Why Not Soar Your Majesty Chapter 8.1

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Chapter 8.1 - Account gets hacked, everything's stolen, hugging a thigh

Tang Xiao’s company put down a lot of money to get her some publicity and actually get a program, on the way, they also asked Mu Cheng to come guest too.

When Xiao Lin came, she brought fruit pancakes as well as a document envelope.

“Xiao Lin! Did Mu Cheng’s assistant give you anything!” Tang Xiao happily ran over.

Xiao Lin passed over the document envelope to her, “My god, what’s up with his assistant, do I owe him money? Yesterday, when he came to find me, his whole face was dark. I was so scared that I nearly died.”

“Next time, say that he’s an assistant that doesn’t even eat dog poop and he won’t let you nearly die, he’ll actually make you die for real.”


Tang Xiao happily tore open the envelope which had Mu Cheng’s nudes inside.

They were half naked portraits, photos that hid half of his face, as sexy as sexy could be.

His upper body was built and apart from his abs, you could see his “v line” as well as that trail that trailed into his pants.

Every photo had Mu Cheng’s autograph and when spread out, ten photos were neatly lined up, ten half naked Mu Chengs.

“Aiyo, if I don’t get on beauty Mu Cheng, my life as a shameless hoodlum would’ve been in vain. I’m getting hard just looking at these.” Tang Xiao kept touching the posters.

Xiao Lin couldn’t take it any more as she covered her eyes with her hands, painfully crying out, “Tang Xiao, can you have a bit of dignity? Why are you getting more and more shameless?!”

“My dignity is working hard to sponsor and pay for Mu Cheng! My morals flowed out with my period blood, it’s all gone!” Tang Xiao replied with a straight face.

“Every time I take you on a program, I’m scared that you’ll just pounce on Mu Cheng and then drag him away.”

“Don’t worry! I’m a reserved person!”

When Xiao Lin was taking Tang Xiao towards the broadcasting hall, she kept repeating to Tang Xiao, “Be reserved, be reserved” on the way.

There were still a few more hours until the broadcast recording would begin so Xiao Lin went out to find the director to talk about the details of the program.

Tang Xiao sat by herself in the resting rooms in a faze.

The company had added Su Bai in last minute.

In these few years, Su Bai and Mu Cheng had worked together a lot and the two had been called the entertainment circle’s “Golden boy and Jade girl”.

Tang Xiao and Su Bai could be counted as being in the same company but Su Bai was always busy filming, flying around the world.

On the other hand, Tang Xiao spent her days holed up at home.

These two people would only see each other a few times at company gatherings.

They hadn’t come yet so Tang Xiao was flipping through the photos of the posters on her phone.

Suddenly, her phone vibrated, the word “July” flashed twice.

“Hey? July?” Tang Xiao asked.

July’s voice through the phone was cold and calm. “I need to telll you something.”


Tang Xiao immediately got anxious from her tone, suddenly sitting upright.

She suddenly hoped that the news would be that Su Muzhe exploded, Parting song exploded, or that the whole Ranzhi Jiangshan exploded.

“Little Tang poem! You have to stay calm!” July reassured her.

Tang Xiao’s mind immediately flooded with scenes from dramas.

-- Su Muzhe got caught cheating or Su Muzhe had a kid and whether or not it’s hers, she’d have to be the dad.

The more she thought, the more ludicrous her thoughts got.

Tang Xiao silently looked at her chest, these few days, Su Muzhe had tormented her too much, she was a total mess.

She couldn’t be a dad.

“Tang poem?” July saw that the other side hadn’t replied so she couldn’t help but call out again.

Tang Xiao finally reacted, “Go on, if it was Su Muzhe caught cheating, wait for me to home and we’ll put her in a cage and sink her in the lake.”

July paused and suddenly happily said, “Oh, don’t worry. You didn’t get cheated on, it’s not that bad. It’s just that your account got hacked and then got cleaned empty.”


Account got hacked?!

Cleaned empty?!

Whose account?????

What do you mean, it’s not that bad!!!!

Tang Xiao’s mind crashed, restarted and turned on two or three times.

She used an extremely calm voice to speak to July, “I feel like I might be dreaming. Wait, I’ll call you again.”

She hung up and then used her phone to knock her head a few times.

It hurt so much that she had to squat down.

Then July’s number called her again.

“Hey! July, tell me, did Su Muzhe explode, did I become a dad or are there more legendary players lined up to kill me?”

July sighed. “Little Tang poem, your account got hacked and wiped so clean that you only have a pair of pants left.”

“....” Tang Xiao was silent for a few seconds before exploding angrily.

“**** his old man! My equipment that I worked so hard for this half year are completely gone? His mom *** ….”

The door opened from the outside and Tang Xiao thought it was Xiao Lin so she didn’t bother to lower her voice.

But she didn’t think that what pushed the door opened would be Mu Cheng’s white and delicate face.

Tang Xiao’s whole body wasn’t okay as her pupils enlarged a whole circle.

Her eyes were about to slacken.

A thousand f*** you’s ran across her mind.

July’s voice from the other side thought that her heart had stopped so she screamed, “Little Tang poem! Are you alive!! Do you need me to call you an ambulance!! Su Muzhe hasn’t even been married to you for that long, and now she has to be a widow and re-marry!!”


TL note:

Getting on Mu Cheng - like riding if you know what I mean.

Putting her in a cage and sinking in the lake - olden day punishment for women who got caught cheating. They’d be put into a pig’s cage and sunk into a large body of river.

Hello Mu Cheng, Tang Xiao, take your foot out of your mouth.

Leave a comment and to see how Tang Xiao’s going to pretend she isn’t a total potty mouth in front of her idol xx

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Why Not Soar Your Majesty Chapter 8.1

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