With Contract Skill Many Brides! Chapter 3

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With contract Skill many Brides! Chapter 3: Departure to a different world

3: Departure to a different world

"To put it simply, I go to different world, defeat monsters and spread that message to others, right?"

"That's right, that was first one."

"Eh? Is there still more?"

Even if asked so much, it's hard for me... I was not good at remembering and I always took notes... I go to different world, I defeat monsters and spread the message about that, I am still alright I can remember it.

"This is the last one. Even if I say it, this one was fine if you can do it."

"What is it about?"

"There are many other incarnated and reincarnated persons than you think. If it is possible I want you to lend a hand to save those who are in trouble."

"How many are there?"

"Well... I guess about 50 people?"

"There are many."

"In reality there are more..."

"Is it okay if I can?"

"That's fine, because there are those who are summoned without permission and were enslaved and some enjoying with knowledge cheat."

Defeat the monsters and help the people in need! Yoshi I remembered...

"The story changes, did not you say the carriage that I was riding?"

"As I said at the beginning, about 30 people on that carriage were summoned. And there are around 20 more people who I can grasp."

"Then, there are lot of junior high and high school girls?"

"I am an Ex-god, so I do not understand it in detail, I cannot waste my time and effort to peek into that world. I can only ask you."

"Well then, are those girls already in that world?"

"That is not the case, since this place is separated from the time axis, you should be summoned to the same place and time when my explanation is finished."

"Is it for your convenience, is not it?"

"Well, this is the end of the explanation, I ask you to do the rest."

"Why the rapid development!? What about cheat? Do I not get any cheat?"

Do you think an old man without any talent would survive in a world with monsters? I'm confident that I will lose to even a goblin!

"Not particular! Ah, you can communicate with others normally, be thankful!"

"It's normal! It's normal for every transition! I am asking for my own!"

"Your body was lost. So, I rebuilt it for you."

"Is that why? At first I felt drowsy..."

"Others were transferred with their original body in their original world, so you are special."

"Is that fine? Then what about weapons!? Somethings like legendary weapons!?"


"Is it true? "

Is not it better for me to rest in peace to be happy? Considering after incarnation, I do not feel like surviving very much.

"Come to think of it, there was that."

"What is it!"

"The staple food of God, the magic bag where Kamireimate(Gods offer) and water with unlimited supply! Furthermore with infinite capacity!" (TL: I think Kamireimate means gods offer.)

"Pakurika?! Magic bag! I want it!"

"... It cannot be helped... There is nothing that can pass except this, so take care of it."

"Thank you! Onee-sama!"

"Gacha! "

"What? What's this? A collar?"

"It's a magic bag, it cannot be removed until you die."

Is not a bag that carried on the back or held by hand? I do not have a memory of a bag wearing around the neck...

"It suits you, just by thinking you are free to take in and take out things."

"I will cherish it, I will not remove it.. And finally I want to ask a question, is it okay?"

"What is it? If I can answer I will answer."

"Is there a way to return to the original world?"

"No, in your formal world you were already dead. Think of this as your second life from now on."

"I see, I will do my best of my second life!"

Since I got a bag and I will try my best! It starts at a place where I will be surrounded by female middle school girls!

"It's thankful that you understands quickly. And lastly, please take care of yourself in that world..."

" I will try hard in the range that I can do."

"Then [Gate release]"

A magic circle shine white at my feet, gradually my field of vision is blurred...

"Take care... Shun..."

At the last moment she called me with my name...



"Finally found you..." (A third persons voice.)

Thank you reading,

See you again.


With Contract Skill Many Brides! Chapter 3

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