X-ray Is More Than I Thought Chapter 88 Part2

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Hi guys! I’m Stevomobo, and I’ll be your new translator for this once abandoned light novel series! Although I’m a complete scrub since this is my first time translating for an online community, I aim do the best that I can! I’ll aim to upload weekly, but we’ll see how it goes!

And lastly, I hope you enjoy your long awaited s.e.x scene!


I got up from the bathtub, sat on a chair and made Rikka stand in front of me. Although Rikka's face gets flushed as she fidgets restlessly, while sticking out her chest, she places both hands behind her and opens her legs in order to expose everything to me.

Her short white hair wet from the hot water, red pupils and healthy, delicate body which possesses b.r.e.a.s.t.s that are larger than the average young girl. Body piercings are seen to be attached on the nipples when looking at the tip of both her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, and similar things were also attached to her c.l.i.toris.

Maybe it's because of her being wet from the hot water, Rikka is more adorable than usual, wearing that dazzling body piercing which seems to be excessively painful. For that reason, it piques my s.a.d.i.s.tic interests.

「Rikka, I plan to wash your body. Do you want to service me? 」

When asking that question, the fidgeting Rikka opened her eyes wide.

「Y-Yes! I want to service you! 」

She shouts and nods repeatedly.

Although Rikka lacks technique, her flesh is a first-cla.s.s onahole(TN: Pocket p.u.s.s.y) and thus, she possesses abilities which outcla.s.ses everyone.

In other words, even if she's lacking in technique, depending on how I use her, it is possible to enjoy her body as much as I like.

「Alright! Then Rikka, sit on my lap」

「Y-Yes! 」

Adhering to my instructions, Rikka nods in reply. Her voluptuous b.r.e.a.s.t.s shake as she straddles on my lap.

As she steps across my lap, Rikka's crotch opens. Because of that, Rikka's slim youthful p.u.s.s.y opens up, exposing her vivid salmon pink flesh walls. Then from the small and youthful meat hole, slimy body fluids are seen to be overflowing out of there, forming a lewd and obscene string which drips onto my lap.

Like the mouth p.u.s.s.y, the lower p.u.s.s.y is also pretty cramped. Moreover, no matter how many times I f.u.c.k her, she is forever a virgin as her hymen will automatically recover from her super regenerative abilities.

Although it's not bad to be using such a loli p.u.s.s.y, Rikka really wants to service me. However, her technique overwhelmingly lacking. So, let's make it so that she can provide a service that no one is able to imitate.

「Rikka, this time I'm going to insert my c.o.c.k "here"」

Saying that, I stretched my right hand to Rikka's crotch. Making a *guchuguchu* sound as I teased her crotch using my index finger, coating my fingertip with her p.u.s.s.y juice.

Becoming breathless, Rikka is completely flushed to her ears.

You thought I was going to use your p.u.s.s.y? That's a shame.


When thrusting my index finger into her hole, Rikka squealed with a sweet voice as she convulses while maintaining her straddling position.

The index finger didn't penetrate her p.u.s.s.y. It penetrated the smaller hole above it.

Her urethra.

「Kihii-♡Kuuuu~ ♡iiiiiiiiii~♡」


When I move my finger, which is completely lodged inside her urethra, Rikka grabs my shoulders, raising an unbearable sweet scream, bending backwards as she convulses.

Rikka continues to c.u.m in successions. Rikka's weak point is her urethra.

Also, Rikka always urinates when she c.u.ms. However, it is impossible as my finger is lodged inside her urethra. Because of that, the urine begins to acc.u.mulate inside her bladder.

In addition, as I thrust my finger back and forth within her urethra, the urine acc.u.mulates to the point where the bladder seems like it's going to burst. When I pull my finger out all in one go, Rikka will c.u.m consecutively to the point when it becomes funny.

Then this time, instead of my finger, I will do it with my c.o.c.k. No, Rikka will take the initiative to shake her hips. And when I e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e, let's make it so that the urethra will spew out both the s.e.m.e.n and the pool of acc.u.mulated urine together in a grand way.

She'll definitely c.u.m like crazy until her eyes turn to the back of her head.

And so. . .

「Rikka, put my c.o.c.k inside this hole yourself and start shaking your hips just like an idiot. It's an easy service that even you, who has no knowledge and technique can even do it」

I pulled out my finger out of her urethra and ordered Rikka.


While pulling out my finger, Rikka spewed urine from her urethra. However, with a flushed, red face, Rikka grits her teeth and nods while trembling and convulsing.

Even though she tries to answer, when she does, she raises a sweet scream. Thus, she tries to hold her voice back.

If she goes "ahe" (TN: ahegao) from just using my fingers, isn't it impossible to insert my c.o.c.k and make her shake her hips voluntarily?

I refrain from saying it out loud.

If Rikka can't move anymore, I should just move my hips. Rather, it seems that I'm also looking forward to f.u.c.king Rikka who is unable to move from the pleasure.

「Ha♡  Ha♡   Ha♡」

Gasping for breath, Rikka grits her teeth, drool hangs from the edge of her lips.

Grabbing my shoulders, she slowly lowers her hips.

It's impossible to insert a c.o.c.k in the urethra unless you grab my c.o.c.k by the hand and guide it. But the Rikka now couldn't afford to think about such things. Anyways, inside her head, she could only think about putting my c.o.c.k inside her urethra and not about how to do it.

Without me noticing, Rikka grabbed my d.i.c.k with her right hand, pointing the tip of my glans towards her small urethra.

At times like this, my ability is really useful.

While straddling on my lap, Rikka pushes her hips down as she faces towards me.

