World of Immortals Chapter 242 – Mayhem

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Part 1

The virtuous Chrysus stuttered as he called out Yan-yan and Frost-frost in front of the Spellbind Castle… so much so that he even called out grandpa. The courtesan and eight young ladies suppressed their laughter to the point of tearing up. And the people who happened to pa.s.s by on the street even went as far as holding their belly with both hands as they laughed out loud.

This made Yan Qingcheng, Frosty, the third princess, and the palace maids to feel extremely angry. Their faces turned beet red, but they couldn’t do anything to that guy. After all, how could they just rush into that kind of place?

The vulgar guy didn’t feel a tid bit ashamed. He lightly kicked Oxman who was laughing while slamming the ground. Then he said, “Ox-ox… Ox-ox…”

“@#¥#@%, wretched guy, thirteen seconds! You stand right there.” Oxman immediately jumped up. It was too embarra.s.sing to be called this way by that guy.

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“I am… s-s-s… speaking to you, Ox-ox… Ox-ox… Ox-ox…” Who knows if Chrysus was really stuck here or he did this on purpose, but it made everyone on the street to once again burst out laughing. In the end, they were all scared away by Oxman when he swayed his huge ox-horn to and fro.

“Are you calling little girl, or are you calling Ox-ox?” The courtesan teased as she walked over with swaying waist.

“Same, same!” Chrysus smiled vulgarly.

Oxman rocked his horns, he was itching to ram Chrysus once or twice.

“Shall we enter?” The courtesan and the eight ladies led the way into the castle. They couldn’t stay in the front door anymore, otherwise they would lose their professionalism.

“Yan-yan… Yan-yan, Frost-frost… Frost-frost, Grandpa… P-princess, see you later.” Chrysus waved his hand at the street while walking into the castle. However, just when he was about to get out of sight, he spoke without misgiving, “H… How about… y-y… you girls also… come!”

“Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+”

A few icy lights were launched into the Spellbind Castle. Chrysus pulled back his neck and slipped away. A jade hairpin, beads, and other such items were embedded on the wall of the Spellbind Castle.

“That G.o.dd.a.m.n stuttering, repulsive vulgar man. How shameless can he be!” Yan Qingcheng was extremely angry.

“That’s right. I am itching to beat him up.” Even the normally good-tempered Frosty was clenching her fists in anger.

The third princess of Shang Dynasty was also somewhat angry. With her ident.i.ty, did people ever dared to make kind of joke in front of her? However, she knew that it was useless to bicker.

Just at this time, a tall figure with a b.a.s.t.a.r.d sword on his back walked over from the distance. It was precisely the cold-blooded Dugu Jianmo.

“That guy… couldn’t be heading to the Spellbind Castle right?” Frosty voiced her doubt.

“I am already quite shocked to see Xiao s.h.i.+shui to enter this kind of place. I didn’t expect the cold-blooded Dugu Jianmo was also this kind of man. Sheesh… men are all the same.” Yan Qingcheng curled her lip in disdain.

They saw Dugu Jianmo going in from the distance. The third princess smiled and asked, “Do you girls want to go in and take a look?”


“No way!”

World of Immortals Chapter 242 – Mayhem

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