Wild Magic Part 30

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He turned onto his back, and she did the same so they were lying side by side. "I sure hope I can cast some of those spells Johanna was telling me about. If I'd known *unfasten,' I would have been able to get out of Ubell's ropes."

"We're back to your need for training again. Having gone through it, I can tell you it won't be easy. But if you have the talent, the spell will come."

"Yeah, I look at all the stuff you and the Swords can do, and I start drooling. Right now, the only one I'm sure of is lux." As he said the word, he held out his hand, and his blue-indigo lightball formed and floated above them.

Irenee pointed, and hers appeared, glowing violet and indigo.

The b.a.l.l.s began to merge.

Irenee s.h.i.+fted to prop her head on one hand and run her other across his chest, his center, and down. She gave him that oh-so-innocent look again and kissed his shoulder. "It's not only the men who have secret smiles on their faces, you know."

Her hand reached the part of him that had awakened when the lightb.a.l.l.s touched each other.

"Come here, soul mate." His voice was rough when he pulled her on top of him.

As their lightb.a.l.l.s merged, so did they.



According to lore, an ancient force called the soulmate imperative brings together magic pract.i.tioners and their mates. They always nearly fall into each other's arms at first sight. Always ... or so the story goes.

But what happens if they don't? What happens when one mate rejects the other-in fact won't have anything to do with him? Who doesn't even believe in magic to begin with?

Computer wizard Clay Morgan is in just such a position. Francie Stevens has been badly hurt by a charming and good looking man and has decided to avoid any further involvements. Although the hacker plaguing her company's system forces her into an investigation led by the handsome pract.i.tioner, she vows to keep her distance from Clay.

The imperative has other ideas, however, and so does Clay. He must convince Francie that magic exists and he can wield it. It's a p.r.i.c.kly problem. Especially when Francie uses the imperative itself against him in ways neither it, nor Clay, ever antic.i.p.ated.



Wild Magic Part 30

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