Why Not Soar Your Majesty Chapter 9.1

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Chapter 9.1 - Account gets hacked, everything's stolen, hugging a thigh 2

After Tang Xiao got off the show, she immediately went to go find Xiao Lin: “Xiao Lin! I wanna raise a labrador, a labrador just like the one that Mu Cheng has~”

Xiao Lin rolled her eyes and couldn’t help but grab her by her collar.

“I should’ve put poison in that fruit pancake, poisoning you to death would be doing everyone a favour!”

“Then you’ll lose your job.”


The first thing that Tang Xiao did went she got home was to go online and check the damage.

The female enchantress on her screen was only wearing a small sc.r.a.p of cloth covering her private privates.

Her weapons and equipment had been cleaned empty.

The person who hacked her account had only left her an inventory full of chrysanthemum flowers, not even a small little HP potion.

Her face was full of despair and anger as she started yelling at her screen.

[Guild] Wind blows pants: Little Tang poem, did you see how bad the damage was to your account?

[Guild] Tang poem: Even worse than last time. I don’t even know whose dad to f***.

[Guild] Millions of lolis: Excellent! Let’s all g*ng bang little Tang poem!

[Guild] Tang poem: …..

The Ferocious Tiger Sniffs a j.a.panese Rose guild was an action type guild so disregarding Tang poem’s struggles, they dragged her to the wild and started beating her up.

This time, basically the whole j.a.panese Rose guild came out and found an empty wild spot to surround the barely clothed Tang Xiao.

Then they started beating her up.

They strived to kill her lying down on her stomach, lying on her back, lying on her side.

All different styles and even trying out new ones!

[Now] Millions of lolis: F*ck, this was like filming a scene. This was too good!

[Now] Tang poem: You guys can beat me up but please don’t humiliate me!

[Now] July: Who likes humiliating you. Who’s up next! Hurry up!

The people in the j.a.panese Rose guild had pretty much maxed out their levels and their equipment so having no families and no aims in life, they lost their missions in life.

It was hard for them to come across something that they were interested in doing.

Group beating up little Tang poem was something that invigorated them so they were all extremely proactive, like fire.

Tang Xiao normally provoked a lot of people and obviously, they didn’t like her but they couldn’t win in a fight against her either.

So when they saw her getting beaten up by her own guild, they couldn’t help but join in.

The j.a.panese Rose guild already said so in the beginning that it was for the sake of gaining happiness from chopping her up so Loli was on the side healing her as another person would continue chopping her with their new weapons.

It was a good way to spend the time and make everyone happy.

[Now] Wind blows pants: Quickly cry out twice! Otherwise, I can’t get excited.

[Now] Tang poem: ….. So it turns out that’s how you like it, I couldn’t tell!

Tang Xiao got blown up.

[System] You were killed by Hongren Guan guild’s Yellow River flows into the Sea.

The whole group was suddenly stunned.

In the middle of the screen was a lumbering knight with a heavy s.h.i.+eld who walked over to Tang poem’s corpse.

[Now] Wind blows pants: Bro, did your hand slip?

[Now] Yellow River flows: What, only you guys can beat up Tang poem? And I can’t? That year, Tang poem flirted with my wife and chased me and killed me for a whole week.

[Now] Millions of lolis: Oh, then that was wrong of her. But, bro, I forgot to tell you something.

Millions of loli hadn’t even finished speaking before the rest of the group donned on their gear and began to beat up Yellow River flows.

Knights have their defense as their priority but no matter how high his defense was, it couldn’t withstand the attacks of a crazed guild.

The knight fell to the ground and with him, Tang poem fell again as well.

[Now] Millions of lolis: Even if little Tang poem courts death, only we can bully her. Don’t you know that the The Ferocious Tiger Sniffs a j.a.panese Rose guild protects their own? So do you understand now?

[Now] Yellow River flows: You guys wait!

The corpse on the floor suddenly disappeared in a flash of yellow light.

Tang Xiao looked at the people on the screen and suddenly felt a bit moved.

[Now] July: Okay! Now no one’s fighting with us to kill her so let’s continue to gang b*ng little Tang poem!

Tang Xiao: …. What was I getting moved about!

They hadn’t been beating her up for long before Hongren Guan guild had started gathering people and heading towards them.

Tang Xiao had only just died before standing up to see the people in the wild had doubled.

[System] Hongren Guan guild requests to have a guild fight with The Ferocious Tiger Sniffs a j.a.panese Rose guild, do you accept?

Wind blows pants didn’t even hesitate to click accept.

A guild that couldn’t even hold up two bamboo sticks wanted to fight them?

[Now] Yellow River flows: The Ferocious Tiger Sniffs a j.a.panese Rose, if you guys hand over Tang poem, we won’t fight you guys.

[Now] This emperor: Wait, what happened? Did little Tang poem go around courting death again?

[Now] July: It’s nothing. Before little Tang poem changed her gender, she flirted with his wife.

[Now] Millions of lolis: And chased and killed him for a week.

[Now] This emperor: Ah, so shameless, too shameless.

[Now] Yellow River flows: Make Tang poem apologise or we’ll exchange swords.

[Now] Wind blows pants: Loli already said we protect our own. Stop spouting nonsense and fight.

The j.a.panese Rose guild heard “fight” and got excited.

Originally, before little Tang poem married Su Muzhe, Ranzhi and j.a.panese Rose fought almost every day.

After marrying him, the two fought less and less which made them lonely.

The two guilds didn’t even move before they already started slaughtering each other.

Tang Xiao became the person that the whole guild protected but only from Hongren Guan of course.

Tang Xiao crouched down in a little corner for the course of the fight to watch.

When her guild mates were tired from fighting, they came over to rest and chatted with Tang Xiao.


TL note:

Hongren Guan is another semi-large guild in the game, it roughly translates to Hongren [famous people] Guan [building], it's pretty awkward in English so I left it.

Tang Xiao will get a dog soon! And her dog will like Mu Cheng’s dog

Why Not Soar Your Majesty Chapter 9.1

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