Yandere Megami No Hakoniwa Volume 3 Prologue

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Wells' Clothing Shop was located in a city in the corner of the Brad family's territory.

This shop had become my home. I started living in a room here some time ago.

I was supposed to be nothing more than a renter, but after using knowledge I held from my previous life, I was able to help Wells-san pay off his debt and rebuild his shop. I became his benefactor, and ever since, he has been treating me well.

Each day we were all busy, but every day was more fulfilling than the last. Today, just like every other day in recent memory, I was sleeping in a comfortable bed when the warm rays of early morning light filtered through my eyelids woke me up.

I was up late last night, putting the finis.h.i.+ng touches on a dress. I was trying my hardest until the early hours of the morning, so I deserve to sleep for a little bit longer. With that thought in mind, I pulled the quilt over my head and buried my face in my pillow.

While I was dozing off, I couldn't help but think about everything that's happened.

I was stabbed to death by a yandere in my previous life and was resurrected by G.o.ddess Medea (Medenee). This was the yandere filled world of a yandere G.o.ddess.

I want to live out my life peacefully, working with clothes. Because of a certain ability that runs in my family, I always had to worry about yanderes obsessing over me. But in this new world, I hoped to finally live out my dream.

By chance, I happened to meet a girl named Rose that, at the time, wasn't a yandere and a girl named Claudia that to this day insists she's not a yandere. They're both incredibly cute but hopeless girls.

One day, in the hopes of swaying Rose, the eldest son of the Chaos family, Ares, travelled to Gran Island with numerous gifts.

He and his family wished to gain control over the island's economy, the power the Brad family held, and Ares personally wanted Rose.

Fortunately, he had been pushed back for the time being…. It's hard to say that the problem has been solved completely. Ares is a yandere and yanderes are capable of anything.

In other words, the threat against Rose and the Brad family has yet to completely disappear. I don't know what actions he may take, but it's a problem we can't afford to ignore.

We have to do something….

I want to take action with Rose, but there is reason to hold off for the moment.

The dress that we showed off at the Brad family's party has drawn more attention than we had ever expected. New orders are rolling in and it can be difficult to keep up. In our present situation, we can still manage for some time.

By the way, the person that's been working the hardest is Sasha.

Although she betrayed Claudia and her family at one point. At first, there were some that were against her returning, but after seeing how hard she works, there have been no more complaints.

That's evidence of just how hard Sasha is working.

…well, the punishment she received was pretty severe and this may actually be why everyone has forgiven her.

Anyway, as long as Sasha is here, the shop will continue to prosper.

She's very capable.

Considering I have knowledge about tailoring from Earth, I'd expect to be more skilled than her, but we're honestly pretty close in level. However, I won't just hand her the victory. I'm excited about what kind of clothes she'll make in the future.

As I thought about this, the door of my room opened with a woosh. I pulled the quilt down and sat up to see Sasha entering my room.

"Oi, oi, Sasha, knock when you want to come in."

She didn't give me an answer as she casually leaned over my bed with a grin. She grabbed the quilt and threw it off.

"…how disappointing. You two didn't do it this morning. I was working so hard all night…this was meant to be my reward."

Sasha looked disappointed as she gazed down at the sleeping figure of Claudia. Claudia had been working with me until early this morning but was now sound asleep clutching a pillow between her arms.

"…were you hoping we were in the middle of doing it when you came in?"

"Yeah, well, maybe I was hoping for something like, '…eh? Sasha? No, don't look! Master, stop moving! Master, please stop! Ah, it's so embarra.s.sing.' I'm not gonna deny that I was hoping for something like that."

"You should deny that…."

The other day, as punishment for her betrayal, she was forced to watch her beloved Claudia and I have s.e.x…but it seems to have awoken something inside of her.

But Claudia has also developed a love for shame play, so there two kinks seem to go hand-in-hand.

While thinking about this, I turned to look at Claudia.

I hope she's having a good dream. The thin negligee covering her body was s.e.xy but her face was cute and innocent. I gently brushed her bluish silver hair away from her face.


Claudia muttered happily while still sleeping — and she then put my finger in her mouth.

"Nchu~…ehe~ you're sure energetic…."

She has such an innocent looking face but what kind of dream is she having?

"For her to transform from a proper young lady into such a perverted woman…as expected of you, Yuzuki-san."

"I feel a little guilty when you say it like that…."

I wasn't sure if that was meant as a compliment or an insult, but either way, I would've felt even more guilty if I let Claudia keep sucking on my finger.

Claudia kept her mouth open, expecting something to enter…. Please stop. If you keep this up, something else will wake up before my mind does.

"Was there something else you needed?"

I sat back up to in order to face Sasha.

"There's some business to handle but I'm more interested in seeing how this develops."

"Not happening…. Didn't we have an important meeting today?"

There was a large business that had contacted us from the main continent.

They ordered clothes that I had personally designed. It wasn't that large of a single order but I was told they'd need clothing of varying sizes on a regular basis.

To sum it all up, this is an important deal that we can't afford to mess up.

"What time is it now? Actually, I can just check the window."

This world was created by the G.o.ddess Medea. It has many gamelike elements, and this is the cause of the log window in the corner of my vision. There was a clock located in this window, but before I could check it, Sasha said, "Don't worry."

"You still have about thirty minutes left. That's plenty of time to put on a show for me."

"I don't think so."

"We'll need to get something small to eat…. After that, we'll have to wash quickly."

"…and before that, you'll violate ojou-sama."

"No, I don't think I will."

I don't dislike shame play, but this meeting is incredibly important, so I don't have time for s.e.x…. Did I really just say that?

"I need to get up…. Claudia, we need to get ready."

I woke up Claudia so we could prepare for the meeting.

Yandere Megami No Hakoniwa Volume 3 Prologue

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