divine arts and a blessing from G.o.d. Therefore, there was nothing to be worried about. However, what caused their jaws to drop was this thing comparable to the scale of the barrier emerging in the sky in the blink of an eye.

They couldn't help but recall the appalling incident that took place a few years ago.

A humongous water ball flushed through the city, followed by a plague which claimed the lives of tens of thousands of their citizens...

At up close, the citizens could see that this fist seemed to be made out of water. As it was ma.s.sive beyond comprehension, they couldn't even see the entire thing, only certain parts of the fist could be seen. They felt as if they were looking up at the hand of a mythical giant.

"Thi-This is simply too frightening!"

There were even some who immediately fell to their knees.

If the citizens that were at a distance were already like this, then imagine the guards around the city walls. As a soldier who went through strict military training, their EQ was higher than your average joe, but when faced with this phenomenon, practically every individual was swallowing their hearts.

That fist... That fist was headed toward them!

The fear of death was heavy in everyone’s heart and they could only stand blankly in pace, their mind wiped clean without any hope of escaping.

Countless pairs of legs were trembling, seemingly too unstable to sustain their weight, yet, too stiff to fall over.

However, in reality, the fist was not aimed at them but rather the golden barrier above their heads. Their intense fear had caused them to perceive the situation incorrectly.

Benjamin had no interest in decimating the citizens again.

"Quick! There are priests that are less than a thousand meters away!" The System warned nervously as if it was some countdown for a run for your life game.

Benjamin, on the other hand, was oddly calm.

It was as though he was disconnected from reality as he peered down at Havenwright. The towering golden barrier, the giant blue fist... They were like two models about to collide in his eyes. There were many runes floating around him, and his entire view flickered between reality and fantasy.

He could not fathom this feeling, but this was his first time recklessly wielding the power of the "Descending of Water".

Perhaps this was what the System meant when he said that Benjamin would enter the elemental plane when he used the "Descending of Water". He now stood on the middle point between reality and the Pure Blue world. He could feel how delicate it was as these two worlds meet, like two parallel white papers suddenly folding onto each other.

Time seemed to be moving fast and slow at the same time.

A few second of later, Benjamin suddenly extended his right arm in front of him, before clenching his palm into a fist.

At that moment, the large fist on top of the city compressed drastically, eventually shrinking to the size of a sandbag.

The people of Havenwright were stunned.

The majority of them did not know what was going on and could only see the terrifying fist shrink… and shrink….. before long, it had disappeared from their sight. Only the few hundred soldiers on the city walls could clearly see the fist still floating not too far away.

Perhaps compressing such a crazy amount of water into such tiny volume had resulted in it becoming unstable, however, there was no mistaking that the blue fist was trembling in mid-air. The water waves on the surface were like on a roller coaster as they rolled about turbulently, even carrying a sort of illusory vision. Some of them even started to suspect it of being a mirage.

— Oh, how they wished it was really a mirage. They would be so lucky.

Under their hopeless stares, Benjamin retracted his fist, focused and then punched outward at the air. The compressed blue fist imitated his movements and flew forward towards the golden barrier.

Instantly, the fist and barrier collided.

It was as though time stopped at this very second.

The soldiers’ exhausted faces, the citizens below’s widened eyes, the priests rus.h.i.+ng through the streets from afar while extending their arms and shouting... Like the freeze frame of a disaster movie a second before the impact of a tsunami, the scene was chaotic, yet artistic.

What followed, was the destruction of the entire ‘artwork’.


Heaven and earth shook as the skies thundered.

An explosive sound was followed by gleaming light exploding from the sky. Many were shaken to the core by the sheer force of the collision. The collision between fist and barrier seemed to spark a tiny sun, it’s radiance so bright it was blinding. Thereupon, the compressed water fist exploded. A waterfall suspended in midair started pouring down from the skies above Havenwright.

The city walls were almost shattered from the impact.

Half the city was stumbling over from the quake aftermath; distorted and clueless about what was going on. Only the half of the city further away from the action could see everything that had just happened. What they saw sent s.h.i.+vers down their spine.

They saw splash after splash of holy lights splatter out from the barrier as if someone had punched G.o.d, causing His blood to splatter.

Not to mention that huge waterfall suspended in midair over the barrier made them feel like they were witnessing the end of the world.

"Yo-Your Highness... What should we do?"

Within the holy light barrier, the priests next to Grant were quivering after watching it all unfold. They knew very well what was carved on Havenwright’s city walls — This was a kind of city protection holy light formation, a barrier that the Church has built up steadily over the years.

But... But... it took only one punch from that mage...

The priests felt their hearts sink.

Moreover, the holy lights concentrated within the barrier were starting to spill outward... It was indeed a more terrifying disaster than a tsunami!

Under such circ.u.mstances, if there was one person that could maintain their calmness, it would be Grant. Not only did he form a barrier to protect the priests around him, but, as he watched the chaos unfold before him, he took a deep breath and stretched out his arm.

Without chanting any incantation or special movement, he looked towards the sky and lightly pointed.

When A Mage Revolts Chapter 667

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