As I thought, this ability is used for something like eroticism.


The hole of the urethra is even smaller than the slim and tight p.u.s.s.y.

So, it is impossible to insert a c.o.c.k into the urethra with the extent of force when normally lowering one's hips.

「Fuu-♡ Fuu-♡ Fuu-♡」

While having the tip of my glands pushed against her urethra, Rikka repeatedly taking in deep breaths. And then. . .


Rikka raises a sweet moan as she drops her hips.

Normally it is impossible for a d.i.c.k to enter the urethra when dropping the waist. However, Rikka's physical strength isn't something to laugh at. Utilizing that strength, Rikka was able to lower her waist and accept the head of my glans into her urethra.

The urethral hole begins to expand abnormally.

Her urethra is forcibly being expanded out as it tightens on my glans.

This is really tight. As expected, it's too tight, and it doesn't help when there is no mucus in the urethra.


Ignoring my worried look, Rikka raises a sweet scream as she swallows my c.o.c.k into her urethra.

Since the urethral hole is closer to the mon pubis than the p.u.s.s.y, I can clearly see the shape of my d.i.c.k in Rikka's abdomen. I can easily see that my c.o.c.k is being swallowed deep into her body as it can be confirmed by looking at the surface of her body. It's an indescribable erotic view.

However, to be honest, I would say it hurts, rather than it being pleasurable.

But I was the one who told her to do it, so now I can't take her to stop.

Next time, I should apply some lotion to the urethra before inserting.

Anyhow, I should just endure it at any cost.

Since Rikka's urethra is her weakness, eventually there'll be a point when she will be unable to move anymore.

「Ag♡ aa♡ a ♡」

If I was describing this scenario in animalistic terms, Rikka intermittently drew a beast dyed voice and began to have abnormal convulsions.Half of my c.o.c.k is inserted inside.

「iiii-♡ nngi-♡ aaaaaaaaa~♡」

Holding me tightly, Rikka tries to lower her hips. But as soon as my c.o.c.k moves slightly in her urethra, she then again, begins to have abnormal convulsions.

Oh, apparently, she seems to have exceeded the limit. In order to serve me, somehow, she manages to straddle on top of me. But, like a thread in tension breaking, it seems that Rikka will fly off to another world in a moment.

Ok, if that's the case, then I'll be the one to attack.

As I was thinking about that. . .


I pushed my waist up all the way in one go.

As a result, the c.o.c.k that had been inserted up to half way was pushed through all the way to the root at once.


Gritting her teeth with a flushed face, Rikka let out a weird voice. And then. . .


She lets out an erotic scream which echoed inside the bathroom.

Rikka's eyes peels to the back of her head, protruding her tongue out, her whole body stiffens, having cramps and abnormal convulsions. Her thread breaks as her head hangs behind her shoulders.

Fufufufu, I won.

Despite being unconscious, Rikka's body continues to have violent convulsions.

No, but that was dangerous. I was panicking because I thought that my d.i.c.k was also going to break.

I wiped of the sweat that appeared on top of my forehead with the back of my hand, then I noticed something unusual.

The urethra, her urethra somewhat felt a bit looser.

Her urethra that was swallowing my c.o.c.k just a while ago felt so tight to the point where I thought it was going to snap off, but now it feels somewhat loose.

Was it due to Rikka being unconscious and her body losing strength, that the hole has loosened? Though, it is still tight, however, I am able thrust in and out of her now.

Since it's already like this, I might as well use this opportunity.

Thinking that, I place both hands on the waist of the unconscious Rikka and being to thrust my hips up and down.

While thrusting my hips up and down, Rikka shakes with me rhythmically. Making a *zuponzupon* sound as I continue to f.u.c.k her urethra with my c.o.c.k.

This is pretty comfortable. If I used lotion, then I think it would feel even better.

While thinking about this, I begin to thrust more violently into Rikka's urethra and e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed inside her.

Fuu~ Urethral s.e.x is not bad either.

Feeling refreshed, I lift Rikka up, pulling out my d.i.c.k from her urethra.

But as I was doing it, my d.i.c.k got caught inside of her. It won't be pulled out that easily.

I try lifting Rikka up somewhat forcibly, and her urethra expands. Subsequently, my glans fell out making a *gupon* noise.

The next moment. . .


With a tremendous amount of force, a combination of both urine and sperm bursts out from her urethra. Despite being unconscious, Rikka was experiencing extraordinarily violent convulsions.

The fainted and unresponsive Rikka continues to have spasms as she leaks.

While looking at Rikka's current state, my c.o.c.k which just e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed a few moments ago becomes erect and pulsating again.

Since it's already like this, let's use her p.u.s.s.y.

I picked up Rikka who was lying on the ground and inserted my d.i.c.k inside of her tight loli p.u.s.s.y.

Rikka's p.u.s.s.y spreads out, swallowing my glans.

It's pretty cramped, but since it's because of her being unconscious, it's easy to insert my c.o.c.k into her. In addition, unlike the urethra, the p.u.s.s.y is lubricated with her v.a.g.i.n.al fluids.

I was able to feel her hymen breaking along the way.

The urethra wasn't bad, but the p.u.s.s.y is still better after all.

It should be like that anyways, since it is made for a c.o.c.k to be inserted inside.

Maybe it's better just to thrust a vibrator inside the urethra and f.u.c.king the p.u.s.s.y in that state.

While thinking about it, I continue to thrust in and out of Rikka's p.u.s.s.y.

Rikka:「Nyu, Urethra s.e.x … I am addicted ♡」

X-ray Is More Than I Thought Chapter 88 Part2

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