You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 19 Part4

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 19 Part 4

At the beginning of the game, the opponent’s Ka.s.sadin wasn’t very active, concentrating

on farming. Compared to Tong Yao’s Card Master which was much more aggressive,

Ka.s.sadin was constantly under a lot pressure.

However, the situation was totally reverse at bot for her team. The opponent’s combination

of Bot’s Kalista and Support’s Thresh was strong enough to pressure Lu Sicheng. They

didn’t talk much at the early stage of the game, just quietly harvesting minions and focusing

on dealing with their own opponents. Once a while, Lu Sicheng would remind Tong Yao,

“Don’t go in too deep. You’ll get killed when their Jungler comes over later.”

At this point, Tong Yao had already reached the enemy’s outer turret.

Tong Yao responded by retreating a little bit. When she saw her opponent seemed to take

a breath of relief and walk out of the turret, she instantly picked the gold card and rushed

over to land a flurry of attacks. After a round of colorful cards thrown at the enemy, she

produced another gold card to hit him again-- --

The announcer spoke: “First Blood!”


“A kill!”

“What speed!”

“Little sister’s awesome!”

Amid the praise of her teammates, her advantage at the Mid was already established.

When both sides had reached level 4, Lu Sicheng paused to let the Jungler Old K go to

bot to hide inside the bush along the lane. Tong Yao glanced at him. He seemed to have

sensed it, “It’s Li Junhe’s peculiar habit to tower dive before level 4.”

Tower diving is when a player enters the firing range of an enemy’s turret, endure turret fire

long enough to kill the opponent underneath, and hopefully make it back out alive.

“I had been correcting his bad habit for a year, but I know for a fact that he won’t change it.”

Lu Sicheng lazily explained. Just as he had expected, right afterwards, the enemy’s Support

started to place wards in the bushes to light up the area preventing Old K from hiding in them-- --

But Little Fatty didn’t give him much chance to keep those wards safe. Everytime, he planted one,

Little Fatty would be there to destroy it.

However, it didn’t stop Pope, at the next second, together with their Support to dive

under the turret!

The first turret shot hit the Support. The Support dropped a lantern (which allows his

teammate to quickly fly back to Thresh when they click on it) and began to pull back.

Right at the instant when Pope jumped under the turret, Lu Sicheng threw all his

abilities at Pope-- --

At the same time, the Jungler Old K jumped out from the bush where Little Fatty had

cleared all the wards!

Pope realized that he was in trouble and tried to click the lantern to retreat. Lu Sicheng

and Little Fatty immediately threw a lot of wards near the lantern to block it, so as Pope

couldn’t click on the lantern right away, the turret wailed on him.  Lu Sicheng watched him

lose health until only a sliver was left and was ready to deal the finisher-- --

Suddenly, everyone’s computer flashed ‘connecting to server’!

The server was down!


Lu Sicheng was stunned at first, then struck his keyboard. He stood up irritatedly and walked

over to pour himself a cup of coffee…...He leaned against the table in silence, frowning. Xiao

Rui hurriedly went to the window, opened it, then shouted through the window, “Hey, brothers

next door, we’re offline! ! ! !”

A little while later, a shout came back from the house next door, “Brothers next door, we’re

offline too!  The VPN couldn’t handle it, probably!”

Tong Yao: “......”

Tong Yao stood up and looked over at Lu Sicheng, “Annoyed?”

“En.” The man lowered his eyelids and sipped his coffee irritably, “The welcoming gift I prepared

for Li Junhe’s arrival to China is gone. What do you think?”

“It doesn’t matter. Your team’s Mid got a big welcoming gift at her first skirmish.” Tong Yao raised

her arm to act like Popeye, “I’m so happy. I feel like I can beat everything now.”

“Look at you showing off after bullying Ka.s.sadin in the beginning.” The man behind the coffee

cup rolled his eyes. “Wake up.”

“Little Fatty and they all said that I’m the best Twisted Fate in China.”

“They lied.”


“They’ve been single for 20 years. Finally, they got a chance to sweet talk a girl-- --they don’t

even care that the girl is only a kindergartener.”


This was a person who wouldn’t let others be happy when he was not happy himself.

Translated by Team DHH at

You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 19 Part4

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