World of Cultivation Chapter 801

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Chapter Eight Hundred and One – The Little Tenth Grade

Tenth Grade's sneak attack was stopped and the little Tenth Grade immediately howled as he charged towards Zhen Ling Meng!

Killing energy swirled in the wind, the mist rippling. Tenth Grade was like a tiny black shadow that flickered in and out of view through the mist. The little crescents were like thousands of bolts of lightning. They rained down on Zhen Ling Meng from all directions.

Sword essence filled the air!

Killing energy boiled!

The sword energies were black bolts of lightning. Sword essence spread. An invisible force wrapped around Zhen Ling Meng like thousands of spiderwebs.

Zhen Ling Meng jumped in fright at being suddenly attacked. If she didn't have a treasure of the sect protecting her, she would have been injured. The Bagua Heart Protection Mirror that her Master had given her now had a crack on the border.

Zhen Ling Meng was both shocked and angry. She was protected by the elders and shixiong in the sect. Anyone that saw her would yield to her. When had she lost face like this? The talisman that Master had given her had followed her for many years. She treasured it. It was now damaged!

She was strong to begin with. Angered, she used her killing move without any hesitation.

A cold sword energy cut across the mist like lightning to head towards the sword net made from Tenth Grade's crescent blade!


A clear sound rang out of the entire battlefield.

She felt a vicious power pass through the flying sword. Zhen Ling Meng felt the energies inside her roil and instinctively took two steps back.

Tenth Grade's little body was thrown into the air.

Such strong sword essence!

Zhen Ling Meng was alarmed. It was the first time she encountered such a vicious sword essence. Also, the other's skill on sword essence matched her.

Was this Wei Sheng?

This thought flashed through Zhen Ling Meng's mind. She only knew of one person from Mo Cloud Sea that had such skill in sword essence, Wei Sheng!

The rumors said that Wei Sheng wielded a blood-red sword. His sword essence was vicious and bloodthirsty. She felt that she had guessed correctly.

However, her mind quickly calmed down. While the other had not put all of his power into that attack, she had also been reserved in her response. While she was surprised by the viciousness of the other's sword essence, she would not be surprised if it was Wei Sheng.

As the strongest fighter of Mo Cloud Sea, Wei Sheng was no longer that unknown youth from the past, but an unorthodox top expert that was pointing a sword at the holy land for the sword xiu.

Even the Kun Lun geniuses with their eyes on the top of their heads put away their pride when they faced Wei Sheng.

Zhen Ling Meng quickly calmed down. She swung her sword. In a blink, twelve sword essences formed a twelve-layer barrier in front of her!

Knowing that the enemy could possibly be Wei Sheng, she wisely chose to go on the defensive.

Wei Sheng's reputation could be seen from this!

The twelve sword energies cross crossed. The sword essence that they gave off made them form a secure article. Anything that came near would be torn into pieces by countless sword energies. Even the mist was not an exception.

All the mist within ten zhang disappeared.

The Ghost Mist Child snorted and was displeased inside. However, he did not attack. It had been a long time since he had participated in the world, but he had been a friendly and understanding henchman. He knew that he was the new person and the right thing to do was to get on good terms with the other brothers.

Tenth Grade had a proud personality. It would not be good if he interfered.

As expected, a furious howl came from the sky. Vicious and savage killing essence roared and echoed like lightning.

Being thrown into the sky to the proud Tenth Grade was undoubtedly an embarrassment.

He felt as though there was a burning flame inside. His black robes moved despite the lack of wind. His hands were raised high above his head. The crescent blade seemed to be attracted and flew into his raised hands.

A tinge of dark red suddenly came onto the crescent blade.

Like an incomplete moon drinking blood!

Tenth Grade's hairs stood on end. His proud and cold little face was murderous.

From the moment he was born, his greatest wish was to become the strongest ling beast and not fail the name of Tenth Grade.

Yet after seeing Wei Sheng's strength, Zuo Mo's dominance, A Gui's eeriness, Silly Bird's brutality, Zong Ru's unfathomableness, and Luo Li's intangibility, this guy's eyes looked even higher.

This little body was full of ambition!

He was Tenth Grade!

He was born to be at the top, how could he be mediocre?

The mist below was dissipated by Zhen Ming Ling's sword essence. Her field of view broadened and the layers of sword energy flashed with beautiful light.

Tenth Grade threw down a disdainful look.

The fighting spirit inside burned and roiled. Tenth Grade showed his innate desire to fight.


Face Tenth Grade's ultimate move!

Tenth Grade's eyes suddenly burning, his power rippling. His still proud face carried disdain that came from his bones. His arms suddenly pressed down.

The dark red crescent suddenly shot down.

Behind the crescent, the bloody afterimages were like silk. Countless vicious shadows flashed. They constantly changed, moving and turning, forming and disappearing!

A peerlessly vicious presence came with an ear-piercing howl like the wails of thousand of ghost that caused people's minds to  shake.

The blood color of the crescent blade became even deeper and the bloody shadows behind were even redder.

