X- Epoch of the Dragon Chapter 29

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Hidden Fifth Claw

With everything turning dark once more, all of his senses returned to his mind. Sight, hearing, taste, smell… not a single one was lacking.

Having just regained feeling in his body… Xin Yun was sensitive and noticed a flow of spiritual energy that did not exist before in his dantian. There was not much spiritual energy lingering and floating in his dantian.

Although Xin Yun’s current strength was not sufficient to allow him to view inside, with experience from his previous life, Xin Yun knew that this spiritual energy was from the winged Yinglong that had just become part of his existence.

It had already been said, the dragon and the person were originally one ent.i.ty. It was not two separate beings. The dragon used the blood as a guide, the soul as a medium and the dragon creation stone as a foundation. Separate from the body, after it had been freed from the confines of flesh, it would acc.u.mulate energy from the heavens and the earth and come into existence. It was a part of the person.

The current dragon-shaped spiritual energy in Xin Yun’s body was actually Xin Yun’s soul. With the help of the dragon creation stone, it was condensed with the use of blood and the dragon creation stone’s power. From a certain perspective, this was Xin Yun’s true body. Only by manifesting the dragon’s form could a person’s true power be exerted.

That’s just how people were. They had unparalleled wisdom, but their bodies were weak. They could not even compare to the normal wild beasts, not to mention things like elephants, whales or sharks.

Taking a deep breath, Xin Yun did not open his eyes. Up to this point, the refining had only just begun. Calming his heart, Xin Yun circulated his spirit and controlled the spiritual energy in his dantian then began to move between his meridians.

As Xin Yun was still young and had not yet turned eight, he still had a child’s body, and the body’s meridians had not yet closed up; therefore, as the energy was circulating, although it was not that there was no resistance, but the force behind the energy was too great. The dragon force condensed from a 9.9th tier dragon stone with Xin Yun’s three lifetimes of experience, how such a weak barrier block him?

As his body trembled, the dragon-shaped force made repeated breakthroughs. Although the pain caused Xin Yun’s back to become soaked with sweat, the extreme rate of his cultivation was extremely shocking!

This was the benefit that a child of a wealthy family had. Because they had money, they could acquire higher tier dragon creation stones. The effort needed for cultivation was cut in half for the same results. If someone used a first tier dragon creation stone, if they could break through one of the bodies 365 barriers each week, that would be pretty good. How could they be like Xin Yun, who was currently breaking through each barrier with great ease?

With Xin Yun hurrying, very quickly… the dragon-shaped force bounced around through all of the meridians in his body then returned to his dantian and began to coil up in the spirit sea.

Up to this point, the first refinement had concluded. The force that had coiled up in Xin Yun’s dantian was not just the combination of Xin Yun’s soul and spirit. It also created its initial mark on Xin Yun’s body that was something that could be considered a brand!

Slowly opening his eyes, Xin Yun gently removed his s.h.i.+rt and took a look… Xin Yun’s formerly delicate white skin now had a faint-blue dragon-shaped tattoo!

The color was very faint, in fact, it was a little bit green, but there was not much white skin left on the upper half of his upper body. A dark-blue dragon coiled around Xin Yun’s body!

Looking carefully, the long twisting dragon’s body coiled around Xin Yun’s body. The head of the dragon was in the center of his chest, and the tail wrapped around to his back. Of its four legs, two appeared on Xin Yun’s arms, while the other two appeared on his thigh. The entire dragon was blue with a hint of green, and it looked incomparably fierce.

Taking a deep breath, Xin Yun nodded in satisfaction. Looking at his hand, dragon creation stone that had been the size of a chicken’s egg was now a bit smaller, but it was still a deep blue color and incomparably clear. To completely refine this 9.9th tier dragon creation stone, it was clear that it could not be completed in just a day or two.

Gently placing the dragon creation stone into his pocket, Xin Yun took a deep breath then slowly stood up. As he stretched out his arms and legs, a creaking sound came from all over Xin Yun’s body with a surge of strength.

Feeling this incomparably huge power well up inside himself, Xin Yun happily smiled. Although he still had not finished cultivating his own dragon, his body now had some strength. His body was rapidly getting stronger in every way. Among normal people, no matter how strong they were, they could not compete with him.

Of course, in this world, there were very few normal people. If there were one million people in a city, 990 thousand of them were people who could summon dragons. Everyone was different, but it was merely a difference in the type of dragon and their power levels.

Feeling the power in his body, Xin Yun walked over to a mirror and looked carefully. The tattoo from this life was far more fierce than the one from his previous life. A faint aura of bravery and ferocity came from the tattoo.

“Hm?” After looking for a long time, Xin Yun furrowed his brow. Turning his body in disbelief, he began to carefully search, but… no matter how he searched, Xin Yun could only find four dragon claws on the tattoo. What was going on? Where had the fifth claw gone?

No matter how hard he looked all over his body, there were only four claws that could be found. There was definitely not a fifth claw, but Xin Yun was very clear on there being five claws while he was in that jade blue sea. It was definitely not a four-clawed python!

While he was puzzled, Xin Yun ate some dried food then sat back down. Taking out the jade blue sea once more, he relaxed his entire body and once again dripped fresh blood onto the jade blue sea, then… Xin Yun’s consciousness once again entered the jade blue sea.

Upon entering the jade blue sea, Xin Yun immediately looked at his body. Sure enough… it was as he had recalled. With the body of a ying long, there were five claws. What exactly was going on?

Although he was very puzzled, now was not the time to think too much about it. Using the power of his soul, in an instant… hundreds of millions of blood-colored dragons appeared in the jade blue sea then entered Xin Yun’s body.

