World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 307

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Chapter 307

Arthas had reached peak of level 19 and could step into level 20 at any moment. Xiao Yu hadn't seen his progress for a long time. It seems that Arthas was an excellent commander as he could reach the height he was right now with just 100 ghouls. The chilly wind flowed past his body when Xiao Yu entered the cave where the undead base was located. It was no different from a living hell. In fact, Xiao Yu would have never come to this place if the undeads weren't his last resort.

“Arthas! What's up? How you doing?” Xiao Yu asked when he saw Arthas ride his horse towards himself.

Arthas jumped off the horse and bowed: “Greetings master.”

Xiao Yu waved his hand and said: “Don't be so polite.. I have focused on developing the other three bases but haven't done anything for you guys.. I'm feeling a bit sorry because of that.”

Arthas replied: “Master must have strategic plans. This subordinate and others are doing well in here.”

Xiao Yu felt more liking towards Arthas because of his sweet words. Moreover, he knew about Arthas's tragic past because of the Warcraft game and felt sympathy for this hero.

“It doesn't matter.. I'm going to develop the undead base and upgrade it.. Soon you will be leading a real army!” Xiao Yu looked at the Necropolis.

Arthas's eyes lit up with excitement when he heard Xiao Yu: "really?"

Xiao Yu nodded: “Of course.. You will have an army and you will go on expedition to dominate this world for me.”

Arthas bowed: “The subordinate is willing to die for the master's cause.”

Xiao Yu was satisfied with Arthas's reponse. He began to ugprade the Necropolis and build various new building close to it. Slaughterhouse, Temple of the Damned and various other building were built until morning. Xiao Yu was quite pleased as he looked at this new building. At the same time he had to summon the second undead hero because he had upgrade the base to level 2. He chose to summon Anub'arak as the second hero. The main reason for such choice was that Anub'arak as the Dread Lord could summon swarms of bats, beetles and locusts to attack the enemies. The enemies simply couldn't guard against so many insects that would penetrate into their bodies, eat and corrode from inside out. Moreover, this kind of attack would put a lot of fear and psychological burden upon the enemies. Xiao Yu felt nauseous just when he thought about such an attack let alone the people who were going to face it.


Xiao Yu got a new message from the game system when he summoned the second hero after the upgrade of the base.

System: Congratulations! All four bases have reached level 2. Reward of two additional heroes. Only Elf and Undead heroes can be summoned.

Xiao Yu was surprised when he got the system reward. He remembered that system had given him reward of extra two heroes when he established four bases. Now, it seems that the system gave him another 2 heroes after he was able to upgrade all bases to level 2. At the first reward, Xiao Yu had summoned Uther and Thrall so it seems now he could only summoned an undead and an elf hero.

Xiao Yu had long pondered about the next elf hero that he was going to summon and had decided long ago that it would be Illidian Stormrage. He needed someone suited for battles and Illidian was much better choice than Malfurion. He knew that there were 'relationship' problems between Maiev, Tyrande and Illidian but he believed that he should let them deal with their own 'private' problems. Moreover, Malfurion wasn't present so there wouldn't be much problems at the moment. Xiao Yu thought about the next undead hero that he wanted to summon and decided on Kel'Thuzad.

Kel'Thuzad was Antonidas's disciple and had inherited a lot of powerful frost spells from Antonidas. In addition, his magic had improved a lot after becoming an undead. There was this evilish sense to his magic attacks. Moreover, as an undead magician he was going to be very useful in large-scale battles. Xiao Yu had 5000 units to summon after solving out the decision of which hero to call out.

Initially, he decided to summon 2000 ghouls. Each ghould was counted as 0.5 units so 2000 ghouls summed to only 1000 units. The ghouls were durable units and they would be massive killers once they reached high levels. In addition, they would be almost unbeatable after they could use the skill to eat the bodies of the enemies to restore their lives. It meant that there was no need to worry about their injuries as they could recover themselves and jump into battle once again.

Afterwards, Xiao Yu decided to summon 1000 Crypt Fiends and 500 Gargoyles. Crypt Fiends could use 3 skills. The first skill was cobweb which let them use webs to bind air and land units. The second skill was burrow which let them dig into the ground and lurk underground then attack. The third skill of theirs was to summon small spiders that would attack the enemies. The Gargoyles were air units. They were mobile and flexible. In addition, they were rarely found tough air units. Moreover, they could turn into stone statues and disguie themselves. In addition, their skin was quite thick and had a certain immunity to magic. They were good to deal with the enemy's magicians.

The highlight of the night was the Abominations. Xiao Yu ordered 500 abominations to be produced. First of all these units were utterly shocking. The enemies would be scared shitless when they would see a monster composed of piles of meat from different creatures. The abominations had three skills. The first was cannibalize which made them eat the enemies to restore their vitality. Seoncd skill swas plague aura which would release plague into the vicinity to corrode everything. The last skill was used to hook the enemy in front of it. Xiao Yu vomitted for a while after he checked the skills and saw the disgusting body of an abomination

“Motherfucker! TOOO EVIL!” Each abomination was counted as two units so 500 abominations took place of 1000 units. There were only 1500 units left.

Xiao Yu summoned 250 Necromancers, 250 Banshees and 250 Obsidian Statues. Each of these warriors were counted as two units so Xiao Yu's quota was full. Obisidian Statues was way too useful. They could restore the vitality of other undead troops or transform into Destroyer form and become powerful air units. The Destroyer's were immune to magic too so Xiao Yu could cause great threat to the enemies by using Destroyers and Gargoyles together.

The most important part of the plan was that Xiao Yu didn't have to worry about losing these troops. He could use them for suicide attacks against the powerful high rank mages of the Kennedy family.

The Necromancers were on a level of their own. They could simply summon skeleton warriors. Each Necromancer could summon 10 skeleton soldiers when they reached level 10. It meant that 250 Necromancers was equal to an army of 2500 skeleton soldiers. The strongest skill of the Banshees was Possession. They could enter the body of the enemy and control him or her. They could occupy and control the low-level warriors of the enemy with ease. However, the high rank warriors couldn't be controlled by these banshees. As a result, 250 Banshees were more than enough at the moment.

A creepy and devilish smile appeared on Xiao Yu's face as he looked at the undead units that were produced one by one…

P.S: The Reign of Terror begins…

World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 307

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