Why Not Soar Your Majesty Chapter 56.3

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Chapter 56.3 - Uh oh, hit the wrong person 1

Chief Ning and Xiao Lin’s engagement date hadn’t been decided but the Orchid Awards were about to begin.

Qiao Yijing’s film had just reached the deadline to be considered for an Orchid Award so Mu Cheng and Su Bai were trending in the headlines, extremely popular.

The announcement was really just for more exposure.

All of their previous movies together, in past years, were all flipped out and speculated about.

Everyone kept talking and speculating about their relationship.

But this year, a Tang Xiao was added in.

What was special was that in the movie, the three were in a love triangle.

The media were even more excited.

This was like adding quality but not increasing the price, they kept churning out articles.

Mu Cheng had already answered the question, “between Su Bai’s female cop or Tang Xiao’s daughter of a mafia, which one would you choose?” a hundred times.

But the media still didn’t get tired to gossiping about it.

Online, there were ships already being made.

Some people decided to support Mu Cheng and Su Bai, the original couple.

Some people decided to support Mu Cheng and Tang Xiao, this online gaming couple.

Some people even decided to support Su Bai and Tang Xiao.

Tang Xiao: …..

Su Bai: …..

Su Bai’s fans still didn’t like Tang Xiao.

They were especially critical of her in the movie.

Every day, Tang Xiao didn’t even play games any more.

She just hopped onto an anonymous account and started to fight against her antis.

“Aren’t you scared that you’ll get exposed and found out again?” Xiao Lin looked at her frustratedly.

Tang Xiao never learnt her lesson.

Tang Xiao’s face was proud. “Not scared. Didn’t you realise that I’m using your phone? Even if I get exposed, they’ll only know it’s you. So if I do get found out, I’ll just fire you and swap an assistant. After all, you’re going to marry Chief Ning, you don’t need my money.”

Xiao Lin: …. Is it okay for you shift the blame so blatantly?

“I know a lot of your secrets, don’t force me to spill them to the media!” Xiao Lin grit her teeth.

Tang Xiao oh’d.

“That’s right! If it’s like that, I’ll kill you to keep you silent then! It’s a good thing that you reminded me.”

Xiao Lin: ……

Why did she keep forgetting how shameless Tang Xiao could be!

Qiao Yijing’s film started to open and it meant that she had to run around a lot.

Tang Xiao was so busy she couldn’t even catch her breath.

When one program ended, Tang Xiao ran straight to the bathroom to take a break.

“Miss Tang.” From the male toilets, a middle aged man came out.

Tang Xiao looked him up and down, not recognising him at all.

“I am Ji Mingxiu.” Director Ji introduced himself.

Tang Xiao slightly furrowed her brows.

From memory, the script that Su Bai originally wanted to give her, was this director Ji Mingxiu’s.

“Director Ji, what a coincidence.”

“I’ve tried repeatedly to contact Miss Tang. I don’t know if it’s because Miss Tang is looking down on me, so you haven’t replied at all? And then I heard that you’d be here today so I wanted to talk to you in person.” Ji Mingxiu took a step forward.

“I’m sorry, if it’s about a script, please find Chief Ning. I can’t make decisions about the projects I take on. I still have something on, I’ll have a coffee with you another time.”

Tang Xiao tried to side step him but the other party seemed dead set on talking to her.

He took a step forward and blocked her.

“Director Ji.” Tang Xiao’s voice unknowingly grew louder.

“The actresses who would like to talk to you, are numerous. Please give way, I’m busy.”

Director Ji’s expression turned back, coldly laughing. “Tang Xiao, I give you a bit of face and you’re run around stepping on it? Isn’t Chief Ning getting a bit too close to your assistant? Having your assistant steal your man, that must feel bad? Without Chief Ning, I’ll see how you’ll survive.”

Tang Xiao already wanted to swear at him to release her anger.

But she held it in, swapping it for a polite smile, “Director Ji is right. We should really talk. I know a back door, let’s go there?”

Director Ji smiled, vulgarly. “Good, good, good. I like clever people like you.”


TL note:

56.4 is coming out later tonight oTL

Someone gets hit unexpectedly.

Leave a comment and because yup, it’s that sleazebag director Ji xx

Why Not Soar Your Majesty Chapter 56.3

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