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Refining the Dragon

Looking at this familiar scene, Xin Yun smiled heartily. Although his body was illusory, his soul was still able to exert power. Gathering his focus, Xin Yun exerted all of his soul’s power.

Following this exertion, within the sea of dark blue light, millions of bright red lights suddenly appeared. All of the lights were like countless snakes that were covered in a bit of dark blue fog and flew towards Xin Yun from all sides.

If someone else were in the room, they would definitely be shocked to find that the blood on the jade blue sea was slowly seeping inside the jade blue sea, forming a thin red thread towards the core of the jade blue sea.

Very quickly, the numerous red spirit snakes were all surrounded in a dark blue fog and had arrived in front of Xin Yun. Looking at them from up close, how was this any sort of snake! It was clearly a dragon! And it was not like A Da’s pig dragon, it was the symbol from Chin Shenlong!

The Chinese people had always believed themselves to be the descendants of dragons. Dragon’s blood flowed in their veins, and their bodies contained the souls of a dragon. Although n.o.body knew why this was believed to be the case, seeing the current scene, many people would think deeply about it.

The red lights were not very thick, and from Xin Yun’s current angle, they were only as thick as an arm. At four meters in length, it looked like a huge python, but this huge python actually had five dragon claws growing from its belly!

“What! Five claws?” Looking at the approaching red dragon, Xin Yun stared wide-eyed. What was going on? In his previous life, Xin Yun had also been able to summon his own dragon, but that clearly only had four claws. What was going on!

Blankly looking at the blood dragon the thickness of an arm entering his body from all angles, for a while, Xin Yun’s mind was in disarray. What exactly was going on, and why was there a five-clawed dragon!

Legend said that a dragon had horns like a deer, a head like a camel, eyes like a ghost, a back like a snake, a belly like a dragonfly, scales like a fish, claws like a hawk, palms like a tiger and ears like an ox, and it was mystical and divine. But precisely how many claws a dragon had, Xin Yun could not figure out clearly. There was mention of a golden dragon with eight claws, where eight seemed to be the upper limit, but there were also people who said that five was already the upper limit. There were some biographies that spoke of nine claws. As for how many there truly were, perhaps n.o.body would be able to tell.

However, as far as Chinese culture was concerned, Xin Yun placed most of his trust in five claws being the limit. As everyone knew, the dragon robes worn by the emperor had dragons embroidered on them. The dragons on these robes had five claws. Based on rank and generation, the dragons on an emperor’s robes had five claws, the dragons on a prince’s robes had four claws, the dragons on a prince’s son’s robes had three claws, two claws for the prince’s grandson, and one claw for the prince’s great-grandson.

In fact, aside from the dragons on the dragon robes, the other things could not be considered dragons. From this point of view, the dragon from Xin Yun’s previous life only had four claws, so that could not be considered a dragon. It should be considered a python!

The so-called dragon emperor definitely had to wear an imperial robe with a five-clawed dragon. Five claws made it a dragon. Four claws made it a python. That is why a dragon robe with a five-clawed dragon was a real dragon robe, while a robe with a four-clawed dragon was a python robe. That’s why it was not a true dragon.

There had been this sort of story in the past. A government official wanted to rebel and privately sewed himself a dragon robe. When he had nothing else to do, he would put it on then wear another robe on top.

But he did not think that this matter would become known by others, thus the emperor ordered for him to take off his outer robe, so they could see whether it was truly a dragon robe on the inside. If it was, he would definitely be dragged outside immediately and executed. Aside from the emperor, who else could wear a dragon robe?

The government official naturally shriveled, but this was not his home. It was the imperial palace, thus he was dragged to a changing room by the guards, and his outer robe was removed. After all… a government official could not take off his clothes in front of the emperor.

Originally, this was a life-threatening situation, but the official was rather quick-witted, as he actually poked a hole in his robe and ripped off one of the claws then ate it. When he went out, there were only four claws left on the dragon, and that made it a python robe. It naturally would not be considered rebelling, and he was able to keep his life.

Happily watching the five-clawed dragons enter his body, Xin Yun began panting heavily. Could it be… that in his previous life, what he rode was a python, and he was now going to ride a real dragon?

With each dragon entering his body carrying a bit of blue light, Xin Yun’s body began to gradually solidify. Also… the shape of his body was rapidly changing.

With with millions of blood dragons entering his body, Xin Yun’s body began to become clearer and clearer. His body also began to twist and stretch. Eventually… Xin Yun’s body could no longer be considered a human shape. Instead, it had become shaped like a dragon.

He had horns like a deer, a head like a camel, a back like a snake, a belly like a dragonfly, scales like a fish, claws like a hawk, palms like a tiger and ears like an ox. This was Xin Yun’s current state, and most importantly, he had five dragon claws!

Finally, the last red blood dragon entered Xin Yun’s body. In an instant… Xin Yun only felt a sudden surge of pain on top of his spine, as though something had come out then began to slowly expand…

If he were in his human form, perhaps Xin Yun would need to look in a mirror to see what was happening, but Xin Yun was currently in his dragon form, thus he could turn 180 degrees and look towards his own back. What entered his eyes was a pair of dark blue wings that were not very large but they definitely were not small. They had appeared on Xin Yun’s back near the head of the dragon.

“This…this is!” Suddenly looking at the wings on his back, what was this, a dragon actually grew wings? What sort of thing was happening? Not to mention a real dragon, even the python that he rode in his previous life did not need wings to fly! Could it be… that a real dragon was inferior to a python?

In a slight state of confusion, Xin Yun immediately thought of a possibility. There were many types of dragons. Ones with wings were Yinglong, ones with scales were Jiaolong, ones with horns were Qiulong, ones without horns were Chilong, those that did not rise to heaven were Panlong, and then there were Kuilong and Feilong…

According to legend, Yinglong was a divine dragon from ancient times. It had once helped the emperor fight the grand mystic Chi You and was commended for its meritorious service. When it flooded, Shenlong diverted the flood and was commended for its meritorious service. Since this Shenlong was Yinglong, Yinglong became a hero of the great founder.

Yinglong’s special characteristics were its wings, its long body, its long and large head, a pointed snout, a nose, eyes, small ears, large eye sockets, a high brow, sharp teeth, a protruding forehead, a thin neck, large belly and a long tail. It had strong limbs and looked like something that had grown wings. On jade tablets from the Warring States period and on silk paintings from the Han dynasty, Yinglong’s image appeared often.

Of course, Yinglong was not the final girl. It was just a stage of growth for a maturing dragon. According to “Shu Yi Ji” it is stated: “For a dragon, 500 years to become a horned dragon, 1000 years to become Yinglong.” Yinglong could be called a type of perfect dragon that happened to grow wings.

China had the dragon kings of the four seas, and Yinglong controlled all of the water under the heavens. This was not limited to just the four seas; therefore, it should have become the dragon emperor, while Qinglong controlled all of the dragons under heaven and would become the dragon sovereign!

Looking at his current state, Xin Yun really wanted to know how this Yinglong would grow as he continued to cultivate. Continuing to grow and grow into the emperor of the dragons then become one of the four divine beasts- Sovereign Qinglong!

While he was observing, Xin Yun only felt the pull around him gradually reduce. At the same time, he felt another very familiar pulling feeling. Feeling this incomparably familiar pull, Xin Yun seemed to not resist. If he was being pulled, he did not resist and allowed himself to be pulled out… The world around him returned to darkness…


Author’s note: “The beginning of this book required some business aspects. There will not be any more later on. Every one, please do not worry. The protagonist is a cultivator.

X- Epoch of the Dragon Chapter 28

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