World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 302

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Chapter 302

Xiao Yu's troops already had the advantage of the defending side. At the same time, countless arrows fell down from the sky towards the enemy soldiers who charged towards the city. Death was not an unexpected thing in the battlefield so the soldiers who saw the others die didn't stop but continued to charge while carrying the ladders.

Shu Chi was supervising this operation. He was at the rear making sure that no one run away or turned back. He was condemning Robert in his heart even though Shu Chi was at a safe location at the moment. He looked at the arrows that fell down like rain water. Countless people fell down and miserable howls echoed out. He murmured: "We wouldn't have taken refuge under the wings of Kennedy family if we knew this would be the case…"

However, it was not something that Shu Chi could decide on his own. He was more clear than anyone else that Li He was able to climb to the position he was standing today with the help and support of Kennedy family. They were on the s.h.i.+p since the start and there was no possibility of jumping off.


Xiao Yu looked at the battlefield and heard the continuous roars of the enemy soldiers. He had seen such scenes way many times and had gotten used to this. The Kennedy family was the most powerful enemy he had faced until now but he didn't have the excitement he had felt in the previous wars. Sometimes the hards.h.i.+p and pressure could stimulate the hidden potential of the individuals. The person would constantly think of ways to save his own skin. However, this prodigal son, Robert, was even ignoring the lives of his own troops and sending them to clear death. Xiao Yu would be excited if he faced a strong commander. But Robert wasn't one of them. A good general could lead few soldiers to a grand victory while an incompetent one would lead several thousands to their demise. As a result, Xiao Yu was quite calm as he looked at the intense battle. He sat on a chair and continued to drink from wine. Originally, he would drink to stabilize the morale of his troops but at the moment there was no need for that.

Qin Che, Mu Lee and Captain Hui were good generals. They could cope with the pressure by themselves. In addition, Thrall, Uther, Tyrande and Cairne had matured and could lead the warriors.

The soldiers of the Wei Princ.i.p.ality rushed towards the city walls disregarding their own lives. It was a blatant move but still by the advantage of the quant.i.ty they injured quite a many soldiers from Xiao Yu's city. Nevertheless, the Lion city was still strong. Ordinary soldiers weren't as strong as the elite soldiers of the Wei Princ.i.p.ality. However, all of them were blessed by Uther and were at least twice stronger because of the blessing of light.

The battle continued and the blood spilled over the walls of the city. The screams and howls of injured ones echoed out. Shu Chi led the soldiers to attack again and again. Time pa.s.sed on. The ground was dyed in red by the time the sun went down. The offense of the Kennedy family stopped when the night fell. Tens of thousands of soldiers from the Wei Princ.i.p.ality had died in one day. The ones who were alive were exhaust and returned back to the camps.

There was heavy casualties on Lion city's side too. After all, ordinary soldiers couldn't be compared to the elite soldiers of the Wei Princ.i.p.ality. The Kennedy family had supplied the army of the Wei Princ.i.p.ality with best armors and weapons.

Xiao Yu ordered Mu Lee and Captain Hui to clean up the battlefield and put patrols while he went back to rest. His mind was quite muddy as he was pondering about ways to destroy the main forces of the Kennedy family. On surface it seemed that Robert was using all the force under his command but Xiao Yu was clear that Kennedy family had quite a few trump cards hidden for the right moment. He had experienced the strength of the high level magicians and warriors of the Kennedy family when he was in the Undercity. They were Xiao Yu's weakness as he lacked high-level powerhouses. Of course, the help of master Higgins took off pressure from his shoulders. The Magical Explosive Arrows to be produced by Master Higgins would be equal to a dozen of fourth-rank magicians.

However, Xiao Yu's problems didn't end with Kennedy family. He was clear that Nicholas Ernst was somewhere close in the sidelines and watching the battle. That's why Xiao Yu didn't have any other option but to win the war. He couldn't afford to lose.

He ate dinner with his sisters-in-law. Xiao Yu grinned, smiled and made jokes during the dinner as if he didn't care about the war. Those sisters-in-law were accustomed to Xiao Yu's playful and cheerful nature. However, all of them were worried about the powerful enemy that Xiao Yu was facing this time. It was only Suesha who could fight in the battlefield. So the other sisters-in-law helped with logistics.

Xiao Yu went out to look at the moon after the dinner. He didn't know the reason but he thought about Earth out of blue. He missed the place. The days where he would play games with his friends were gone for good.

He returned back to his room to rest when he felt a something wrong. It seemed as if he was facing a hidden danger. At the same time, the sounds of loud explosions echoed out.

“What the h.e.l.l?” Xiao Yu frowned. He listened to the explosion sounds and turned towards the direction where the explosions originated: "MOTHERf.u.c.kER! This Robert is quite smart.. He is attacking my bases! d.a.m.n MOTHERf.u.c.kER! DEFEND the BASES!" Xiao Yu shouted out. He understood that Robert was taking this chance to attack his bases. The warriors that were summoned from the bases jumped up in fury and anger. They rushed towards the bases through the tunnels that Xiao Yu had prepared in advance.

“Kill everyone that dares to attack our homes!” The summoned warriors were furious as they vowed to tear apart the invaders.

World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 302

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