Womanizing Mage Chapter 385

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Chapter 385

Suddenly, the five Winged Clan members body flashed with a cyan light, and the air around them seemed to stop moving altogether. Like other domains, the other magic elements within the Wind Domain instantly disappeared.

Several cyan strands bound Long Yi and Phoenix Matriarch as if snakes coiling around their prey. This was the Wind Binding Magic which was considered a wind magic spell.

Instead of struggling, Long Yi simply stood there, with a relaxed look on his face. He didn’t seem to understand that he was now a prisoner.  Instead, he tilted his head and curiously looked at the members of the Winged Clan. Other than Ou Yala, the other four members suddenly stood still in the air as if they were wooden pegs. It appeared as if their task was to help Ou Yala cast the Wind Domain, nothing else.

“It is still not too late to hand over our sacred object.” Ou Yala said in her beautiful voice. She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that Long Yi was trapped in her Wind Domain. However, when she saw Long Yi’s relaxed expression, she felt as though something was wrong. Could it be that this Wind Domain can’t stop him?

“Didn’t I already say that she wasn’t the one who stole your sacred object? Even if you were to kill us, we can’t take out the sacred object. Your Excellency Shaman, can you not make things difficult for us?” Long Yi said with an undaunted and annoying expression on his face.

Ou Yala ignored Long Yi and she directly aimed her huge bow at Phoenix Matriarch and said coldly, “The sacred object is with her. As long as she dies, the sacred object will automatically appear.”

“Beautiful Miss Shaman, to tell you the truth, it is indeed true that she took your sacred object. However, she stealthily passed it to me a moment ago. If you want to kill someone, kill

me.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Do you think I don’t dare to kill you?” Ou Yala shifted her aim to Long Yi and released an arrow which shot towards Long Yi’s thighs as if it was a lightning bolt.

The speed and might of a cyan wind energy arrow had increased by several times as it was within a Wind Domain. It instantly pierced through Long Yi’s thighs.

“Ah, so painful, I am going to die.” Long Yi cried in pain and his handsome face creased.

“Now that you know the taste of pain, quickly…… eh, how is that possible? How are you completely fine?” Ou Yala didn’t want to take Long Yi’s life. The only thing she wanted to do was to make Long Yi hand over the sacred object. However, after examining Long Yi carefully, she saw that her cyan wind energy arrow didn’t harm Long Yi at all, with the exception of tearing a hole in his pants. It didn’t even leave a mark on his skin.

“Fine? Do I look like I’m fine? How am I fine? Your arrow hurt me, and I shouted out in pain. What a waste of my saliva.” Long Yi said with a smile.

Ou Yala looked at Long Yi as if she was looking at a monster. She didn’t believe her eyes, and she shot several arrows in succession. Staring at Long Yi, she saw that her cyan wind energy arrows enter his body after piercing his clothes. However, the arrows failed to stab through his body. It was as though Long Yi was absorbing the arrows into his body as he stood there without moving.

“Miss Shaman, seems like you can’t kill me. I am blessed by the Wind God, so you don’t need to waste your energy shooting wind arrows at me.” Long Yi smiled and said.

“Blessed by the Wind God?” Ou Yala muttered, could it be that he was speaking the truth?

truth? Otherwise, how was it possible that her arrows don’t harm him in the slightest? Also, Ou Yala wondered if the people blessed by the Wind God would be suppressed by the Wind Domain.

“Yeah, as a matter of fact, your Winged Clan’s sacred object belongs to the Wind God. Now that the sacred object is in my hands, you can say that it has been returned to its rightful owner. You can all leave now, return to where you came from.” Long Yi said in all seriousness. He appeared as if he was telling the absolute truth.

Ou Yala was taken aback, could everything Long Yi said be true? The Winged Clan had always believed in the Wind God among the seven major gods. They believed that wind was the ultimate endorser, and the sacred object which belonged to their clan also contained a vast amount of wind magic elements. For millions of years, generations after generations of clanmates devoted their lives into researching the use of their clan’s sacred object.

