World of Immortals Chapter 235 Part1-11

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Part 1

The condition of the experts that were cut down was unknown. Bosch hastily ordered his men to the rescue. Only until he received a definite news did he finally heaved a sigh of relieve. It seemed like the other party knew when to hold back. He didn't really want the Southern Wasteland and Yindu to be at odds with one another.

Bosch walked to the center of the battlefield with large strides. He knew that he had no other choice but to take up the challenge by himself. Sending more people would only result in more injuries and deaths.

"Come down and fight with me!" Bosch faced upwards and shouted loudly. He was not a Spiritual Master, so he had yet the ability to fly.

The shadow in the sky raised its sword and flew straight for Bosch. The sword left a long yet beautiful and magnificent light in the sky as it was dropped down in a straight line.

He didn't waste time on any unnecessary words. The iron sword represented his will and intention.

"Clank! Clank!"

The ear-splitting noise spread across the entire place. Bosch's fists were flickering with exquisite light as he bombarded the iron sword with countless of punches. The clash between the two caused sparks to scatter around. The powerful energy waves even forced everyone around the battlefield to fall back.

The showdown between two experts standing at the summit was indeed, too shocking for words.

Bosch was well known for his prowess in Yindu. Even if he was not number one, he was still one of the top ranked experts.

"Reveal your real body, you won't best me in this state." Bosch shouted coldly. His entire body was glowing with endless light, it was as if he was the incarnation of a heavenly sword himself.

As if it was only natural, the shadow beside the iron sword slowly faded away, and a figure from among the crowd walked into the battlefield with large strides.

Everyone turned pale with fright. They never thought that the powerful master of the iron sword was just beside them. They hastily made way for him.

The new arrival had a tall and slender build, black long hair, and eyes as sharp as the sword. His expression was cold and seemed to possess an extremely peculiar aura. His entire person had the same aura as the iron sword floating in the sky, as he if had truly devoted his soul to the sword.

"You can call my Bosch, may I know who am I facing?"

"Dugu Jianmo of the Southern Wasteland." As he spoke, the iron sword flew towards his palm.

"So it was indeed someone from the Solitary clan!" Bosch nodded.

At a distant place, Yan Qingcheng and the others were really excited. Although they had long guessed it was him, they were still unable to remain calm. Regardless of their former relation, they were still from the same place after all. When Windfeathers suffered a crushing defeat before, the rich kids of Yindu ridiculed the experts of Southern Wasteland, it made them feel extremely humiliated and angry.

World of Immortals Chapter 235 Part1-11

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