World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 301

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Chapter 301

Xiao Yu was overjoyed as he looked from the city walls at the army of the enemy. They were getting ready to attack the Lion city. Weren't they courting death? That prodigal son was up to his reputation. Robert could ignore the life and death of so many people just because he got angry and furious.

Xiao Yu wasn't aware of this but in the eyes of Robert the lives of so many people counted to nothing. Robert looked at these ordinary soldiers like p.a.w.ns in a game. He didn't care and he didn't mind using their lives to pave way to his ultimate victory. Robert was aware that Xiao Yu had strong warriors and there would be huge casualties to Wei Princ.i.p.ality's army but he simply didn't care. All he was concentrated on was to use this army as a cannon fodder to exhaust the strength of Xiao Yu's troops and then use the warriors of Kennedy family to flatten the Lion city.

This was the difference of att.i.tude for the lives of humans from two different perspectives. Xiao Yu was born and grew up in a modern world where peace and prosperity ruled. He cared and respected for human lives. However, Robert was the heir to a mighty family. He did whatever he wanted and no one had done anything to change this att.i.tude of his. He would kill when he wanted. It was a habit that had been with him since he understood what he represented.

Bang~ Bang~ Bang~….

The war drums began to be beaten up within half an hour as the wei army start to march towards the Lion city. The defensive line in the city was alert and ready for the attack because of Xiao Yu's orders. This sudden attack had taken them in haste but they were well prepared for any attacks in advance.

“Why that idiot didn't send orcs and mechanical puppets?” Xiao Yu was perplexed as he looked at the soldiers of the enemy. He had found out that only the soldiers of the Wei Princ.i.p.ality were present. The warriors of the Kennedy family weren's in those formations.

Bang~ Bang~…

The sounds of war drums echoed as the soldiers began to charge towards the Lion city. It seemed as if an earthquake was happening and the ground was trembling because of their march.

“The soldiers of the Wei Princ.i.p.ality are good.. They are totally different from Solomon's and Subaru's soldiers… They are way too powerful…” Xiao Yu was amazed as he looked at these ordinary soldiers. However, Mu Lee was quite sad. It was him who had nurtured these soldiers and now he had to kill them. It was a cruel feeling.

“Master, are we going to use only the soldiers of the Wei Princ.i.p.ality? Lion territory is quite powerful.. We won't be able to capture the city by only relying on these mere 100,000 ordinary soldiers…” Zane, who was the commander of the Kennedy family troops, whispered into Robert's ear.

Zane had stood silent until now because he had seen Robert furious and angry. He believed that he would be killed if he immediately intervened with this prodigal son. However, it was still not late to advise Robert to use Kennedy family's trump cards in this offensive wave. Zane was a real commander and understood the ways of war. He was long aware of the strength of Lion city. In fact, he had orcs under his command too. Zane knew that sending ordinary troops at this moment was paving the way for a ma.s.sacre. They had to send powerful warriors to suppress the strength of Xiao Yu's orcs and others troops to achieve something. At the moment, he belived that using only the troops of Wei princ.i.p.ality was nothing but sending these people as cannon fodders to death.

Of course, Zane believed that some part of the army had to be used as cannon fodder to test the waters. But the strong warriors had to be used for intensive and powerful attack once the situation was clear to them. This way they could injure the powerful warriors of Lion city. Otherwise, the enemy would just get flesh wounds and recover from them.

“Are you questioning my decision?” Robert picked his eyebrows as he looked at Zane.

“No! Of course, no! Young master is wise. It was this subordinate whose mind was muddled.” Zane responded. He sighed in his heart. If this youth continued to live like this then sooner or later the mighty Kennedy family would be destroyed in his hands. The Kennedy family was amighty ancient family but such a heir was more than enough to destroy it.

At the same time, another handsome youth was smiling as he looked at the situation from a mountain in distance. Xiao Yu would recognize this man as Nicholas Ernst who he had met in the lair of blood elves if he was here.

Nicholas shook his head as he looked at the battlefield: “I though highly of Robert… I didn't think he would be so affected by Xiao Yu's agitation.. He may not care about the lives of this ordinary soldiers but he isn't aware of Xiao Yu's strength too. It is too naïve to think that he would be able to capture the Lion city by relying on special troops of Kennedy family.. Xiao Yu isn't a vegetarian either.. Moreover, he is a genius commander who can make the world fear him in the battlefield.. Anyway, f.u.c.k it.. Let them fight and I will be the only one standing high and mighty at the end of this war…” Nicholas smiled as he looked over. He was aware that Robert would never back away from a defeat because of Robert's childish character. He would use all the forces under his command for a crazy final attack. Nicholas knew that such a commander wouldn't be able to capture the Lion city but Robert would certainly make heavy casualties to Xiao Yu's side. His chance would come at that moment.

Xiao Yu sighed as he looked at the enemy soldiers who were only a few hundre meters away from the city.

“Prepare the arrows! SHOOT!” Qin Che's voice echoed out. Xiao Yu had taught a lot of theories about the long-range wars of the modern warfare to Qin Che. Therefore Qin Che was aware of the strength of long-range battles. Now, he was leading these units of the Lion city. In the past, the entire force of the Lion city were made out of few thousand warriors and soldiers. At the time, Xiao Yu was able to command all of the army. However, now the army was ma.s.sive and the structure was complex too. Xiao Yu wouldn't be able to command each branch.

Swoosh~ Swoosh~ Swoosh~…

The archers began to shoot after Qin Che's shout. Thousands upon thousands of arrows left the bows. At the moment, the archers of the Lion city weren't composed only of elves but ordinary soldiers too. They had trained them for long enough. Although their strength wasn't on par with elves but they were elite human archers.

The sky was covered with arrows. It seemed like the drizzle of rain that was going to fall on the enemy soldiers…

World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 301

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