Why Did You Summon Me? Chapter 9

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After the appraisal had ended, Mia had to go back to class to continue her study. As they parted ways, Baiyi originally wanted to head back to Mia's dormitory to continue looking through her textbooks but as he was about to enter the door, he was stopped by the dormitory supervisor, a middle-aged lady who was as big as a bear. From the hostility that she was projecting towards him, she had probably thought that Baiyi was some sort of perverted Soul Armature. As he had no documents to prove his innocence, she was not willing to change her mind at all.

Fine then! Baiyi did not want to argue with that lady whose arms were even thicker than his. So in the end, he decided to go strolling around the campus but he could not help muttering under his breath, "Wow, is this violent woman a cavewoman?"

"WHAT? No way! It's true that our cavewomen can be pretty strong but they have a robust and agile physique that gives them high speed and fast reflexes when they are battling their enemies. They would never be as fat as THAT!" The Voidwalker known as the Caveman argued loudly.

"Caveman is right, you know? Cavewomen really do have an enticing body that exudes a wild and untamed aura. It is a totally unique sight and charm that they have… mmm..." A Walker who was called the Bard chimed in, "Ah… This reminds me of the encounter that I had with them. It was a lovely and sweet evening that we had together..."

The rest of the Voidwalkers pretended like they did not hear him because nobody was willing to discuss this topic with him. Instead, they continued their previous topic of Mia's Grooming Plan. Well, they got so off-track again that it seemed like they did not take the whole thing seriously.

"After I have given it some serious thoughts, compared to the Belka system (T/N: in reference to Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha), I think that the Mid-Childa system would be more suitable for Mia, don't you guys think so?" The Walker who was also known as the Sorcerer said.

What the hell are you talking about? Are you trying to turn her into a white tyrant or something? Please don't randomly use this sort of setups from animes!

"But then it would be too slow! Not to mention the fact that she could get hurt easily! Her combat power during the later stage would not be strong as well. Hmm, let me see... How about we just ask Sir Hope to make a pact with her?" argued another Voidwalker.

Which anime are you talking about now? Do I really look like the long-headed demonic beast with white ears (T/N: in reference to Puella Magi Madoka Magica)? Besides, why do you all keep persisting on turning her into some sort of magical girl?

"Well, it's MOE! Don't you think so?" they retorted seriously.

Are they seriously discussing this right now? Oh my god! Are you all sure you are not some slapstick comedians? How the hell did you all managed to stoop so low? How did you all transformed from a group of powerful supernatural beings into a group of moe-loving weeaboos 1 ?

"Well, in their defense, liking and pursuing cute things should not be restricted by one's background, power or status. You should apologise to them, you know," said the Archmage solemnly.

Wait a minute! Sir First Walker! You are speaking nonsense with that poker face of yours! I can't believe that you are corrupted too!

"No no no! Compared to them, I prefer something that has more depth," the Archmage explained defensively, "For example, there is one where three kings got together to discuss the King's conduct. That is pretty good! But then again, although Gilgamesh possessed the pride and demeanour of a King, I do think that he lacked the modesty that is essential to become a King. As for Artoria, well, she is one immature young girl (T/N: in reference to to Fate/Stay Night again). All she does is force herself..."

Oh, gosh! Can you please don't take a fictional television show so seriously? With that poker face, I never knew that you, too, had turned into a comedian! Why would you discard your Voidwalker status and become a Type-Moon 2 fan instead?

"Who said that fictional productions are not worthy of discussion? As long as it can create a connection with another person, then it is definitely worth discussing. Don't you think so?" The Archmage said with a stoic expression. It seemed like he did not mind the least that his image as the First Voidwalker was slowly going down the drain.

Baiyi could not stop himself from letting out an exasperated sigh. He could only acknowledge the fact that the long period of their imprisonment plus the strong cultural shock that they had experienced as an Earthling had made their minds go slightly haywire. As for Mia's Grooming Plan, well, all he could say was that this discussion had already past the point of no return. It appeared that they were planning to use some sort of alchemy technique to create a gigantic robot for Mia to pilot now. And at that moment, they were all discussing about robot models so passionately that Baiyi could not get a word in edgewise.

Because of that he decided that he might as well continue his walk around the Celestial Fortress Academy and have a look around. In actual truth, he originally planned to use his Psychic Energy to examine the whole campus but that idea was stopped by the rest of the Voidwalkers before he could do anything. They said that it would surely attract suspicion from other people. He had no choice other than to give up on the plan and use his own eyes to observe the academy that had a long and rich history behind it bit by bit. It was a good thing that the place had quite a nice ambience to it. Not only did it have its own unique sense of serenity and tranquility, it also contained a charm that only a vintage campus could have, giving him a sense of pleasantness.

I'm pretty far from Mia now, aren't I? Baiyi had came to a small and beautiful lakeside in the academy. As he leaned on a huge tree with dense branches and leaves, he used his Psychic Energy to estimate the distance between Mia and himself and found that they were at least 2000 metres apart. Yet, his sense of self still remained fairly stable and he could feel that his energy was still flowing into his body normally.

Well, it seems like the connection between Mia and I is stronger than most Soul Armature combinations. It's quite surprising I guess but at least, this would save us a lot of troubles in the future, Baiyi commented on his new discovery.