After Xin Yun had once again absorbed all of the blood and the power of the jade blue sea that came with this blood, he returned to his body first. After this, there were already two dragon essences flowing in Xin Yun’s body. Through Xin Yun’s efforts, the two essences circulated through his body once more. After circulating them a few times, he stopped them in his spirit sea and coiled them up.

Slowly opening his eyes and looking carefully, the tattoo on his body had become much darker. It was no longer as faint, but it was not too deep in color. At the same time, the power inside his body had doubled!

But Xin Yun did not care for these things. Standing in front of a mirror, Xin Yun searched carefully, but it was the same as the first time. No matter how he searched, he could not find any trace of the fifth claw.

He suddenly sat on the ground. Could it be that there was some sort of problem? Or was it… that he had to completely absorb all of the jade blue sea’s power before it would appear?

With these doubts, Xin Yun entered the jade blue sea seven times over the next seven days… On the ninth day, at around midnight, Xin Yun’s ninth cultivation session had come to an end. At the same time, within Xin Yun’s spirit sea, there were nine dragon essences!

Slowly circulating the nine essences, he circulated them through his body. After nine cycles, Xin Yun slowly opened his eyes and looked towards his hand. The jade blue sea was still the size of a small marble. This…

Shaking his head, Xin Yun examined his body. At this moment… the strength in Xin Yun’s body was nine times higher than before; however, even if this was the case, he still had not reached the copper rank. His power level could be considered unranked nine star.

That’s right, this was the power of the dragon creation stone. If one used a first rank dragon creation stone, the power created would be unranked one star. A second rank would create an unranked two star, and a ninth rank would create an unranked nine star. After the tenth star, it would rely on the individual’s efforts to continue to improve. Once there was a breakthrough, they would become a copper one star.

Do not a.s.sume that it was easy to get stronger. Using A Da as an example, although his qualifications were a little lacking, and because he was a little too poor, so he had no ability to rely on external methods to improve, even if this was the case, over the course of 20 years, he had only managed to reach copper one star. This was already enough to prove just how difficult it was to get stronger.

In contrast, Xin Yun had not even turned eight years old; however, he already had an unranked nine-star dragon. Also… there was still a bit of jade blue sea remaining. Once it was completely refined, even if he did not attain copper one star, he would almost be there. That was to say… using just the jade blue sea, Xin Yun had basically closed the gap with A Da’s 20 years of cultivation.

Also, most importantly, this was just one of the effects of the jade blue sea. In fact, it was the most unimpressive effect.

Taking a deep breath, Xin Yun once again sat down cross-legged. Xin Yun closed his eyes then… bit open the tip of his tongue and placed the last piece of jade blue sea in his mouth. Moving his consciousness, Xin Yun entered the jade blue sea one last time.


Author’s note: Uh, it would be no loss if everyone was descended from dragons. Surprisingly, everyone has such a good understanding of dragons and, unfortunately, found the flaw of a fifth claw.

But this fifth claw was not actually a fifth claw. It was just excess power within the jade blue sea. At the same time, it was a highlight worth seeing. Xin Yun’s understanding was incorrect. Otherwise, how could it not appear in its summoned form?

A true fifth claw was actually referring to the number of digits each claw had. Old Yun (Author) knows this. Also, Xin Yun’s current dragon cannot be considered a real dragon, much less a ying long. If a ying long were brought out right at the start, what else is there to write about later on?

In truth, Xin Yun is still very naive and new… The real story has yet to begin. Xin Yun’s advantage should be his memories from his previous life. Compared to Yi Luo Xiang, there is too great a difference. It truly is the difference between the heavens and the earth. This is something that will be explained more as the story continues. Right now, although Xin Yun seems quite good, he is not much stronger than a pig dragon. In fact, he is not even on par with A Da’s pig dragon. Only with the fifth claw can he be relied upon, but it is completely worthless against experts.

Seeing that everyone is extremely against the protagonist making money, I did not plan on writing any further on this arc. After glossing over it, we will get into the main story. Right now, Old Yun must do his best to explain the characteristics of this story. In order to facilitate everyone’s partic.i.p.ation, based one Old Yun’s thoughts, compile a list of every opponent that Xin Yun will face. In fact, it would be best to include the appearance of every fighter. Old Yun is someone with limited power and hopes that everyone can partic.i.p.ate, but it’s currently a little early to be speaking about this. After everyone has understood the characteristics of the book, we shall continue.

Since everyone is disgusted with making money, there will be nearly no earning of money in the remainder of the story. This story will no longer waste too much ink on describing it. I hope that everyone will voice any views and opinions that they might have. Old Yun is always paying attention but does not want to comment.

After all these years and have experienced so many things, Old Yun is already extremely tired. Right now, I just want to calm down and write about things that I enjoy. At the same time, I hope that everyone will like these things. As for other things, Old Yun does not have many requests. To those who are supportive, please continue to support me. To those who do not support me, Old Yun will not force you or beg you. In truth… a feeling of calmness is also quite good.

It’s possible that everyone may or may not have noticed, but Old Yun no longer asks for as many tickets and does not ask for as many votes. I am just quietly writing and quietly working, and there is a bit of a feeling of having nothing to work desire. The truth is this is also the case. If you like Old Yun’s stories, just throw in a couple tickets. If you don’t like them, it’s also fine not to spend them. Even if you want to curse a bit, that’s also fine, but don’t go overboard. Living in a harmonious society, we must be a little bit harmonious.

Alright, I won’t keep going. Everyone should continue reading. If you think it’s good, spend some tickets. If you feel that this story is pa.s.sable but is lacking in certain parts, please do provide some advice. You can even partic.i.p.ate in this story by using your own ideas to try and help adjust the story.

X- Epoch of the Dragon Chapter 29

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