You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 34 Part6

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 34 Part 6

As the two were fooling around, Tong Yao’s cell phone vibrated. She got
up to get her phone, panting. On the screen, there were a few short messages-- --

[djwdb2333: Food’s here.]

[djwdb2333: I paid.]

[djwdb2333: Come down to eat.]

Tong Yao; “Ahhhh!”

Jinyang got off the bed as well: “What?”

Tong Yao smoothed out her hair: “The food’s here.”

She quickly sent out three WeChat messages-- --

[Don’t, don’t, don’t.]

[I’ll pay, I’ll pay. I promised to buy dinner for everyone today!]

[I’m coming! Don’t you do anything!]

Tong Yao put the phone into her pocket and hurried downstairs. When
she opened the door, she could hear people moving around and picking
up bowls and chopsticks downstairs. She quickened her steps, ready to
pay Lu Sicheng back. On the way, she heard Lu Yue asking: “Ge, give
me your phone. Mine’s out of battery.”

Tong Yao didn’t think too much about it and kept going.

While she was half way down on the stairs, she heard Lu Yue pause a
bit then confusedly asked-- --

“Who’s this ‘rabbit hugging carrot’? He sent a WeChat to you saying that
he’s coming soon and to not do anything. Do what?”

Just as Lu Yue finished, everyone downstairs heard a cras.h.i.+ng sound
coming from the staircase, followed by a girl’s pained scream.  Startled,
everyone turned their head to take a look and saw their Mid sitting at the
bottom of the stairs in a awkward position. Her slippers landing some
distance away.  She continued to sit in the same position as she had when
she tumbled down.

“Shoot, are you alright, Tong Yao?”

“What are you running for? You can’t be that hungry.”

“Get up, get up, hurry…...Are you hurt anywhere? Did you twist your foot?”

Everyone swarmed around her after getting over the shock.

Only the Lu brothers stood still. Lu Sicheng glanced at the person who
was in so much pain that it caused her face to twist and being helped
off the ground by Little Fatty. Then he turned his face away and pulled
his cell phone back from Lu Yue’s hand: “It’s no one. Why are you so
curious? Just use the phone, what are you nosing around for?”

You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 34 Part6

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