More than a thousand years ago, one of the Winged Clan’s elder finally succeeded in developing wind magic. It was because of this wind magic, the Winged Clan was able to take a step forward in increasing their overall strength. After improving the strength of the clan, the Shaman of the Winged Clan received a revelation from the Wind God. As a result, the Winged Clan withdrew from the world and didn’t take part in any worldly affairs. The Shaman who received the revelation said that if their clanmates appeared in the world, the entire clan would meet a catastrophe which would threaten the survival of the entire clan. As a result, it had already been more than a thousand year since they withdrew from the Blue Waves Continent. In the memories of everyone, and in the history books, the existence of the Winged Clan was a myth.

With a thought, Long Yi

Long Yi absorbed the Wind Binging Magic around his body. The reason Long Yi was able to absorb wind elements into his body was very simple. Now, Long Yi was able to communicate with elemental spirits and he had a very good coordination with them. It can be said that it was very difficult for any magician that had a lower cultivation realm than him to injure him using their magic spells.

“Hey, Miss Shaman, why are you so shocked?” Long Yi instantly appeared in front of Ou Yala and gently patted her shoulder. As her reflexive nerves were too sensitive, she was startled and jumped when Long Yi laid his hands on her.

“You… how can you move?” Ou Yala saw that Long Yi had arrived in front of her without any obstruction and she couldn’t help but be shocked.

“I said that I am blessed by the Wind God. Do you think such a small Wind Binding Magic can tie me up?” Long Yi said with a smile.

The eyes of Ou Yala flickered. After thinking for a bit, she said, “You have to return our sacred object. Even though you may have a way of nullifying the effect of my Wind Domain, it doesn’t mean that you are blessed by the Wind God.”

“Then what do you want to do?” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders. As a matter of fact, this Wind Domain still had a certain level of threat to him. He couldn’t use magic and the might of his douqi was reduced by half. As for the Winged Clan members, all of them could use more than 100% of their strength within this domain. However, this kind of magic domain which only hand the power of a Master Archmage was completely useless against Magic Gods and Swords Gods. Also, the magic domain of another Master Archmage would be enough to resist this Wind Domain which the Winged Clan members have casted. However, have casted. However, Long Yi had no intentions of destroying the Wind Domain.

Ou Yala didn’t say a word, but a pair of wings on her back opened up. With a single flap, several hundred wind blades appeared and attacked Long Yi without warning.

Long Yi smiled and dodged. Even though he hadn’t really received the blessing of the Wind God, it was easy for him to dodge the wind blades flying towards him. As for the Wind Binding Magic, he communicated with the wind elemental spirits and they released Long Yi instantly. Even though it was possible for Long Yi to use his internal force to take on the extremely fast wind blades flying towards him, he would spend too much internal force trying to do so. Moreover, as they were currently inside the Wind Domain, the might of the wind blades were much higher.

How spectacular was it to see hundreds of wind blades flying together? In any case, the entire small courtyard was covered with those half-moon wind blades. The only thing that made Long Yi feel even more depressed was, the wind blades were sticking close to him due to Ou Yala’s control. Instead of disappearing after not hitting their target, the wind blades chased after Long Yi relentlessly.

“Humph, how dare you lie to me and say that you are blessed by the Wind God.” Ou Yala laughed. She was glad that she wasn’t deceived by Long Yi. However, her smile froze the moment she looked at Long Yi again.

In front of Long Yi, a cyan colored wind protective screen appeared. The wind protective screen blocked all the wind blades flying at him. What surprised her even more was a human-sized wind blade appeared in front of Long Yi. No matter how Ou Yala tried to control the human-sized wind blade to slash at Long Yi, she failed. It seemed as though the human-sized wind blade was casted by Long Yi himself.

Womanizing Mage Chapter 385

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