You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 19 Part3

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 19 Part 3

Tong Yao dragged her feet to her computer with the cat in her arms. Lu Sicheng spoke

without raising his head, “Get ready for the skirmish, drop the cat.” Tong Yao followed his

order exactly, dropping the cat and sitting down at her seat.  Her teammates were all

ready to go by then. Little Fatty was still chewing on a piece of bread, both of his hands,

however, were typing on the keyboard to log onto the server-- --

A little while later, the data a.n.a.lyst Ming G.o.d had also come down with the team

coach Ah Hou.

With just a command from Lu Sicheng, everyone was busy getting ready-- -- This was

the first time that Tong Yao had recognized that there was actually a ‘captain’ on this team.

After they made contact with YQCB, Xiao Rui told them the rules they had agreed upon

and the game room name and pa.s.sword. Everyone joined the room with ease and found

the five players from YQCB were already in the room waiting. The line up in the room was

according to the position of the players in the game from top to bottom: Top, Jungler, Mid,

ADC, and Support.

The fourth one’s ID was: yqcb、pope.

It was Pope.

…....Ah, that Pope.

Tong Yao gave a silent sigh of amazement, then was back to herself, focusing on her

direct opponent -- --the third ID: yqcb、 aica, the Mid Ai Jia of YQCB-- --the boyfriend

of her best friend, Chen Jinyang; the dad of Dabing’s good friend, Ah Mao; the silly

kid who told his girlfriend to see him on stream when she wanted to see him.

However, Ai Jia wasn’t a silly player. Tong Yao had watched him play before with

Jinyang. He was a very stable player. Before YQCB was downgraded to play relegation

games, he had once earned the t.i.tle as the ‘Mid Inhibitor Turret version 2.0’, just like one

famous Korean player. His specialty was playing defensively and brutally punished anyone

who overextended. Basically, he was the kind of player who could better restrain Tong

Yao’s aggressive playstyle-- --

When Tong Yao played, she liked to attack, challenging the opponent, whenever the

opportunity arose.

They entered the banning and champion select phase. The first thing the opponent did

was to ban Tong Yao’s favorite champion, Leblanc. It was a move that acknowledged

her skill. Lu Sicheng turned his head to glance at Tong Yao, “Not bad, anyhow, it’s a

good use of a ban.”

Tong Yao twitched the corners of her lips. She didn’t shoot back since she was somewhat

nervous. She quietly watched both sides ban champions, then it was time to select

champions. Soon it was her turn to choose, seeing the other side’s Mid had taken

Ka.s.sadin, she bit her lower lip wondering which one she should pick. The coach behind

her didn’t say anything either. It seemed that since this was her first skirmish, the coach

didn’t want to give too many instructions-- --

“Pick one. You can’t play anyone else except Leblanc?” Lu Sicheng m.u.f.fled a sigh,

then half jokingly said, “We’re doomed. One ban has killed our Mid.”

Tong Yao hit Lu Sicheng once, then locked down the champion known as ‘The Card Master’.

“Gee, you can play The Card Master!”

“Good for you, Tong Yao.”

“You rock, my little sister.”

Tong Yao’s selection earned praise from all her teammates.

The Card Master, Twisted Fate, is a champion with a particular mechanic, each colored

card had a particular effect-- --The blue card deals the most damage and recovers mana;

the red card has an area of effect and slows any enemy hit; the gold card stuns whoever it strikes
…...Generally speaking, the first card on The Card Master’s hand is chosen randomly,

then the type of card will cycle in the following sequence ‘red - gold - blue’.  The player can

pick the color they want. Therefore, the key to play this champion well is to quickly choose

the desired colored card to effectively defeat the enemy.

In addition, after reaching level 6, his ultimate “Destiny” can effectively support other teammates.

The Card Master used to be the a favored champion in the Chinese region. Lately, fewer

and fewer Chinese Mid players knew how to use him effectively. This champion gradually

disappeared from the compet.i.tive scene-- --

That was the reason why everyone was so excited that Tong Yao had selected him.

“Do you know how to play it? Don’t force yourself to take it if you don’t”

“Then what? Bring Yasuo so I can win this for you?”


Tong Yao’s rhetorical question successfully shut Lu Sicheng down. Lu Sicheng locked in as

‘Ezreal’ against the champion known as ‘The Spear of Vengeance’ played by Pope. The

champion selection had ended. The match began!

Translated by Team DHH at

You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 19 Part3

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