Womanizing True Immortal Chapter 95

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Hao Nan didn't respond and crouched down to examine the remains before looking up to Yang Tian:

- Were you the one that killed him?

- Not me, take a look. He was killed by his own poison.

Hao Nan gave Yang Tian a serious look:

- This was a wanted criminal that was tasked to track down. Although his cultivation is only at early Foundation Establishment, his Gu poison was really hard to deal with. With me strength, killing him isn't hard but capturing him alive is almost impossible. I wanted to ask for your help...

Seeing that guy was about to go into a long speech, Yang Tian stopped him:

- I said that I wasn't the one that killed him. It's just that he threw some powder to try and dirtied my clothes so I threw it back at him.

Hao Nan saw that Yang Tian was denying all responsibilities and could only sighed:

- You don't know this, but he has a very important role to play in our plans. The higher ups have decreed that he must be captured alive.

- That's none of my business. Since you are already here, I'll leave the remains to you. Later.

As Yang Tian said that, he disappeared. Hao Nan didn't intend on keeping him. He was now thinking of how to report this to the higher ups. Yang Tian found another hotel to spend the night and got a call from Li Pan early in the morning:

- Yang Tian, where are you? I'll come and pick you up.

- I'm at hotel...

- Alright, I'll be right there.

A moment later, Li Pan drove his car there. Yang Tian checked out and got on the car to leave. Seeing Li Pan's happy face, Yang Tian couldn't help himself:

- It seems that you had a fun night with her.

As if Li Pan was just waiting for Yang Tian to ask:

- Not just fun, she said she missed me a lot. She told me about her time when I wasn't around...

- So you are very satisfied then?

- Not just satisfied, I...

Li Pan didn't finish his sentence as he felt something was wrong with Yang Tian's face. Before he could understand what was happening, a flurry of blows landed on his body and face. Li Pan immediately pulled the car over and covered himself in defense.

Yang Tian didn't let Li Pan any opportunity to explain himself and vented all the frustration and anger on him. After a while, when Li Pan's face was black and blue, Yang Tian finally stopped. From the outside the injuries looked serious but they were only superficial wounds.

 Li Pan slowly rubbed his face in pain and looked at Yang Tian hurtfully:

- What did I do to you?

- What didn't you do. Last night, I listened to your advice and came back to find her. She not only wasn't happy to see me, she treated me like a pervert. Tell me, does that not warrant a beating?

- You, tell me in details.

- Fine, I'll tell you so you'll understand why I beat you. Last night...

After listening to Yang Tian's story, Li Pan felt that he world was truly fair. Someone as powerful as Yang Tian also had moments of stupidity like this. He felt comforted by this somewhat.

- Yang Tian, are you sure she was just a normal person and not a Cultivator like you?

- Of course, if she was a Cultivator, then I would've noticed it.

- Then think for a moment. She was an ordinary person and the lights were turned off at the time. How could she see who you were?

Yang Tian rubbed his chin in contemplation:

- That's not possible.

- Then take another moment. If you were asleep at night and a dark figure appeared in front of your windows, what would be your first thought?

- Thief? You're saying she thought I was a thief and screamed. Impossible! What part of me looks like a thief?

Li Pan didn't answer and looked at Yang Tian with pity. He didn't understand how a normal and rather perfect person like Yang Tian could be so stupid when it comes to beauties.

After thinking about if a while, Yang Tian looked at Li Pan apologetically:

- I'm sorry, I wrongly accused you.

- You think a simple sorry does it? Looking how you beat me up.

- Then let me kill that Li Zheng Hao as revenge, how's that?

- No need, I've returned to the Li Clan and I'll get my revenge with my own hands, sooner or later.

- So how do you want to settle this?

Seizing on the opportunity, Li Pan asked:

- I want to know about your ident.i.ty. Why was the Patriarch so respectful to you after just some words?

- Even if I tell you, you wouldn't understand. How much do you know about the forces of the Cultivators?

 Hearing Yang Tian say that, Li Pan was taken aback. That's right, he didn't know anything about the forces of the Cultivators. So even if Yang Tian told him, he wouldn't understand.

- Alright, let's quickly get back,

Li Pan nodded and continued to drive. When the two arrived in Bei Jiang City, it was already noon. Saying goodbye to Li Pan, Yang Tian went home and booted up his game. He wasn't online yesterday so he had no idea if there was any new event.

Logging into the game, Yang Tain found that aside from his usual energy bar, he had another grey bar called Divine Power. When he turned on the Creation G.o.d t.i.tle, they grey Divine Power bar turned into purple. There was another skill on the skill bar with the description:

- Creation G.o.d Domain, opened a pocket dimension. In this dimension, all attributes increased by 50%, all enemy attribute and skill damage reduce by 50%. Consume 10 Divine Power every second.

Seeing that he has 1000 Divine Power, it seemed that the skill can be sustained in 100 seconds. Feeling the overpoweredness of the new skill, Yang Tian couldn't help but lament:

- So this is the difference between players with money and players without.

Yang Tian opened up his G.o.dhood panel and began teleporting between server. After a while, he decided to log out. When one gets too powerful, one would become quickly bored. Yang Tian ran in this exact situation.

As he was about to head out for lunch, Yang Tian heard a knock outside. When he opened the door, before he could say anything, a figure fell towards him. He looked down at the newly arrived person and Yang Tian couldn't help but be startled. It was the a.s.sa.s.sin Qing Wu.

Right now her entire body was feel with burns and blood. Her beautiful face was pale beyond belief. Yang Tian quickly carried her inside. Putting Qing Wu on the bead, Yang Tian quickly checked her wounds. They were very serious but luckily not life threatening. She was most too tired from the blood loss and pa.s.sed out. Her cultivation had already broken through to Foundation Establishment. The speed of her advance was fast beyond belief. According to his calculation, Qing Wu would need some more time before being able to reach this realm.

Yang Tian treated her wounds then stepped out to buy some food. He guessed that she would wake up around the evening so he went to take a nap after the meal.

Qing Wu was having a nightmare. In the nightmare, her mother and brother had b.l.o.o.d.y faces and looked at her with fury. Next to them was a shrouded person pointing a gun on their heads. Qing Wu tried to run to them but she found that no matter how much she tried, she couldn't treat them.

The shrouded person let out a barbaric laugh and pulled the trigger. The entire world was seemingly died in red and Qing Wu screamed:

- No.

Qing Wu bolted up from her bed. Her forehead was filled with sweat. She was only having a nightmare. Yang Tian, who was sleeping next to her, also woke up:

- What's with all the noise? Go back to sleep.

Seeing Yang Tian sleeping next to her, Qing Wu immediately fell back and looked at him suspiciously:

- Why are you here?

Yang Tian was fully awake now and seemingly remembered what happened earlier, smiled at her:

- That's my question. This is my house and you came to me. Oh right, how did you get those wounds?

Qing Wu examined her body for a moment and found that all her wounds have healed. Her expression gradually became calmer:

- Did you treat my wounds? Thank you then. I have something I need to do so see you later.

Seeing Qing Wu trying to leave again, Yang Tian was quick to stop her:

- Wait a minute, this is my house. You can't just come and go whenever you please like that.

Qing Wu gave him a cold look:

- What's your demand then, say it.

Yang Tian sat back on the bed and looked solemn as he was thinking:

- Well I am free at the moment so I'll go wherever you go. I'll treat it as a vacation of sort.

Womanizing True Immortal Chapter 95

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