Womanizing True Immortal Chapter 63

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This time the female a.s.sa.s.sin wasn't here for Yang Tian but for a special mission. Yang Tian didn't even spot her. He only felt that someone was plotting against him but since there were so many people on the street, how could he take notice of every single one.

The a.s.sa.s.sin lowered her newspaper and sighed:

- Let's hope I succeed this time.

Her mission this time was very dangerous, it could be said that she had 90% chance of dying. To a.s.sa.s.sinate an Elder of the Dark Society, just the thought of it would be absurd. If she accomplished this mission then she could leave the organization. According to the rule of Heaven Slayer, any a.s.sa.s.sin that had acc.u.mulated the necessary contribution points can leave. Who wouldn't want freedom.

The female a.s.sa.s.sin had a bitter smile. The contribution point for this mission was astronomical but it was nigh impossible. Nine out of ten is that guy wanting to eliminate her and the reason was probably because he was afraid that Yang Tian would seek revenge. Even though Yang Tian said that he wouldn't do anything to Heaven Slayer, they had repeatedly tried to a.s.sa.s.sinate him, who would just let that go. Their final solution was to offer her as a sacrifice.

Yang Tian would yell foul if he knew of this. It was true that he wanted to demolish Heaven Slayer but he didn't have that much free time. More women more problem and he didn't want to be bothered with such a small organization.

Meanwhile as the two entered a restaurant and ordered some food, Qin Xue asked:

- Yang Tian, why have skipped school so much recently. The cla.s.ses you skipped are very crucial cla.s.ses, it will affect your grade and achievements when you graduate.

- I recently opened up a company and am very busy. I'm probably going to miss more cla.s.s in the future. However you shouldn't worry too much, I've contacted the school so I won't get suspended.

Yang Tian had Biao Zheng Long's company as a backup so anytime he was questioned, he would use it as an excuse. He also heard that women liked a successful man so he definitely wanted to be perfect in their eyes.

Qin Xue was surprised:

- You've opened your own company?

Yang Tian nodded:

- That's right, isn't our purpose for going to college is to find a job and make money? Me opening a company is for the same purpose.

- I've heard that opening a company requires a lot of work. You're only a soph.o.m.ore so how could you possibly handle all of that?

- I have a friend helping me manage, you don't have to worry. If the occasion is right I'll take you for a tour.

Qin Xue Nodded, she wanted what a company that Yang Tian opened would look like. Thinking back of when he cured her, she couldn't help but ask:

- You've created a pharmaceutical company?

- Nope, a fas.h.i.+on company.

- That's... You don't seem to know anything about fas.h.i.+on.

His face darkened, he had truly hit himself in the foot this time. However he was quick to react:

- I'm just doing the management, everything else has been taken care off. I mean the owner of a computer company doesn't necessary have to know about computers. Take Bill Gates...

Qin Xue burst out laughing:

- You mean to say that Bill Gates doesn't know anything about computer?

- Is that not true?

Qin Xue was now holding her stomach and laughing. Tears can be seen from her eyes:

- Who told you this?

Although Yang Tian had thick skin, he couldn't help but blushed. He didn't know who Bill Gates was but he heard that the man was very famous. He just wanted to give an example of a famous person to help his case but it seemed he shot himself in the foot again. It seemed his Wind Slicing Arts1 haven't been cultivated to the necessary level yet. This was truly embarra.s.sing. He pretended to cough:

- Alright, let's not talk about this anymore. I invited you here for lunch because I want to tell you that I'll be flying overseas tonight for a business meeting. I won't be back for another 2-3 days.

Qin Xue finally calmed down:

- Alright I understand.

-Is that all?

Qin Xue feigned surprised:

- How did you want it to go?

- When girls say goodbye wouldn't they be in tears, even hugging the guy not letting him go? What about the goodbye kiss?

Qin Xue burst out laughing again:

- You're going on a business trip, not going to war. Besides it's only for 2-3 days. Have you been watching too much of those romantic movies?

Yang Tian had a bitter look, he miscalculated again. If not for the sake of getting more experience, why would he spend his time watching those sappy romantic movies. He had the heart to try but it's unfortunate that he took a wrong path.

