Why Not Soar Your Majesty Chapter 51.2

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Chapter 51.2 - Help you get him drunk

“Yup!” Xiao Lin said. “Okay, you just asked your question. Me again, do you know how many eyelashes Powerful hotpot has?”

Olden day dawn: ………

Tang Xiao had finally figured it out, this was just a twisted way of getting people drunk.

Three or four cups of white spirits were downed and Olden day dawn was nearly done for, his eyes were starting to glaze over a bit.

July and Xiao Lin faced each other, their ten fingers interlocked with a peaceful expression on their faces, “Final question, do you like Powerful hotpot?”

Olden day dawn looked at the Powerful hotpot to his side.

She was dressed in a black dress with her hair in big bouncy curls.

His eyes darkened as his throat tightened.

Without waiting for him to say yes or no, Powerful hotpot suddenly opened her eyes and covered her mouth, rushing out.

Xiao Lin and July froze.

When they’d reacted, Olden day dawn had already run out after her.

“Quick! Go go go! Gossip is calling us!” According to Tang Xiao’s many years of gossip digging, there’d definitely be something big happening today.

She rolled up her sleeves and dragged the two out with her.

They hadn’t even reached the bathroom before hearing a loud slap.

This shocked them so much that they quickly ran faster.

People who had drunk too much, definitely had slightly impaired mental abilities.

According to Powerful hotpot’s temper, starting a fight in the bathroom definitely wasn’t out of the realm of possibility.

But when they ran in to take a look, they saw two people up against a wall, kissing passionately.

Their heights were similar as Powerful hotpot pushed Olden day dawn up against the wall, one hand holding his head and the other gripping his clothes, making him face downwards to meet her.

The three people watched, slack jawed.

They quickly and silently retreated into a corner.

“F***, so passionate.” July rubbed her neck, she felt her blood boiling.

“Too strong, the way she was biting.” Tsk tsk, Xiao Lin clicked her tongue.

Then the two people changed places as Olden day dawn pressed down on Powerful hotpot.

“Wait, is it just me who thinks that Olden day dawn is valiant and honourable? Powerful hotpot literally just threw up, I don't’ even know if she rinsed her mouth.” Tang Xiao added lowly.

Xiao Lin: ….

July: …..

“I feel like, this is a kiss that has a taste to it. Wouldn’t Olden day dawn be scared that they’d be making out and she’d suddenly throw up into his mouth?”

Throw … up … into … his …. mouth

Xiao Lin and July imagined it as their stomachs started to turn.

Xiao Lin: ….

July: …..

“I …” Tang Xiao was just about to say something as Xiao Lin quickly covered her mouth with her hand to stop her.

“The most important thing is the atmosphere! Atmosphere! Do you understand! Don’t you watch idol dramas!” Xiao Lin emphasised.

“I do watch idol dramas but when the idols act out kissing scenes, the actors all chew chewing gum beforehand.” Tang Xiao’s face was very earnest.

Xiao Lin: ….

July: …..

“Asking for death all the time is already bad luck, but to be this dumb as well?” Xiao Lin concluded.

Tang Xiao stretched out her head to try to take another look but found out that the two people seemed to have stopped.

Olden day dawn was holding Powerful hotpot in his arms and comforting her, one side of his face still had a bright red imprint of a palm.

“What’s up with them?”

July explained, “You haven’t been online lately. Olden day dawn confessed to Powerful hotpot but it seems like they’ve been fighting over his ex-girlfriend. Olden day dawn had explained it to her but Powerful hotpot just ran away. Now, he’d finally caught her and f***, those idol dramas didn’t lie to me. Once a pair of lovers fight, it’s nothing that a kiss can’t resolve. If that doesn’t work, then two kisses. But who knew that after drinking, Powerful hotpot was so forward! Like fire burning up dry wood!”

“Wait! Fire burning up dry wood?! Tang Xiao, your spring has come! Don’t choose a date, just today, sleep with Mu Cheng! Let that Su Bai(white), Su Black, whatever person, go eat poop!” Xiao Lin said excitedly.

July slapped Tang Xiao’s thigh to express support.

They’d already planned how to drug him but drugging him was too dangerous.

If they screwed up, Mu Cheng might end up in hospital and that would make her famous overnight over the world.

So just getting him drunk would be safer.

Tang Xiao: ….

“Little Tang poem, quick, it’s time for you to be decisive!! Or just try to lead him on, otherwise, the way that you two are slowly moving forward, Olden day dawn and Powerful hotpot will have a kid by the time you get together!” July rushed her.

Tang Xiao gripped her fists. “Originally, I wanted to wait a few more days before sleeping with him but it seems like my plans will now be moved forward. If I don’t sleep Su Muzhe in this lifetime, it was a waste of me being a rogue!”

The three people dashed wildly back inside.

“Mu Cheng, let’s play a game!” July shouted excitedly.


TL note:

That was exciting. Semi looking forward to TX's excited "did you know ..."

Leave a comment and to see TX’s half baked plan come to life xx

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Why Not Soar Your Majesty Chapter 51.2

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