Hundred Sacrificial Soul Killing Sword!

There was no madness on Tenth Grade's little face. He was still as cold and proud as usual.

He did not know that his expression right now was unconsciously mimicking his idol, Wei Sheng Daren.

This sword scripture that Wei Sheng had picked for him was matched to his taste. He liked to fight, and this sword scripture was full of killing intent. He was Teacher Wei's fan. Whatever Teacher Wei said was right. From the start, he found that it was unusually enjoyable to cultivate this sword scripture.

But he quickly found a new target.

In his eyes, Teacher Wei was the strongest sword xiu in the world.

Every time Tenth Grade went close to the God-Killing Blood Sword, his blood would uncontrollably boil, and he would feel the thirst for blood. However, Teacher Wei would seem unaffected. Such a vicious God-Killing Blood Sword was docile in his hands.

Teacher Wei's heart was stronger than the strongest steel!

He revered Teacher Wei.

Correspondingly, his demands of himself increased. Even the God-Killing Blood Sword could not shake Teacher Wei's mind. Then how could he let the measly Hundred Sacrificial Soul Killing Sword shake his mind?

He started to copy Teacher Wei and tried to keep his mind unaffected by the sword essence.

So this presence scene appeared. The crescent sword essence cross the air, the sharp sword essence like a wild beast out of the cage. However, Tenth Grade's face was as cold and proud as usual.

Yet the sword essence was so strong it reached an unprecedented level!


They had almost fallen for a trap. Tan Xu was both shocked and angry. He had a habit when he cultivated that no one knew of. He would always split a part of his mind to prepare for a battle no matter what the time was. This was because the first time that he had gone a mission, he had almost died from carelessness.

From then on, he had persisted in this cultivation habit.

Today, this habit saved his life again.

A small hole appeared on his shen equipment. The shen power that protected his body had all been dissipated by the attack. If it wasn't for the shen equipment, his body would have a big bloody hole right now.

Escaping the danger, Tan Xu immediately became enraged, especially when he saw the one that had attacked him was a ling beast. Tan Xu became furious. "Such a daring bastard!"

With a crimson red flying sword in his hand, he flew towards Silly Bird like a flame.

Hearing the word "bastard," the feathers on Silly Bird's forehead suddenly exploded and stood on end. Her usually proud and imperious eyes immediately filled with blood and became vicious and savage.

When had Silly Bird ever been cursed like this?

Facing the flame, she pecked again!

This peck was unlike the one before. There seemed to be countless sparks that exploded at the tip of the beak. Every spark was the size of a grain of sand. These sparks did not fly in all directions but formed a spiraling pattern around the bird bead.

A hint of imperceptible smugness flashed through Tan Xu's eyes.

The fire that he had thrown out appeared normal but was dangerous. It was not fire, but something that appeared like fire made from pure sword essence.

His attack was extremely deceptive and many had fallen to this.

When he saw Silly Bird facing his sword essence "flame" and pecked, Tan Xu couldn't help but show some smugness in his eyes at the success of his plan.

As expected, in the moment they came into contact, that thread of fire suddenly exploded!


Countless sword essences exploded and swallowed up Silly Bird.

This seemingly normal "fire" contained three thousand and sixty sword energies that were extremely fine. When they were connected by the sword essence, they formed a flame.

The sight of three thousand and sixty sword energies exploding at once was spectacular!

The burning light caused people to close their eyes. The mist within dozens of zhang was swept away. A hair-raising rattle of the sounds of collision came from the burning ball of light.

Tan Xu's smugness was on display as he snorted, "Just a feathered bastard dares to attack ye, it doesn't want to live! Ye will let you taste what it means to be a plucked phoenix!"

These three thousand and six hundred sword energies contained countless variations. Once an enemy was trapped inside, they never managed to come out.

It was an ultimate killing move!

[Sword Flame]!

Even when he fought against other shixiong on Kun Lun, whenever he used this killing move, all the shixiong would avoid this and no one would ever take on this move head on.

Who was so confident they would escape unscathered from three thousand and six hundred sword energies?

Wasn't it easy to use a killing move that even the other Children of Kun lun feared to deal with a feathered bastard?

Tan Xu looked around warily. At this time, he did not want someone else to sneak an attack on him.

What he didn't know was that the Black Gold Seal Soldier and Sunshine within the mist were looking with pity at him.

"He's dead." The Black Gold Seal Soldier shook his head and sighed.

"No." Sunshine shook his head. That sunny face was full of pity. "It is not so easy for one who has offended Big Sister Bird to die."

Big Sister Bird was angry. The consequences were horrifying.

The sword energies dissipated.

And revealed a proud and magnificent bird.

Her feathers were slightly ruffled. Her narrowed eyes were not as angry as before, but they could easily caused people to feel that her anger had reached a peak.

There was a short suffocating calm like the one before a storm.

Translator Ramblings: Big Sister Bird … … I cannot stop think of Big Bird.

World of Cultivation Chapter 801

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