Usually, a normal Soul Armature and his Practitioner would not be able to stay too far apart from each other. Otherwise, the soul of the Soul Armature would leave the armour as a result of losing the connection to the Practitioner's soul that assisted in consolidating its soul. This distance was determined by the gap of the innate capabilities of both parties. If the gap between them was big, the amount of distance that they could be apart would shrink and vice versa. Truthfully speaking, the gap between Mia and Baiyi was so far apart that they should not have been able to leave each other's sight.

However, it was a good thing that there was a special connection between the both of them and by using this as the foundation, Baiyi had a hunch that there would not be a lot of restrictions between the both of them. Or it could also be some sort of compensation for his loss of strength, maybe? Perhaps he only needed to be careful to not let anybody else notice this unusual situation.

Just as this thought formed in his mind, a sweet curious voice could be heard suddenly. As most of his Psychic Energy was focused on determining the whereabouts of Mia just now, he did not notice the slight bit of movement beside him.

"Eh? A Soul Armature that is all by himself?"

Turning his head to have a look, Baiyi saw a pretty girl who was hugging her textbooks close to her chest. Her straight fringe was lying neatly on her forehead and her pair of big beautiful green eyes were looking at him curiously. Wearing the standard uniform of Celestial Fortress Academy, she had an additional golden rose brooch on her collar. Her magnificent golden long hair that fell over her back all the way to her slim and tiny waist was flowing along with the light breeze by the lake.

What a beautiful girl! That delicate features and body as well as the noble and elegant air that she exuded were so dazzling that it would turn the head of most people. She was undoubtedly wearing the exact same uniform as Mia but unlike Mia who looked cute in a childish way, she looked absolutely stunning and gorgeous in it, especially in that long white silk stockings that covered her legs. The heated discussion that the Voidwalkers were having came to an abrupt halt as they could not help but admire the girl's gorgeous form.

"Whoa whoa whoa! A typical lady from a noble family! What a graceful little beauty!"

"What an unique aura she has. I guess she must have came from some aristocratic family. What a body she has too! Look at that pair of legs! Wow I really do feel like licking them..."

"Even though Mia is quite cute but she is no match for this beauty at all!"

Leaving those corrupted people aside, even the Illusionist and the Lich who were usually pretty decent could be heard saying:

"Ah... She reminds me of one of my good friends..."

"She reminds me of my granddaughter. Their beauty in this world are unparalleled..."

Whoa... Wait a minute! What is wrong with these two shameless old man? I can still accept 'good friend' even though it is such a typical excuse but hello, Mr. Lich? What did you mean by granddaughter? Are you trying to say that she is a banshee? That is quite a creepy comparison! Are you trying to compliment or insult her?

"Excuse me! I was a normal human being once before I became a lich okay? I even had a family of my own. What is so surprising about me having a granddaughter? Well, even though she did not know of my existence and spent her whole life living peacefully but still..."

Are you sure you did not turn her corpse into some sort of skeletal soldier or a banshee?

"No way! That is such a psychopathic thing to say! Even the Lich would never do that!

Alright fine! I'll just ignore these people first. Standing up straight, he calmly explained to the beauty, "My Practitioner is in class right now. Her class is somewhere nearby."

"Oh is that so?" The girl replied in a disinterested tone as she seemed to have sensed the Intermediate Level innate capabilities of Baiyi. It was purely out of curiosity that prompted her to speak to him when she saw the garish militia's plate armour. Well then, he must be the Soul Armature of some ordinary student around here and I suppose the student's strength would be pretty average. But wait a minute, the range of the Soul Armature's movement would be pretty small in this case, wouldn't it? He should not have been able to come all the way to this lakeside that is quite a distance away from all the classes.

However, the moment she sensed that Baiyi was nothing more than an Intermediate Level, she finally found her answer. A combination where both partners had more or less the same innate capabilities would be able to maintain a distance like this. Though she wondered why a Soul Armature could be as weak as this person, she decided not to ask Baiyi about it out of courtesy. Smiling, she nodded her head towards Baiyi apologetically, "I'm sorry to have disturbed you."

She then walked away with her slender long legs as she quickly vanished from Baiyi's sight.

After making sure that she had left, Baiyi immediately dispersed the ball of black flame that he was hiding in his palm as he let out a sigh of relief, "It's good that I kept a low-profile."

"You should at least ask for her name. She does have nice features and she really does look like my good friend you know..." The Illusionist sighed in regret.

What features are you talking about? Please stop trying to create noble-sounding excuses to cover up your perverted intentions! Also, this excuse is too old-fashioned! Your good friend must have been at least 5000 years old now okay?

"Sir Hope, you should pay close attention to Mia's body growth while you are monitoring her strength progress. You MUST make sure that Mia grows up to become somebody who is as gorgeous as that beauty just now!" said the Paladin, oh wait a minute, it's the 'Hentai' now.

Oh gosh! What the hell do you all want actually? Do you really think that we are playing some sort of Beauty Grooming simulation game now?

A non-Japanese person who is obsessed with Japanese culture and behaves in a stereotypically Japanese manner. He is always talking about how cute or "kawaii" his favourite characters are and claiming one of them to be his "waifu". Some of them also use Japanese honorifics, for example when they attach the "-chan" honorific to the names of people or characters they like or find cute Type-Moon (タイプムーン, Taipu Mūn) is a prominent Japanese game company, best known for their visual novels. It is also known under the name Notes (ノーツ, Nōtsu). After creating the popular visual novel Tsukihime as a doujin soft organization, Type-Moon has since incorporated and produced the immensely popular visual novel Fate/stay night. Both of their works have been adapted into anime and manga series that have amassed a global fanbase.

Why Did You Summon Me? Chapter 9

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