Seeing Yang Tian disappointed, Qin Xue stopped teasing him:

- Be safe on your trip.

Yang Tian immediately cheered up, it wasn't a total bust it seemed. With the food served, both of them ate and chatted merrily. Qin Xue had appointments in the afternoon so Yang Tian saw her off after lunch.

Returning to his mansion, Yang Tian packed some of his stuff and booted up the computer. The siege war had ended but there was a new event: Pantheon. Pantheon had 100 position - 50 3rd rank G.o.ds, 30 2nd rank G.o.ds, 15 1st rank G.o.ds, 4 Supreme G.o.ds and 1 G.o.d of Creation. Gaining G.o.dhood not only allowed your character to move freely between servers, it also gave a significant boost to all attributes. Not only that, it reduced all damage taken from people of lower ranking.

Take the G.o.d of Creation, the damage taken from a Supreme G.o.d would be reduced by 20%, from 1st rank G.o.d 30%, 2nd rank G.o.d 40%, 3rd rank G.o.d 50% and all damage from mortals by 60%. There were many players who opposed the launch of this functionality bit their complaints fell on deaf ears since the people who supported it were much larger. The game is famous worldwide with the number of registered user reaching 100 million people. The number of people playing the game in the country isn't that large which was why Yang Tian became the strongest person in this server cl.u.s.ter. However if it was world ranking, he was only in the top 100.

There were many whales playing the game and they sh.e.l.led out cash for the developers to make custom equipment for them. Yang Tian was a bit lacking compared to them.

Of course this was because Yang Tian didn't know about this before. However with the launch of this event, Yang Tian noticed that there were many people above him. This was something unacceptable to him.

Using the contacts on the website, Yang Tian contacted the headquarter of the local publisher. The other side had already been familiar with Yang Tian:

- Di w.a.n.g, do you want to order something?

- I just saw the profile of the strongest player in the game, I want an equipment set better than his.

There was a chuckle on the other line:

- That's not possible, his equipment and attributes are already maxed out. If you get something stronger, it'll break the balance of the game. You must know that all the equipment must before balanced by the developer or there won't be any players left.

- Is there no other way?

- Of course there is.

Yang Tian didn't say anything, he knew the other person would tell him:

- You've reached 3rd cla.s.s: Battle G.o.d. We are about to launch the 4th cla.s.s: Divine Sage. If the attributes of the third cla.s.s have been maxed then the 4th cla.s.s would open up new limits. Since all 4th cla.s.s will be Divine Sage, we've already designed a set item with maxed out stats.

Pausing for a moment, the other person emphasized:

- This is the only one of its kind, the next sets will be somewhat inferior.

Yang Tian asked:

- 4th cla.s.s, my server cl.u.s.ter only have a single 3rd cla.s.s which is me. Is it too hasty?

- This server cl.u.s.ter is still relatively new so the overall level is low. However considering all server, if there aren't 10000 3rd cla.s.ses, there must be 8000.

- We intend on auctioning out this set, you can partic.i.p.ate if you are interested.

- I don't have time.

The other line quickly responded:

- There's no rush, we are going to set up a private forum so you have to register to get in. You guys just need to name the price and we'll sell it to the highest bidder.

- I really don't have time for that and I don't really like waiting. You seemed very keen on me joining.

The other side sighed:

- That's a shame. More people joining would mean more compet.i.tiveness and the price would go up. We would get a higher commission from this.

The person was about to cut the line before Yang Tian said:

- I'll pay 10 million USD, how about that?

- What?

He truly thought that he misheard. The set was estimated to be worth about 30000 to 50000 USD. This price was truly out of his expectation. Yang Tian continued:

- Contact your main headquarter, if it's doable then give me a reply within today. One more thing, we get wings at 3rd rank so I think we should get something special for 4th rank.

- Of course, I'll contact them immediately. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


1. In Vietnam, there's a slang that translates to slicing the wind. It's used when someone is bulls.h.i.+tting. So he's saying that his art of bulls.h.i.+t isn't enough.↩


Womanizing True Immortal Chapter 63

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